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Why do I love a girl who made it clear that she doesn't and even though another great girl love me but I don't have the same feelings for her and I still miss my ex everyday and each day, it's been 10 years, I tell people that I moved on but I didn't, why?
This question was asked in Quora(Quora is social media app where people ask questions and get answers) to me by probably not an Indian 
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Why do I love a girl who made it clear that she doesn't and even though another great girl love me but I don't have the same feelings for her and I still miss my ex everyday and each day, it's been 10 years, I tell people that I moved on but I didn't, why?
This question was asked in Quora(Quora is social media app where people ask questions and get answers) to me by probably not an Indian
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Well, you have some serious issues

You should be consulting with a very good psychologist or psychiatrist instead questioning here on Quora.

This is not a laughing matter, you have issues buddy, as you said it's been 10 years!!!!

I know plenty of men who has the same experience as you have so you are not the odd man but they would have moved on by now and even if they aren't attracted to this current girl, they would go out with different girl to give himself fair chance and also tell this current girl the truth lightly as it could break her heart as well

Question yourself (although you may have already done everything but you seem to me the kind of person who might not)-

Why do I love her?

Why do I only love her?

Why do I feel I can't survive without her?

Do I believe too much on this soul mate crap?

Have I seen too much rom com?

Am I a very unrealistic person?

Why doesn't she feel the same way about me?

What is wrong with me?

Am I ugly?

Am I an unemployed person?

Am I out of shape?

Don't I have any sex appeal?

Why am I not attracted to this current girl?

Is it because she is ugly?

Is it because she doesn't have any sex appeal?

Is it because she doesn't know how to be romantic?

Am I some kind of love sick obsessed dick?

Now let me explain your type of male brain (I don't know you personally so let me go all the way, you can choose yourself, which is possible for you)-

You believe too much on this soul mate bullshit, buddy, subconsciously or consciously

This is why you are programmed to obsessed over her even though she clearly stated otherwise.

You probably have some kind of wild fantasy with her and it is so strong in your brain (it relaxes you, it gives you extraordinary peace) that you can't help but think about her everyday as it never fullfiled, in reality you will be disappointed more likely even if you are with her

You believed this fantasy of yours is only possible with that girl, this current girl doesn't even belong in the same league

Or you have a very simple fantasy with her, as it could be nothing to with sex but everything else like cooking with her, sharing stuff with her, cleaning with her, going to places with her, laughing with her, the way she looks at you, it isn't possible with others

You believe she understands you better than any other person or you don't want anyone to understand you as you feel either it could be better than her and you might forget her and you don't want that or she will not measure up

Maybe she left you because she knows you well

Have you ever thought about that?

Now I am guessing that you are not too outrageously ugly otherwise another girl who could be very ugly as well wouldn't have any feelings for you as she also doesn't have much options it seems, anyone else would have moved on by now knowing your obsession about that girl but she still here and that tells me she doesn't have much have options and ugly and you are incredibly lucky idiot

Now you don't have to settle with a girl that you don't have any feelings

But have you checked yourself infront of mirror?

Are you some kind of Tom Cruise?

I am guessing that you are not

But no-one is but they don't have this kind of unhealthy obsession with one girl either

Do you feel that you have some other skills like to make her laugh or something??

Let's get one thing straight-

You are wrong in so many occasions-

There's no such thing as soulmate in real world that only exists in rom com, either you have an wonderful chemistry with a wonderful girl that you are lucky to find or you grew into that eventually after some point of time, now this is what happens in real life

Unless you are one of those picking up girls type and regularly sleep with girl, speaking from personal experience those men lie a lot, they don't pick up as much girls as much as we are told, they go most nights alone, I know from experience

These men constantly groomed themselves and learning new ways to pick up girls, are you doing any of these things??

Girls generally like men who are well behaved, have good hygiene, but they also know who is a pick up artist, have a good job, stable personality, so that they can have a future with them

Those girls who are just trying to have sex, they also don't go for desperate people, they could go for badasses to thrill themselves as it is one night stand but it is just sex for one night and they also knows how to make sure that it doesn't turn into anything more than that, and if you are thinking otherwise, let me tell you don't, it won't, people are more capable of handling their emotions than you might expect so they would seem more cold than you expect, is something like that happened with you involving that girl?

