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Lessons learned in life रिश्तों में "filter"का 
होना बहुत जरूरी है,
बिना "filter" के रिश्तों 
की चटनी बन जाती है! #NojotoQuote


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You are like that spark of fire, that fell on a leaf and burnt the whole tree down gradually. Look at me now. All you can see is the memories and reflections of a tree that stood tall and strong once before. But I will not let you win. I will show you, how life can rise again from just ashes and dust.

-Akshay Vasu

A spark

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I too had a spark of mine,
just i am holding it ,
from becoming the fire

i have my spark .
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Spark of love:
Spark of love 
aroused from 
her beautiful eyes 
with my mere touch.
Signalling me to enter the boudoir,
her fingers tousled my hair.
Pumped in passion,
my eyes read the vernacular of the counterpart.
Fingers crawled on and lips sucked unfathomable love,
till time reached to the ultimatum.


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The filter to my cigarette 
The sun shines bright right into my eyes,
And my alarm goes on, Cheenu, nahi uth rahi naa...
There she enters, a woman wrapped in saree, perspiring all over, brows frowned, lips pursed, and all the agony that she could carry. 
After an exact 3 hours and 23 minutes of rambling about how irresponsible her daughter is, she finally takes a pause, 
because it was time for me to leave.
And i see in her eyes the utmost grieve.

So she tries to conceal those tears by asking me questions 
questions like, 
Achaar rakha, pani ki bottle rakhi, charger rakha, gujiya to rakhli na, badi mehnat se banayi thi 
Badi mehnat se to usne meri duniya banayi hai

Maa, Stop, right there!!! 
It's you now who has to hear.

I lashed out to you when you stopped me from using abusive language, 
I lashed out to you when you didn't let me go clubbing with my friends, 
I lashed out to you when you feared sending me to Delhi for studying, 
I lashed out to you when you snatched away the knife, from the life i was ready to suspend.
You are the man, the woman, 
the human of the family, 
You ordered the doctors to pull off the dad's ventilators, hands shivering, voice stammering
Oh God maa,  are you an alien or an anomaly?

The flames from his deathbed did nothing to you, did they?
Or did you just pretend to conceal your tears,
Just like you always do asking questions, Standing strong like the buland darwaza 
Rising high in the sky like the eiffel tower 
Still gracing beauty like the taj mahal
Still bridging an empire like great wall of china
Still keeping us safe like pyramids of giza
I always tend to breakthrough the bars
I always tend to harm and damage my already existing scars
I always tend to choose the wrong directions
I always tend to neglect your rightful conceptions 
I always shout, cry, weep of how miserable you have made my life 
I always deny loving you, that makes me weak you know, i carry you as my sheath knife. 
And when i say this, i know you'll go on ranting your infamous dialogue of -
Maa hai tumhari, sab janti hu,
9 MAHINE pet me rakha hai...

Maa has guarded me from the poisons, 
The poisons world pours on me every minute 
Maa has protected me from getting harmed, 
The harms that men could do from their naked eyes
Maa has preserved me from getting walked over
Just like a flower does, from the feet of ignorant, illmannered, insensitive epithets, 
I bid adieu to you, I'm not scared of tar and smoke in the forms of rapists and criminals spread wide across the Emirates, 
Bcz i have you and 
you are the filter to my cigarette. 


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