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When you close your eyes and see the darkness
search behind it
When you see someone's brightest smile
search behind
When see someone boring in your view
search behind there hesitation
When you see someone successful 
search behind there hard 

Believe me it's really a place to search

You can get peace behind that darkness

You see there effort to hide there pain through that smile

You can remove there hesitation
by your friendly gesture

Trust me, everyone has there back story and it is worth to know

You can know there struggle


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I am in the search of people, who have lost their existence,
They now behave like animals,
Who fight for feeding themselves.

I am in search of smile,
A smile, which not only show bright teeths,
But, show the happy beings.

I am in search of path,
Path not just of survival,
But, path of glory.

I am in search of home,
Home, not made of bricks and stone,.
But, a place where my soul long for love.

I am in search of family,
Family, not by blood or bond,
But, by love that doesn't require proof to be shown.


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I am in the search of                    peace
i am in the search faithfulness
i am in the search of  a way that goes to you 
i am in the search of hope that make you mine 
i am in the search of that beautiful tune ever never your voice

in the end i am the search of you...!!

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Google's neural machine can translate English to Bengali, Marathi, Tamil.
In an effort to keep the Internet alive and interesting for a billion Indians, search giant Google has announced the launch of multiple Indian languages support across its products. To start with, Google Translate will use Google's new neural machine translation technology for translating English in nine Indian languages -- Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam and Kannada.
The company also claims that neural translation offers a huge improvement over the old phrase-based system, translating full sentences at a time, instead of parts of a sentence. Using the new machine learning technology, translation speed has been increased from 10 seconds per sentence to 0.2 seconds per sentence in just two months. Google has announced the extension of neural machine translation to Chrome browser's built-in auto-translate functionality, which results in quick and accurate full-page translations. The new service is also accessible on Google Search and Google Maps, on mobile as well as on desktop.
Google says that over the past few years, the rapid scale of the Internet adoption across the country has set the ball rolling and today India language users have already overtaken the total number of English language users in India. It says 68 per cent Internet users consider digital content in local languages to be more reliable than English feeds.
Google has also extended its support for 11 more Indian languages for Gboard, a new keyboard for iOS and Android devices. Google Search has been built right into the keyboard, allowing users to search and use Google Translate. There is also a "Hinglish" language option with new text editing tool, making select, copy and paste options much easier. The Gboard also offers auto-correction and prediction in new languages along with two layouts for each -- one in the native language script and one with the QWERTY layout for translation.
Moreover, Google has also added a Hindi dictionary for Google Search. The results will be fetched from Rajpal & Sons dictionary in collaboration with the Oxford University Press.

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Don't search people to talk
Just take a sip and read some book 
Don't search people for company
Just go out and walk with the company of nature
Don't search people to share your sorrows 
Just cry out loud find your mistake and learn 
Don't search people out of expectation 
Just do what you like eat ride walk, dance, sing,  write and repeat
Don't search people as you think you belong to someone
Just make your dream your frst priority


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