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zayn malik sketch
zayn malik sketch by me
#icarusfalls #nojotophoto

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The Morning…

I woke up, this morning to my phone buzzing. I didn't even bother looking who it was. Something was different today... I felt depressed, and my head hurt so much I felt really dizzy and my vision was blurred, I didn't even want to get out of bed I felt like I was going to fall over if I stood up. It’s probably just like the other times... I've been having this problem ever since I was ten...but this time it hurt so much..and my mind had so many Why was I so depressed? Why am I not able to function today? I knew something was going to happen today. I could feel it. I couldn't think straight, it was like I was dreaming while I was awake. There was a knock at the door, this late in the morning.I jumped and then I hid under my blanket so that the person or people could not see that I was home but the knocking at the door continued. And just as I thought they were gone they knocked again.I said to myself if they knock one more time I will answer... I listened if anyone was talking or any kind of sound or movement. First thing that came to my mind was.. MAYBE IT’S A KILLER! As soon as that thought came my head started hurting more...and then I said to myself..No.No it can't be don't go crazy..after about 10 minutes of waiting they decided to knock again. I roll my eyes and slowly got out of bed and, yelled “ COMING!” I went to the door and opened the door, to see my ugly best friend joking.. he’s been my best friend since last year.. and even before that, I've liked him. all that manage to come out of my mouth..was... “Oh, shhhhiii.” as soon as I start talking mum comes to the door I have to change my words “ Oh shoot it's you” I close the door. Mum looks at me funny, and I smirk at her and tell her “Whatever he says don't let him in”I walk off and get ready for school. and ben comes in, “You shut the door on me! why did you do that” I roll my eyes and tell him “ do you mind? I'm running late okay, I slept in.” he starts laughing, “ you sleeping in? that's a crack up”I death stare him and keep getting ready, Bens talking but I'm not listening to him I wish I could but I can't listen. all of my thoughts are coming back. Ugh! I don't even know what's happening, I'm feeling dizzy. I take one more step and I fall to the ground everything is black. and all I can hear is mum screaming “HELP!” “Call the ambulance!” and then I shut off, I slowly wake up in a white room. Ben is sitting beside me, he looks like he's been crying, I look around to see if mum is here. She’s not. I turn to Ben and say “w-wheres mum” he looks at me and wipes his tears “ shes with the doctor.” gosh he looks really upset… what should I do? “Ben, are you okay?” he nodes yes.. he doesn't seem like it, he gets up and walks out of the room, I'm confused, what's happening? Ben is never this upset… Did he find out I took his lunch money? Or did he find out I like him? oh, no.. what if he looked in my diary… I don't get it shouldn't I be at home. I have all these thoughts, and now my brain hurts... I rub it, then I hear the door open, I look up and see the doctor he sits down and says “ is your head hurting?” I nod yes.. he gets up brings my mum in and I see tears rolling down her face and then Ben comes in after her and his eyes are red… I say “I'm so confused, what happens? can we go home mum” she nods no.. “ is it really that bad mum?” she nods yes... Ben holds my hand and starts crying. I wipe his tears and say “ don't cry, it can't be that bad.” all he could say is “I love you Mayline, and I always have..and always will..” I'm worried now he never says my real name unless there's something really really bad... I hug him and tell him he can tell me, its dead silent in my room... I don't know what to think.. the doctor comes in and tells me... I have a brain tumor and they can't get it out.. and I only have a little bit of time left… I couldn't speak.. all of my thoughts are rushing.. through my mind, my brain hurts so much.... and Ben is still crying... I don't know what to think… then I slowly shut my eyes and take my last breathe and tell Ben, don't forget about me okay.. and I always did love you too…. I can slowly hear mum yelling but her voice is fading away.. and then there's no noise... I don't think I'm dead but its black and I'm floating… and now my life is flashing before my eyes... now I'm actually beginning to believe that I’m dead………..
-Skye Hamilton

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Tere chehre ko chahne wale hain hazar(1000)
par teri ruh(soul) ko chahta hai sirf ek
"Zayn saifi"


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#nojotoart #DrawingDay #DrawingDay #Quote #Talent Portrait of zayn malik with pencil colour.

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hum tmhare sanam

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