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#OpenPoetry ONE WISH

I wish my family to always be healthy
I wish life in general was not hard but easy
I wish I could write poems for days
I wish my life was an open book, not a maze

I wish I'd finish school sooner
I wish I was a winner and not a loser
I wish I didn't get wasted
I wish I could've remembered how euphoria tasted

I wish I had a bountiful of friends
I wish friendships never end
I wish my heart never got broken
I wish there were more truth in the words I've spoken

I wish I knew what I was doing when I was a youngin'
I wish I was whole and not broken
I wish love was a currency and the world was wealthy
I wish relatives be feeling pride instead of envy

I wish all my words would rhyme but forgive me if it doesn't
I wish I had an answer to everything but fuck it
I wish I'd slept early in the evening
I wish my heart was whole and not breaking

I wish I was the role model you looked up to
I wish I said love you instead of fuck you
I wish art never came with a budget
I wish my relationship never became public

I wish you never had cancer
I wish it worked out well and not turn into a disaster
I wish I never had to stop
I wish I could reach the very top

I wish writers would write more
I wish talented singers would go on tour
I wish the shy people would come out
I wish the voiceless would speak out

If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?

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Good Enough
When you're not good enough...
When you're not good enough people tend to brush you off. They take you for granted and think of you as weak. When you're not good enough you are like the ugly duckling. No one seems to care that you can't keep up and just continue on without you. Leaving you lost and alone. If I was good enough he wouldn't stay up till 3am, isolating himself in the living room. If I was good enough, he wouldn't let me feel so low about myself. If I was good enough...the question is when will i be good enough? Will I be good enough if I lose weight? Will I be good enough if I start doing my hair and makeup? Will I be good enough if I just erase all my emotions? That's the big question...when will I be good enough. The feeling of not being good enough is not just from inside. You see that feeling is a weed inside your heart and the more people use and abuse you, the more it grows. So I don't feel like I'm good enough most of my days. No one, not even him seems to understand that its the little things that kill me. Its constant anxiety, the insecurities that eat me up inside. Don't you think someone would try to raise me up, lift my spirits...take a weed killer to this I'm not good enough within? No...not even him. You see me and him are like room mates. Because we don't act like an item, we don't treat each other like we are together. Bending over backwards for him because I don't feel good enough. Maybe today will be different, maybe today i will be good enough. But its never enough. I'm always in the wrong, the one who is making the mistakes. I'm just not good enough.

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Powerful enough to forgive.
Powerful enough to adjust.
Powerful enough to sacrifice.
Powerful enough to respect.
Powerful enough to appreciate even the littlest of things.
Powerful enough to keep calm and listen.
Powerful enough to understand.
Powerful enough to stick together no matter what.
Powerful enough to hope for the best.
Powerful enough to fight odds.
Powerful enough to avoid criticism.
Powerful enough to promise.
Powerful enough to hold on tightly.
Powerful enough to watch over each others' backs.
Powerful enough to never let the hardest of situations ruin the connection.
And powerful enough to strengthen the  bond with every passing day.
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Love Not Possession ❤️💜

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Do you have will power?
I lit up like a matchstick
with flames of burning desire
with flames of hopes and aspirations
when I see people doing miracles
when I see people with
Will power,
Will power enough to climb the highest mountain of the world
Will power enough to pick yourself up when the society throws you down again and again
Will power enough to keep courage and belief in your ideas when you are mocked at
Will power enough to practice shooting with your left hand when your other hand is taken away
Will power enough to keep a fake smile on the face and say I am happy
Will power enough to fight cancer and break world records
Will power enough to stand your own mockery before thousands of people
Will power enough to sacrifice your own food and sleep for others
Will power enough to be thrown out of your house pregnant and beg for not only your child but other hungry orphans.
Will power enough to dance when you dont have legs
Will power enough to say I am still beautiful when your face is burnt with acid
Will power enough to stand for your lover against the whole world
Will power enough to take a dare to launch the probably last rocket without any further resources to survive if it failed.
Will power enough to write an imaginary 10 million dollar cheque to yourself and put it in your wallet and actually receive it after hell of struggles
Will power enough to stand up for yourself when the world stands against you and you win
single handedly

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She was so strong
I was so weak.

She was strong enough to forget all those 
emotions and touches
I was weak enough to forget that.

She was strong enough to find another
I was weak enough to find myself.

She was strong enough to make me feel guilty 
I was week enough to make her feel proud.

She was strong enough to count my mistakes
I was week enough to remember her mistakes. 

She was strong enough to ignore me
I was weak enough to face her. 

She was strong enough to see my pain 
I was week enough to see her unfazed. 

She was strong enough to say goodbye 
I was weak enough to listen it by her.  

She was so strong 
I was so weak.


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