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2day i'm twnty
stil i've 2 do works plenty
Soon i'm gonna b twnty 1
& hvn't achieved much 2 tell ny1
At d age of twnty 3
whn I'll finish my dgree
Thr ws a guy who ws a legend
U must knw him he ws d best
Had thoughts xtra-ordinary diffrnt frm d rest
Son of kishan & vidyawati
since his childhood he ws in vitality
2day we hv schuls & tution
He joined DAV 2 boycott british institution
Though he ws also an admirer of beautiful nature
But used 2 stdy revolutionary literature
Whn his parents were tryin 2 get him spouse
He disagreed 2 violate his sworn vows
Follwin d path of Pandit Azad
He gave slogan 'INQUILAB ZINDABAD'
Evry1 wnted LALA's avenge
He ws d 1 who took revenge
By throwin bomb in Central Assembly Hall
He made d actions of britisher's fall
2 make his demand bold & clearer
He strtd strike on behalf of political prisoner
By shoutin slogan & continuous refusin
He ws accused fr delayin d proceedin
Evry1 knew britishr's cruelty
Bt nvr thought he wuld b gvn death penalty
We r afraid 2 get hrt at ny age
He heard death sntnce with defiant courage
Wthout hesitatin or evn a snooze
He ws d 1 to kiss hangman's noose
2day we r celebratin diwali, Christms & eid
Bcz 86 yrs ago he bcame

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I wake up to the same delight ever and find myself deep down the track that leads to solace & peace. Tumults take no time to turn into tempests & that is what we often fail to deal with. Hope with scope, hop for crop is the slogan we need to raise.

Quotes by Javid Rather 💓💓💓💓💓💓

Sticking is not living though living is sticking

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new slogan from me
"we r happy to help u"


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Bachi ko bhi dikhadi apni darindagi tune,
Ae insan kuch to Sharam kar..! 

Read the caption👇

Aaj fir hua sharmsar bharat,
Aaj fir se niklega candle march,
Aakhir Kab tk hota rahenga betiyon par atyachar,
Tu insan nahi haiwan hai,
Are tujhse acha to janwar hai,
Teri hawas itni bekabu hai
Ki tujhe meerut se khich lati kashmir hai.

Itna hi tha to red light area me chale jate
Kuch kar ke bhi aate to hm sharminda na hote ,
Tune darindagi ki had paar ki hai
Tujhe saza-e-maut hogi,
Bs usme bhi aaenge neta log
Tujhe bachane ke lie.

Are ab to beti bachao ek slogan nahi warning ho gyi
Qki tune uss masum ki jaan ek mandir me bhi le li.
Ab to hindu Muslim ek hona chahiye kyunki ladki Muslim or jagah bhagwan ki thi.
Ab to sabko ek hokar khada hona chahiye unn darindo ko bhi public ke hath chodna chahiye.!

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