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Wo Tera Udaas Ho Jana,
Frr Meri harkate Dekh Muskurana.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Bachpana Karna,
Aur Mujhe Bado Sa Samjhana.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Bolna Ki,
Kabhi Dur Na Honge Hum.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere Liye,
Dusro Se Ladna,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Kaan Me Kehna,
Kabhi Chodna Mat,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mujhe Khone Se Darna,
Frr Kehna Sabko Mana Lenge,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Roo Kar Mere Pass Aana,
Aur Gale Lag Jana,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere Sath rhna,
Aur kabhi dur na jaane ki baat krna,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere Apno Ko,
Khud Ka Batana,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere jism ke saath,
Meri Rooh Se bhi Jud Jaana,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Muskurana,
Mere Pyar Se Chumbane Par,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mujhe Pakad Lena,
Aur Kabhi Nahi Chodna,
Yaad Aata Hai. 
Wo Tera Mujhe Pyar Ka,
Izhaar Karna,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Pata Nahi Der Ho Gayi Ho Shayad,
Par Wo Tera Kehna,
Hamesha Sath Rehna.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Kash Ye Yaadein Frr Se,
Haqiqat Me Badal Jaye,
Kyoki Tera Har Ek Lamha Mujhe,
Yaad Aata Hai.

Wo Tera Udaas Ho Jana,
Frr Meri harkate Dekh Muskurana.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Bachpana Karna,
Aur Mujhe Bado Sa Samjhana.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Bolna Ki,
Kabhi Dur Na Honge Hum.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere Liye,
Dusro Se Ladna,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Kaan Me Kehna,
Kabhi Chodna Mat,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mujhe Khone Se Darna,
Frr Kehna Sabko Mana Lenge,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Roo Kar Mere Pass Aana,
Aur Gale Lag Jana,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere Sath rhna,
Aur kabhi dur na jaane ki baat krna,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere Apno Ko,
Khud Ka Batana,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mere jism ke saath,
Meri Rooh Se bhi Jud Jaana,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Muskurana,
Mere Pyar Se Chumbane Par,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mujhe Pakad Lena,
Aur Kabhi Nahi Chodna,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Wo Tera Mujhe Pyar Ka,
Izhaar Karna,
Yaad Aata Hai.
Pata Nahi Der Ho Gayi Ho Shayad,
Par Wo Tera Kehna,
Hamesha Sath Rehna.
Yaad Aata Hai.
Kash Ye Yaadein Frr Se,
Haqiqat Me Badal Jaye,
Kyoki Tera Har Ek Lamha Mujhe,
Yaad Aata Hai.

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14 Steps To Really Start Living And Stop Existing

