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100APC#3 For Kramer

I painted this early last year for my niece, Kramer. She totally rules. We, the family, often call her, Bug, because of her love for lady bugs.
I wanted to challenge myself by drawing things that were less macabre. I have found that potential buyers are much more receptive to soft or cute things. I managed to produce this. This was a labor of love.

Unfortunately my darling niece lives several hours away from me, so I wasn't aware that her love for lady bugs had since passed. Her mother, my sister in law, loved this piece. So I gave it to her for Christmas this last year.

Kramer is one of my heroes. She is smart, beautiful, and extremely competitive. She is not afraid of hard work to achieve excellence. Her sense of kindness, humor, and honor make me proud every day.

Work hard. Work with love in your soul. The rewards will always warm you.

Thanks for reading.

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Missing some happiness
Missing some smile
Missing some love 
Missing You!

The Missing Part You complete me!!
#bonding #Happiness #Love

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I don't know what but something is missing
Or it might be my smile or yours that I am missing.

It might be my  clear voice which is now cracked
Or it might be my laugh which with time is getting wrecked.

It might be your hand in mine that looks totally set
Or it might be your sparkling eyes searching for mine when we first met.

It might be your text notification on my phone's screen
Or it might be my nonstop talks now a silent scream..

It might be your playful face 
Or it might be this stupid egoistic race.

I don't know what it is but It's really missing!!

#linesoncrumpledpaper #Nojoto #Missing

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Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure.... if I knew you were missing me too!

#Love It’s a wonderful feeling to be missed by a person you are missing..!

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the worst missing 
missing  your own self
which you 
used to
be once
a time

missing #Nojoto #loveyourself

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