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I hope you find a boy who calls you at 3AM just because he misses you. I hope he holds your hands and hugs you often. I hope he surprises you with flowers at your front door. I hope he loves hanging out with your family. I hope he gets you your favourite Chocolates and Cakes  just because you like these. I hope he can cry in front of you. I hope he loves you with and without makeup. I hope he screenshot your selfies because he finds them pretty. I hope he can sit in the rootop of your home listening to Nagpuri songs because he knows you like it.  I hope he is the boy version of you. I hope he respects your boundaries. I hope he lets you fall asleep on him. I hope he cares for you when you are on your period. I hope he is proud of you.  I hope he shows you like there is no other girls in the world. I hope he talks to his mom about you. I hope he loves you and isn't just saying because you say it. #NojotoQuote

i hope

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I have a best friend

I've a best friend, her name is SANY
I've a best friend, she's one in many.
I've a best friend, she has beautiful eyes
I've a best friend, in whom my happiness lies.
I've a best friend, she never lets me cry
I've a best friend, she keeps my well of sadness dry.
I've a best friend, who understands what I say
I've a best friend, who gives my dreams a way.
I've a best friend, who calls me stupid
I've a best friend, who herself behaves like a kid.
I've a best friend, who's always ready to break bones for me
I've a best friend, without whom I'm incomplete.
I've a best friend, whose smile makes my day
I've a best friend, it hurts when she's away.
I've a best friend, what else do I need?
I've a best friend, she's the result of my good deeds.
I've a best friend, she's like my treasure
I've a best friend, having her is a pleasure
I've a best friend, I call her PIPPO
I've a best friend, obviously I love her more🖤
#Nojoto #A_CrAZy_GaL

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hope is like a medicine,
 for a die heart.
it can alive to a die person..
i m serious..
hope is the think,
which can give you life back..
just hold the hand of hope tightly,
when you in deep..
when you in darkness..
it can be save you..
it will come you..
in light..
yes! this earth ..
actuaally.. whole human cast..
depend on hope..
always when we go in darkness..
we have hope to light..
when we wait for someone..
hope he/she will be come..
an we hope..
one day god will be listen to us..
and our aall dreams r come true..
this is hope everyTie doing..
it always give us..
oucourege.. our life back... 
be hopeful... sakhi

hope is the medicine..

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I know I was the best, I am the best, I will be the best...
The only sorrow is I compromised my best always to keep the worst by my side,
even after knowing it's worst...
I was thinking so...But today I realized that it is also a defect in 
me...if you can't let the worst go...
are you not the worst among all...
Irrespective of what you do, where you are. Somehow you are blocking life to happen...
to bring you peace and love.
Don't do that...
Let the worst go...let the best appear and come...
Then only you can be in your best...❤️❤️❤️

Be The deserve it...and please don't compromise...that will be the biggest sorrow and regret of your life for life time. Specially for One sided lovers...😁 Move on guys, if someone didn't understand your louuu fine...Do you understand what you need in your life...??? Do you feel you don't deserve anything great like you are... whether it's a relationship or mental peace or Job... Please don't compromise... take time but do your best and be your best. Move On...!!! If you wanna ask me how to do that...remind your heart, how many times you got rejected... for what... keep yourself saying when you miss that person..."Move On" . Ask your heart do you really need someone around you, who don't care a sand for your emotions. Why??? Can you really digest someone daily making you feel, you are no one for that person. Nooo right...!!! So that person of course don't deserve you. Only you can prosper with a person when he/ she responds and respects you the way you do. And hope after another six months you won't regret that you wasted your time and life for a useless fellow. #Nojoto #Motivation #moveon #onesidedlove #ektarfapyar #kirdaar #breakupstories
#LongPost #OneSidedLovers.

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