We are really lucky to be given a gift so precious. But, not all of us realize the value of life. Think about the kid who came into this world and died right away. It missed seeing its family, the blue of the sky, in fact, its chances of experiencing what a true laugh really feels like also died with him.
And we? We were brought into this world, but living it was entirely upon us. And we forgot all about it. Now, most of us are busy dying while we are still alive. We aren’t grateful enough. We don’t realize life’s value. And one day, we will be lying on our beds in misery, counting hours until the heart stops beating.
But, do we want to land into that situation willingly? None of us do, of course. So, before you totally run out on your days that offer you immense opportunities to live, make sure you….
1. Quit that job you have been going to for years with a morose face
Image sourceNobody deserves to be unhappy for years at a stretch and call it a life! Keep doing efforts, but while busting your butt to make some money, don’t stop respecting yourself.
2. Stop breathing for someone else
Image sourceWe make our lives by ourselves, for ourselves. It is our decisions, our risks, our mistakes that keep us walking towards the land of all things fine. But, if we start to please everyone on our journey, our ultimate goal will become a blur. We will lose the track of our road.
3. But, be closer to people you love
Image sourceYes, please them instead. Love them. Stay close with them. Because as we said, it is just one life, and it never comes with a preset expiration date.
4. Respect your originality
Image sourceAll of us carry our own unique baggage of thorns and flowers. The day you start respecting yourself for what you possess and lack, you will start to take others approval/disapproval of yours with a pinch of salt.
5. Make that call. Make that arrangement.
Image sourceCall up that dance class you had been eyeing at every evening on your way to home from office, call up that friend you fought with severely, but can’t afford to imagine your life without. Do that thing for your parents they had been asking of you for years now, the thing you had been lazy for. Do it. You will feel lighter. Happier.
6. Ditch worrying about things that aren’t in your control
Image sourceAnd the things that are in your control, what’s the need to worry about them? Just make efforts.
7. Don’t let your dreams die out simply because they require the kind of money you don’t own
Image sourceKeep them alive. Work towards realizing them, one step at a time. It will happen. At least do your bit of trying so that there are no regrets when you rest on your deathbed.
8. But on your way to realizing dreams, don’t forget to embrace the NOW.
Image sourceYou can be travelling alone in the city bus on a hot Sunday, you can be lying on a stretcher with a broken leg, you can perhaps be feeling annoyed through and through. Regardless of the type of situation, embrace it. Don’t ignore the feelings. Hug them tight. Go through it all, the pain and the happiness, to emerge wise, experienced and mature.
In short- Live. It. All.
9. But, don’t get stuck in the NOW.
Image sourceMoments pass, no matter how toxic or refreshing. They all pass. Learn to let go. Embrace your new NOWs.
10. Especially, the toxic moments. The sooner you run away from them, the better.
Image sourceBecause you deserve to be happy. And if you aren’t happy, how will you ever be able to keep your loved ones happy?
11. Be nice.
Image sourceSure you aren’t here to impress those who walk on the road with you everyday, but know nothing of you. But, you are here to make yourself happy. And the glee that comes from being warm and nice to people without expecting anything in return, is a feeling that stays unparalleled. And, not that you should care, but it is not easy for people to remember the list of your achievements, it is the qualities of your heart that they never forget.
12. Really, really listen to your heart.
Image sourceBecause those who don’t follow their own heart, don’t really live.
The true voice of your heart gets subdued in the thick of anger, temporary temptations, disgust, pride, extreme ambitiousness, work pressure, etc. Clear the clouds for a second and really listen to your heart. What would you want to do if they didn’t hold a virtual knife of burden near your throat? Would you be walking out in some street taking the feels of the weather? Playing with the street kids? Feeling happy? Listen to your heart, then!
No matter what it says, listen to it. Even if your decision turns out to be something wrong, at least you will get to learn something out of it.
13. Speak up before it is too late
Image sourceStop dying while your heart is still pumping sufficient blood. Step aside from the wrong opinions being followed simply because they have the vote of the majority. Stay true to yourself and don’t cut back from voicing what’s right. You have one life, don’t let your voice die inside of you.
14. On your long list of goals, give ‘happiness’ the top spot.
Image sourceDon’t get into making money and attracting fame so bad, that you forget what it is like to enjoy a happy quiet in talking to someone special. Or, what it is like to read a book, or to experience a blissful slumber. Give happiness the immense priority. And you don’t have to live to achieve it, you just have to live it. It’s that simple. And the most simple way to do so is by giving more attention to things you love, things that do something to your heart. And by keeping a safe distance from things that instil in you the negative vibes.
I don’t believe in 7-lives crap, I don’t believe in tomorrow. I don’t even know what life has in store for me right about 2 hours from now. More of nonsense drama maybe, or more of giggles, or perhaps more of I-don’t-know-whats.
But, no matter how tasty or sour, I have to find the happy from it all. I will have to create humour out of it all. Because I don’t want to come under the damn truck on a sad note. I want a happy ending. And I am sure, so is the case with you.

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एक बहुत ही ममतामयी और भावनात्मक कविता
मौ. राजा सिरसवी 
की लिखी हुई जिसको पढ़ कर आप अपने को संभाल नहीं पाएंगे ।

माँ "MAA" By Janab RAZA SIRSVI
Mout Ki Aaghosh Main Jab Thak Ke Soo Jati Hai
Tab Kaheen Ja Kar 'Raza' Thora Sukoon Pati Hai Maa

Fikr Main Bachoon Ki Kuch Is Terha Ghul Jati Hai Maa
Nojawaan Hotay Huwe Boodhi Nazar Aati Hai Maa

Rooh Ke Rishtay Ki Yeah Gehrayean To Daikheye
Choot Lagti Hai Humaray Aur Chillati Hai Maa

Oadthi hai hasrathoan ka khudtho bosida kafan
chahatoan ka payrahan bachoan ko pehnathi hai maa

Ek ek hasrath ko apne azm wo istekhal se
Anso'oan se ghusl de ker khud hi dhafna thi hai maa

Bhuka rehne hi nahi dethi yateemon ko khabhi
Jane kiskis se kahan se mang kar lati hai maa

Haddiyoon Ka Ras Pila kar Apnay Dil Ke Chain Ko
Kitnee Hi Ratoon Mai Khali Pait Soo Jati Hai Maa