A reality check for you buddy, real life is nothing like romantic movie, even if you are with your so called soulmates, you are going to have problems, I mean ugly problems, you need to adjust to each other, and if you are not with your so called soul mate, it's not that bad either, you will have a lot of unexpected surprise, it could be something that is beyond your expectation, you might end up having better experience than your wildest imagination

And what is this obsession with one Girl?? She is a human being with two boobs and one vagina, other Girls also have that, how do you know that they are not good enough for you? How do you know about everything about everything? Are you some kind of all knowing God? You are treating one girl as some kind of superior angel over others and insulting rest of girl population in the process, this is not very rational thinking

I think real problem is with you not whether she loves you back but you like being in this obsession with her, you like this whole process which is why even 10 years have not changed anything for you

This is why I told you about consulting with a psychologist or psychiatrist in the first place

You might not be in love with that girl

You are in love with this obsession of yours

Yeah, don't get surprised

This could very well be the real truth

Buddy, nothing is impossible, you can get out of this unhealthy obsession and move on and be happy with your life

You just need to give yourself a proper chance

Whenever you feel you are missing her, do these-

Involve yourself with positive, constructive work

You could involve yourself with some organisations that helps the poor people, helping the needy can be great peaceful and heavenly feelings, nothing can beat that, you will start to see the world differently


Groom yourself constantly

Go to gym

Go to dates

Meet as much as girls as possible

Don't expect anything, in dating world rejection is normal, you are only going for experience and to keep yourself busy, don't talk about ex in dates, treat her well, just have fun nothing more, again don't expect anything, just have fun, anything is possible

You will get over her

She isn't some special girl but just another one

You are special as well

You deserve better

Good luck

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I am a girl
But I am considered as the grass lying beside the path,
which is destined to be tread on
by a blind man
That blind is known as "customs".
I am a girl
But I am considerd as a Can lying on the street
destined to be kicked off
by a drunkard
That drunkard is called "society"
I am a girl
But I am considered as a blank wall
destined to bear all sorts of posters on me
those posters read " Be an idol daughter, sister,mother and wife."
I am a girl
But I am considered as a leaf lying on the ground
destined to be stamped by the traveller and left on with
dark foot marks behind
That traveller is termed as "rapist."
I am a girl
But I am considered as a flower
destined to be kept in temples by priests and then be thrown in drains
These priests are called "Fosters"
I am a girl
But I am treated as a property
destined to be bought and sold
by some heartless dealers
These dealers are termed as " traffickers"
I am a girl
But I am treated as a bird
destined to be caged forever
I am a girl
But I am treated as multifunctional machine, child bearing, homemaking,
or any thing you say like roti maker, puri maker and what not..
But mere machine... With no feelings
but just being used for the purpose
and not even being appreciated..
why beause you think this is my job
my so called "duty".. and what's yours?
I am a girl
And I am treated as every other object
In this world
except a girl..
But I am a girl
Just a girl
and now i no more will be
puppet of these "tags."
i no more will follow this
Blind idolism and
sacrifice my everything for you
for you my husband
for you my brother
for you my father
I tried being your Idol type
But I am not, I am sorry I am not
I Could no more bear your expectations
Of an idol girl I am sorry
I am sorry I am not a machine
I am not some object that will accept your disgrace, I am not that goat lying on that table to be sacrificed. I am a girl, and I am proud of it, I cannot fit in your idol image of a girl, I cannot fit in as the Goddess you worship on Ashtami and then be kept outside the temple like shoes when on my periods, I cannot be an object you expect me to be... I am a girl, just a girl and thats what you all need to see....

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A girl wants fly with her 💜heart

A girl wants talk🙂 to herself

A girl wants go far🏎 with her own company

A girl really wants some time⏰ for her
A girl just wants share close memories📓to anyone
A girl wants  just talking😇, 
nothing any planed  to expain herself 
A girl wants caring, small things enjoyments, Long late night chats, respect, importance for her
A girl can't believe in all people but she can easily talk everyone's
A girl wants to see the world with her own people's
A girl wants many thing's but sometimes can't explain in word's 
A girl want..... Only
    A girl want.......


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Mera desh mahaan, is it really????
Nah... I don't think so...
People will take it as another article
about women empowerment,
women safely etc etc
But who really cares?
No matter how many baba's are sent
to jail, no matter how many rapists
are given fassi, no matter how many
sisters mother's are teased on roads
daily.. Our society will remain the
same.... No hope for any kind of
It's a simple question for all.
Why can't women feel safe in our
is it because the way they dress
is it because the time they go out
is it because the way they walk
is it because the place they go
it is only because of our mentality
towards women
okay so I'll give u a simple example...
A girl is out with her friend for
shopping and the shopkeeper is
literary checking her out... Even
when the girl saw it and she is
looking into the man's eyes n that
man has no shame...

