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Education maters if one becomes a human by it.

Education maters if one becomes a motion by it.

The motion of perfection,
the motion of satisfaction,
the motion of humanity.

education maters if it makes a perfect future,

future of women.,
future of children,
future of its worthy one.

education maters if it can remain you a human,

education maters if it can let you not being a machine.

education the word which define always a human power.
     Plz be a human,  a let the education for all not for a single, community and gender .#Education


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in past 20yrs there is a lot change in education

blackboard change into white or greenboard
chalk into marker(phle baccho ko calcium bi mil jata tha:)
sarso ka tel into set wet gel(sarso ka tel done a great job subha se sham tak baal set rehte the)

come to d headline:-
students' fear towards teacher now change into teachers' fear towards students coz; teacher only used to beaten studnts, but now studnts become murders..

dis is due to d irresponsibility of parents and teachers

#Education apart of education, but a part of education# short story#nojoto hindi eng mix

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✍️A story of perplexed identity (u and me✓)?

India The largest democratic country and the country of maximum youth population around 65 % and in this 50% of them are under the age of 25 .i am not telling u this data to show or enrich my content , but let me aware you that 50%
Of our young population among which 
Approx 90% are literate are my central figure and most significant thing is that among them 32,308 commit suicide due to parental pressure in youth education and 2403 due to failure in their examination.we all are aware of Indian education system and most famous and 
Common dillemma for the Indian students is their career let me tell u story of a person who was initially good at studies and then he thought that he must complete his education from the top most institutes in india and the first thing which he figure out was IIT(indian institute of technology) and for it he took coachings but u know the problem was perseverance he just study someday so much and sometime whole day passed in 
Just enjoying .he passed his class 12th and now the real fight began because it was high time and after boards consecutive exams were there he could not qualify a single of them except one which was for pursuing Bsc from a central university of his region so it's checked fact the students and the environment of that Central University was not up to the mark which he thought of in his class so he left off and started changing and the perplexed identity let him go through varied career options and finally he cleared none of them and the pressure increased as now the area of interest  and career was being smaller as compared to the dreamt one which was quite amusing to listen and going through it was passionating and full of ecstacy
The fight of one human and perplexed identity was on it ended with a common result either to change himself or to quit and limit up his dreams because he could not clear the examination of a institute so he could not have a good quality education where things were not teached as a subject but as a art of interest to know , curiosity to make and innovate In it and finally to develop themselves as ecstatic teacher to expand it .India is not the country where we can't afford this thing but the problem is that our maximum of the youth population is too involved in this scenario and forming a system to give their advice of consult to take them as a subject perform hard in them and fight among themselves for survival of high and quality standard of living .may I am not much experienced and may things dont work this way bit the point i dont want to be the part of this scenario and me myself thought to not let my advice to limit someone from dreaming and living in the passionate career they all wanted to go in .
May i have given u a better perspective to think on and not turn atleast urself to a perplexed one.

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Sitting in our respective seats, not interested in the things going around us. 
People imagined us to be studious, regular n disciplined students who can never say no to their regular classes...
"Everyone is asking me what happened to your students they aren't performing anything? What should I reply, my students have come here to just study? " said the teacher. *Pin drop silence, bowing their heads in shame* 
Students voice, "Ma'am... bla bla". Teacher (this time with much anger)- "You all have come here to study naa, so concentrate... Study!!"
There the students ran out of the class n the voice said, "Ma'am we will perform"

We had our best days... Those song practice days were really beautiful. If you wouldn't have been there it was impossible.. 
Our performance n then the compliment, "You guys made the science department proud"


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Education is the best policy to survive our life.
Education lives makes our life happy.
Education turns your personality.
Education makes a man intelligent.
Man knows to what is right and what is wrong.
In our life Education must to live.

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