Jane Kitne Barf Si Ratoon Me Aysa Bhi Hua
Bacha To Chaati Pe Hai Gelay Main Soo Jati hai Maa

Jab Khilone Ko Machalta Hai Koie Ghurbat Ka Phool
Aansoon Ke Saaz Par Bachay Ko Behlati Hai Maa

Fiker Ke Shamshaan Me Aakhir Chitaoon Ki Terha
Jaisai Sookhi Lakdeyaan, Is Terha Jal Jati Hai Maa

Bhook se majboor ho kar mahmaan kai samne
mangtai bachche jab roti to sharmati hai Maa

Zindigi ki siskiyaan sun kar hoos ai shahar se
Bhookai bachchoon ki giza apna kafan lati hai Maa

Muflisi bache ki zid par jab uthaleti hai haath
Jaisai ho mujrim koi is tarha sharmati hai maa

Apnay Aanchal Se Gulabi Aansuoon Ko Poonch Kar
Dair Tak Gurbat Pe Apne Ashk Barsati Hai Maa

samne Bachoon Ke Khush Rahti Hai Har Ik Haal Main
Raat Ko Chup Chup Ke Laikin Ashk Bersati Hai Maa

Kab Zarurat Ho Meri Bachay Ko Itna Sooch Kar
Jaagti Rehti Hain Aankhain Aur Soo Jati Hai Maa

Pehlay Bachoon Ko Khilati Hai Sukoon-o-Chain Se
Baad Mai Jo Kuch Bacha ho Shouk Se Khati Hai Maa

Mangti Hi Kuch Nahi Apnai Leye ALLAH Se
Apnai Bachoon Ke Leye Daman Ko Phailati Hai Maa

De ek bimaar bachche ko duain aur dwa
paainti hi rakh kai sar kadmoon pa so jati hai Maa

Jane Anjane me hojaye jo bachoan se khusoor
Ek anjaani sazaa ke dar se tharrathi hai maa

Gar Javan Baiti Ho Ghar Main Aur Koie Rishta Na Ho
Ek Naye Ehsas Ki Suli Pe Chard Jati Hai Maa

Har Eebadat Har Mohabbat Mai Nihan Hai Ek Gharaz
Be-Gharaz, Be-Lous, Har Khidmat Ko Kar Jati Hai Maa

Apne bachoan ki bahaar-e-zindagi ke waste
Ansooan ke phool har mausam me barsati hai maa

Zindigi bhar beenti hai khaar rahe zeest se
jate jate naimate firdos de jati hai Maa

Bazuwoon Me Khinch Ke Aajayegi Jaise Kayenat
Apnai Bachay Ke Leye Bahoon Ko Phailati Hai Maa

Ek ek hamle se bachche ko bahanai kai liya
Dhall banti hai khabhi talwar baan jati hai Maa

Zindagani Ke Safar Me Gardishoon Ki Dhoop Mai
Jab Koie Saya Nahi Milta To Yaad Aati Hai Maa

Pyar Kehtai Hain Kise Aur Mamta Kya Cheez Hai
Koie Un Bachoon Sai Poocheye Jin Ki Mar Jati Hai Maa

Pehle dil ko saaf karkai khoob apnai khoon se
dharkanoo pa kalma-e-tawheed likh jati hai Maa

Safha-e-Hasti Pe Likhti Hai Usool-e-Zindagi
Is Liye Ek Maktab-e-Islam Kehlati Hai Maa

Us Nayi Duniya Ko Diye Masoom Rahber Is Leye
Azmatoon Me Sani-e-Quran Kehlati Hai Maa

Ghar Se Jab Pardes JaTa Hai Koie Noor-e-Nazar
Haath Main Qur'an Le Kar Dar Pe Aajati Hai Maa

De Ke Bachay Ko Zamanat Main Raza-e-Pak Ki
Peechay Peechay Sar Jhookaye Door Tak Jaati Hai Maa

Kanpti Aawaz Sai Khaiti Hai "Baita alwida"
Samne Jab Tak Rahe Haatoon Ko Lehrati Hai Maa

Ris ne lagta hai poranai zakhm se taza lahoo
Hasratoon ki bolti tasveer ban jati hai Maa

Jab Parayshani Me Ghir Jate Hain Hum Pardes Me
Aansuwoon Ku Poanch Ne Khwaboon Main Aajati Hai Maa

Lout kai wapas safar se jab bhi ghar aate hain hum
Daal kar bahain gale main sar ko sehlati hai Maa