A girl is in a bus, standing, no seat
available... A man double her age is
literally touching her all over
A girl is going to school, some guys
on bike are literally stalking her and
teasing her..
Many more examples...
The question is...
What a girl should do in this kindda
Reality: We do NOTHING
we keep our eyes down n just simply
walk away
Like really?????
Why don't we raise our voice at that
Ask that men... Yeah nigg? Why
don't you just go n check out your
mom's ass?
Shame on such guys
Who are protective for their
mothers, sister's and girlfriends but
they find other girl's as sluts ora
piece of shit... Who gives you the
right to tease or harm anyone's
She also has family.
Mall's, market's, gardens...
Women are safe nowhere
Just because you are men n you
think a bullshit thought that you are
stronger than women.... Won't help
Some day, your sister
Your mother is going to face the
Some day, a girl will slap you so hard
that all your cheap rascal attitude is
going to come out...
Before you check out or tease a girl
just remember one thing, you too
have a sister and mother and that
girl too has a family and a brother
like you...
Cheap comments
Dirty flirting
Will never make you a Romeo!!!
If u like a girl with all your pure heart
just simply go n tell her... If she says
NO that simply means NO... You
don't need to insult her tease her..
Make this society a safe place for
Just change your mentality towards
They too are humans

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😢मत जाओ💔
Read In Caption

Koi Kisi Ke Pyar Me Pagal Ho Jata Hai Aur Kisi Ko Kadar Nahi Koi Kisi Ke Liye Pagal Ho Jaye To Ap Samjh Sakte Hai Ke Wo kitna Pyar Karti Thi Usse😢😢💔💔 Heartless Boy😏😏
Boy-Yaar Maine Bola Na Ab Baat Nahi Kar Sakte Ham
Girl-Par Ek Baar Sun To Lo Larki Rone Lagti Hai😫😫
Boy-Kitni Bar Sunu Aur Bolu
Bol Diya Na Ham Sath Nahi Rah Sakte😏
Girl-Par Kyu 5Saal Se Sath Hai
Ab Kya Hua Reason Tak Nahi Bata Rahe Chorne Ka😞💔
Boy-Yaar Mai Kuch Nahi Kar Sakta Ab Iss Bare Mein Sorry
Girl-Mujhe Kabhi Rota Hua Nahi Dekh Sakte The Ap,Aur Aaj Itna
Ro Rahi Mar Rahi Par Phir Bhi Nahi Dikh Raha Apko😫😫😢😢
Boy-Maaf Karo Mai Ab Nahi Rahna Chahta Tumhare Sath
Girl-Par Kyu Koi To Wajah Hogi Batao Na
Boy-Mujhe Kuch Nahi Batana Bhul Jao Please😐
Girl-Kaise Bhul Jau,Bahut Aasani Se Kah Diya Bhul Jao,Sari Mushkilo Me Sath Diya To Is Bar Kya Hua🙏🙏💔💔
Boy-Mujhe Nahi Karni Baat Iss Bare Mein
Girl-Par Mujhe Karni Hai Baat
Mere Pyar Ka Kya,Mera Kya Kasur Hai😢😢
Boy-Yaar Samjhta Hu Par Problem Hai Ab Nahi Rah Sakta Please Samjho
Girl-Mujhe Nahi Sunna Kuch Bhi
Mere Bare Me To Socho Please
Mar Jaungi Apke Bina,Mat Jao Na(Larki Bahut Roti Hai😫😫)
Boy-Ro Mat Isme Mai Kuch Nahi Kar Sakta
Girl-Please Mat Jao Na🙏🙏Please Mere Sath Raho💔💔
Boy-Rona Band Karo Ab
Girl-To Mujhe Chor Kar Nahi Jaoge Na
Boy-No Reply(Block Kar Deta Hai)
Girl-Wo Ye Sab Nahi Jhel Pati Hai😫Aur Pagal Ho Jati Hai
Aur Ek Din Achanak Road Cross Karte Waqt Uska Accident Ho Jata Hai Aur Wo Mar Jati Hai
Aur Larka Happy Happy Apni Life Jee Raha Hota Hai Use Pta Chal Jata Hai Larki Mar Chuki Hai Phir Bhi Use Koi Fark Nahi Parta

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