Aisa lagta hai kai jaise aagai firdoos main
bhinch kar bahoon main jab seenai se liptati hai Maa

Dair Ho Jati He Ghar Aane Main Aksar Jab Hamain
Rait Per Machli Ho Jaisay Aisay Ghabrati Hai Maa

Marte Dam Bacha Na aapaya agar Pardes Se
Apni Donoo Putliyaan Chokhat Pe Rakh Jati Hai Maa

Baad Mar Janai Ke Phir Baite Ki Khidmat Ke Leye
Bhes Beti Ka Badal Kar Ghar Main Aajati Hai Maa

Hum balaoon main kahin ghirtai hain to be iktiyaar
khair ho bachche ki kah kai dar pa aa jati hai Maa

Door ho jata hai jab aankhoon se godi ka pala
Dil ko hathoon se pakar kai ghar ko aa jati hai Maa

Doosrai hi din se rahti hai khatoon ki muntazir
Dar pa aahat ho hwa se bhi to aa jati hai Maa

Chahe hum khushyoun me maa ko bhool jayen doasto
Jab musibat sar pe aati hai tho yaad aati hai maa

Door Ho Jati Hai Sari Omr Ki Us Dum Thakan
Biyah Kar Betay Ka Jab Ghar Bahu Lati Hai Maa

Cheen lati hai wohi aksar sukoon-e-zindagi
Pyar se dhulhan bana kar jis ko ghar lati hai maa

Phair laitai hai nazar jis waqt baita aur bahu
ajnabi apne hi ghar hai baan jati hai Maa

Hamne ye bhi tho nahi soachan alaag hone ke baad
Jab diya hi khuch nahi ham ne tho kya khati hai maa

Zabt tho dakho ke itni berukhi ke baujood
Bad dua deti hai hargis aur na pashtati hai maa

Allah Allah bhool kar ek sitam ko raat din
pooti poote se shakista dil ko behlati hai Maa

Baita kitna hi bora ho par parosan kai hozoor
Rook kar jazbaat ko baitai kai gun gati hai Maa

Shadiyaan kar kar kai bachche ja basai pardes mai
dil khatoon se aur tasveeron se bahlati hai Maa

Apne sinai par rakhai hai kainatai zindigi
Ye zamin is wastai ae dost kahlati hai Maa

Saal bhar me ya khabhi hafte me jumeraat ko
Zindagi bhar ka sila ek Fateha pati hai maa

Gumraahi ki gard jam jai na merai chand par
Barishe imaan main yoon roz nehlati hai Maa

Apne pehlu me lita kar roz thouthe ki tarha
Eik barah panch chouda ham ko ratwati hai maa

Umr bhar ghafil na hona matame Shabbir se
Raat din apne amal se hamko samjati hai maa

Martaba maa ka ho zahir is liye firdos se
apne bachchon kai liya poshaaq mangwati hai Maa

Yaad aata hai shab-e-ashoor ka kadyal jawan
Jab khabi uljhi huyi zulfon ko suljhati hai maa

se pehle jaan dena Fatima ke lal par
Raat bhar Aun-o-Mohd ko ye samjhati hai maa

Jab talak ye haath hai humsheer bai parda na hoo
Ek bahadur bawafa baitai se farmati hai Maa

Nawjawan baita agar dam toor de agoosh main
Zindigi bhar sar ko diwaroon se takrati hai Maa

Fatima ke lal par qurban kar ne ke liye
Baandh kar sehra jawan bete ko leati hai maa

khoon mai dobai hue aatai hai jab sahrai kai phool
Ek ek tookre ko apne dil se liptati hai Maa

Laashe Qasim par kaha zinda rahi to awoongi
Ab to sooai Shaam dolhan ko liya jati hai Maa

Laash par baite ki parhti hai jawai marsiya
shukr ka sajda is alam main baja lati hai Maa

Allah Allah ithehade sabre Laila-o- Hussain
Baap ne khenchi sinah, sine ko sehlati hai maa

Ye bata sakti hai hum ko bus Rabab-e-Khastatan
Kis tarha bin doodh ke bache ko behlati hai maa

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Humari Piyari Nojoto Family 
{ Whats,aap group }
Hum jinko jantein hai
unke bare me hi likh pate hai ... 
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Meri Pyari Nojoto Family { Wp group } #Meri_Pyari_Nojoto_Family
#Ek_Pagam_Humare_Nojoto_whatsaap_Group_Ke_Naam... #Meri_kalm ✍✍✍
Humare piyare group ki alag hi khani hai yha kon kon kya kya krta hai
Aao sunate tumhare sk ki jubani hai ...
Ye hai humara aapna group my 2nd family { Nojoto whatsapp group } yha har City har shehar har umar har bhasha ke log yha niwas krte hai sab ke works to ek dusre se alag alag likhna sab bakhubi jante hai ...
Kisi ke naam me hai bas 2 shbad h to kisi ke me 8 bhi kam pad jate hai aaiye aapne group ka haal aapko kam se kam shbado me sunte hai or aapne group ke chuninda logo se aapko milate hai ...
Yha Sabse phle aate hai humre
Sir ji jinki awaz matr se sanse kisi ki tham jati hai jinhone di hai hume itni pyari family sab unhi ki meherbani hai ...
Yha h Love veer ji jinke naam me hi pyar hai or wo h bhut piyare unki kya baat hai ...
Yha Kisi ke one side love ki alag hi khani hai khule aam line mari jati hai unka sine language dance hi unki jubani hai ...
Yha or bhi hai dancer jo thoda sharmati hai kabhi kabhi hi sahi online wo bhi aati h ...
Yha veer ji ke ke Itu se paigam ki alag khani hai aaj kal unki kalm se breaking news ban kr aani hai ...
Yha aase hi hai jinko din me do 3 baar group me join hone left hone ki bhi bimari hai ...
Darne ki koi baat nhi hai yha 2 cute doctors bhi hai jo proper treatment karti aapni mithi jubani hai unme se ek ke naam me sabko ho jati confusion ye baat mujhe aapko batani hai ...
Yha kisi ke naam me bhart ka pura aksh chupa hai sach khu mare veer ji ka dil bhut bada hai ...
Yha mare veere bhi hai jinki baat kya bataye sabse nirali hai wo engineer kr rahe h or rajasthan ki jamin se h bas yhi baat h jo unki hume aapko batani hai ...
Yha ek popular celebrity bhi hai jinki cute see nose usme nose ring lagti badi pyari hai aaj bhi kafi logo ko mistake hai wo samjhte unhe jumke wali hai ...
Yha humri Padma di bhi hai jinke liye hum unke bacche hai or unke pyar kr charche bhi bhut acche hai ...
Yha sharma ji ki beti bhi hai jinki aapni khani hai unki top ten leader board me rhne ki aadat bhut suhani hai ...
Yha koi aasa bhi hai jo padma di se ammi ka rishta nibhate hai wo group me sabse chote hai esliye sabka pyar pate hai ...
Yha hai ek mare veere jo photography ka shok rkhte hai sketching bhi wo super hit krte hai ...
Yha kisi ki funny breakup ki video mujhe aaj bhi hasi dilati hai shri krishana ki nagri se hai wo khud radha si piyari hai ...
Yha singer bhi hai jinki voice sidha dil ko chu jati hai sach khu wo bhut hi accha gati hai ...
Yha ek hai humre veer ji jo humri di ko bhut paresaan krte hai sir ke naam se unko chedte hai or satate hai ...
Yha ek humre veere aase bhi hai jinko life me 6 time love hua hai saccha ya jhuta ye baat unko hi pta hai ...
Yha aase bhi hai jinka dream hai writer banane ka 1k followers ke baad bhi unhe chen nhi hai ...
Yha ek humare bhaijaan bhi hai jo bhut kam online aate hai or jab bhi online aate hai ek umad or bhut khubsurat poetry late hai ...
Yha ek bhut cute si chasmish bhi hai jo dil ki bhut sacchi hai likhi bhut khubsurat hai nature se bhi bhut acchi hai ...
Yha ek CFL bhi hai jo har time pta nhi kis soch me kho jani hai unki life me kya chal raha hai ye pta chalta unke status ki jubani hai ...
Yha humre ek veere hai jo shri Krishna ke deewana hai or pyar ke rang me es kadar dube hai aage wahi jane hai ...
Last me aata hu me mare bare me kisi ko kuch khash nhi pta h hu me simple sa banda jiski juban pr english , hindi , haryanvi , panjabi , ka bhashao ka nivas hai me hu little writer ye pariwar mere jine ki aakhri ass hai ...
Yha sabhi hai shyam hai radha hai mira bhi hai kuch gopiyan bhi hai jo Krishna deewani hai ye mare piyare group ki khani meri jubani hai ...
Meri Kalm ✍✍✍
© Sʜʋbʜʌm Sʜʌŕmʌ { s.k }
@⁨Nojoto Sir⁩ @⁨Kalakaksh-Talent house⁩ @⁨Subhash Nojoto⁩ @⁨RoZy♥⁩ @⁨@j_$tyle⁩ @⁨Anushka Nojoto⁩ @⁨Yamini Tripath⁩ @⁨Anam Nojoto⁩ @⁨Bharat Nojoto⁩ @⁨Harsh Veere Nojoto⁩ @⁨Shweta Mumbai⁩ @⁨⁨Sweta padma Di Nojoto⁩ @⁨Tamanna⁩ @⁨Mukkabar Nojoto⁩ @⁨Niyam Nojoto⁩ @⁨@Mohini G⁩ @⁨Ritika Nojoto⁩ @⁨Vipendra Singh⁩ @⁨Saurabh⁩ @⁨Akshita Nojoto⁩ @⁨AFROZ⁩ @⁨Poonam Nojoto⁩ @⁨Meghu Nojoto Group⁩ @⁨Ashok Vr Nojoto⁩ @Sʜʋbʜʌm Sʜʌŕmʌ { s.k }
Note :- Sab ko jis trha tag kiya gya hai usi trha unke bare me likha gya hai ...

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Mujhe apna school time bahut yaad aata he...
Wo prayer se pehle Id card bachho se lana
Or ribbons ko sharpners se cut kr k baatna
Mujhe yaad aata he...
Wo tera chhoti chhoti baato pr mujhse ladna
Or mere liye dusro se lad jana
Mujhe bahut yaad aata he...
Ha mujhe wo school time bahut yaad aata he...
Wo hamara lecture k bich me isharo se baate karna...
Sir se chupte hue tedi-meri shakle banakr ek dusre ko hasana
Mujhe yaad aata he...
Wo questions puche jane k waqt sir hamse na puchle is dar se najre nichi kr k beth jana
Or bach jane pr milne wala wo shukun
Mujhe yaad aata he... Ha wo school time mujhe bahut yaad aata he...
Wo interwals ka besabri se intezar karna
Or interwal hone pr class se bhagna
Mujhe bahut yaad aata he....
Ha wo wakt mujhe bahut yaad aata he
Wo class me hamara shor machana or teachers ka keep silence chillana
Mujhe yaad aata he...
Wo lunch time se pehle khane k liye man dolna
Or sir ka hame ullu bolna
Mujhe yaad aata he...
Ha mujhe school time bahut yaad aata he...
Fir lunch time pr ek dusre k lunch box se khana
Or khane se jyada baate banana...
Wo lunch k baad class me late jana
Or teachers ka hame pakana
Mujhe yaad aata he...
Wo chemistry lab me hamara different solutions ko milakr pagalpanti karna...
Or bio lab me slides tut jane pr unko dhire se chupakr rakhna
Mujhe bahut yaad aata he...
Wo games ki subah se planning karna
Or games period me basketball court k liye boys se ladna
Mujhe yaad aata he
Wo tera mujhse ball chhin kr bhagna
Or mera tujhe ball basket karne se rokna
Mujhe yaad aata he...
Or fir us chhina-chhani me mera gir jana
Or tumhara mera majak udana
mujhe yaad aata he...
Wo games period khatm hone k baad hand wash karne k bahane se washroom k bahar hamara time pass karna
Or fir class me truth or dare khelna
Mujhe yaad aata he...
Ha mujhe school time bahut yaad aata he...
Pr sabse jyada to mujhe wo daily tere sath 8 ghante bitana bahut yaad aata he...
Aaj bhi tu mujhse u to he milti...
Pr pata nhi kyu wo purani nadaniyo wali hasi ab mere chehre pr kyu nhi khilti...
Wese to mehaj tere sath hone se mere chehre pr real smile aajati he...
Masti bhi ham karte he or tu sath me samay bhi mere bitati he...
Khushi to mujhe ab bhi behad milti he...
Pr kuch to he jiski kami fir bhi khalti he..
Khush to me ab bhi hu
Mere yaro k sath me aaj bhi hu...
Kisi baat ka he ab dar nhi
Teachers se chhup kr lunch khane ki ab jarurat nhi ...
Pr ab wo shetaniyat he khi ghum si gayi
Wo playground pr khelne ki aadat chhut si gayi...
Wo teachers ko pareshan karne ka chance ab milta nhi
Wo shetaniyo wala phul ab khilta nhi
Shayad isiliye wo school time mujhe yaad aata he...
Ha.. Wo wakt mujhe behad yaad aata he...

.......Muskan writes

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