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(Interview of Adam Bird) Beautiful Photos Capture Surreal Moments of Being Trapped in a Dream

British photographer Adam Bird immediately caught our attention with his lush, fantastical imagery. The 19-year-old fine art and fashion photographer is shooting friends, models, and even himself, in situations that are one part fairy tale, one part Surrealist painting, and one part Pink Floyd album cover. The cool, muted colors help give his work a melancholy feel, with his figures often shot from behind or with downcast eyes. As the viewer, we are transported into Bird's fantasy world, taken along for a quasi-cinematic ride.
Bird discovered his love of photography in 2012, and inspired by nature and fairy tales, he's set about honing his craft. Already editing pre-existing photos, he then set about using that skill on his own images—resulting in artistically stunning photographs limited only by his imagination. We recently had a chat with Adam about his work and what we can expect from him next. Read on below for our exclusive interview.

Your photos almost look like surrealist paintings. What inspires your photography style?
The inspiration behind my work comes from a lot of places and can hit me at any time. It could just be a mood that I’m feeling or simply the weather on the day of a shoot. My of photography is greatly inspired by other photographers and artists too, such as Tim Walker. I love the surreal and playful aspect behind his work and how his images can hold your attention and make you think.

As someone who occasionally inserts drawings into his photography, how do you think mixing in other mediums can enhance the final image?
I practiced with a similar technique at college before but it was not so successful. I think mixing mediums like drawing and photography makes for a much more interesting image. It allows me to play on my imagination and create images with a magical aspect in them.
You've also been known to include self-made props, as opposed to ones that are digitally added in post-production. How would you say this affects your final image?
I’ve actually made props for several of my photos now. Digitally adding them is always fun but I much prefer to have a physical prop on set. It allows your subject to interact with the scene and also creates a sense of believability.

You decided to pose for the first photo yourself because the water was extremely cold, and you didn't want to put a model in that situation. How did it feel to be on the other side of the lens?
I’ve been experimenting with self-portraiture lately and I’m quite enjoying it. At first it felt strange to be on the other side of the lens, but the shoots are usually quicker as I know exactly what I need to capture. It has helped me a lot with direction too and how to make my models feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

What role does nature play in your photography?
I love the outdoors. Shooting in a studio just doesn’t do it for me and being outside with nature gives me a ton more possibilities when creating surreal scenes. However, one day I’d like to look into set building and bringing the outdoors in!

Do you have any particular image that has special significance for you?
I do! The above image was the first time I worked with a professional model and it kind of got the ball rolling for me to work with a team.
We love seeing how your work has developed. Do you have any upcoming projects people should look out for?
I do! I’m currently working on an Alice in Wonderland series and I’m in the process of making a giant teacup prop! Keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates on it!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Adam's photoshoots to see how he achieves these incredible shots.

Adam Bird Photography: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Flickr

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A smitten Smith set on a quest
To allure and gift her the worldly best..

Naivete to the ceremonial customs, offering roses and diamonds, wasn't of his behest..

Defiant to his shortcomings, he cloaked himself with his tools and embarked to do what he knew best..

A smitten smith set on a quest
To allure and  gift her the worldly best..

Braving the chopping sea, reaching the horizon, he fished out the radiant orange dollop about to set in the west..

Jostling through the Pines, scaling the peak, he chiselled off the mountain's lush green crest..

A smitten smith set on a quest_
To allure and gift her the worldly best..

Drifting to the strong winds, riding the clouds into the dark, he scooped a handful of the brilliant glowing moon sitting pretty in its stary nest..

Tumbling his way down, he caught hold of the lone brightest star, who, merciful to his plight, got ready to divest...

A smitten smith set on a quest
To allure and gift her the worldly best ..

Melting the scoop-ful of the moon, casting it into two soft glowing earrings,

The lustrous star pressed into a stud that of the radiant orange sun's making..

The lushfull green of the mountains stitched into a gown draping  with shades of  blue clouds as silver  lining...

All, but still, far fetched, her crowning glory, her beaming eyes, her pearly smile, invaluable to vest..

The smitten smith puts off his quest
Lets his throbbing heart to rest...



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Set me free to fly
like an eagle in the sky. 
Set me free to learn
like your son.
Set me free to live
as a perfect person. 
Set me free to feel
your love and affection. 
Set me free to live 
not to survive!!

-akankshya Jena

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Photographer Beautifully Captures Romantic Rock Climbing Proposal

When rock climbing couple Luis Cardona and Maddy Thorpe got engaged, photographer India Earl was there to capture it. Unlike her usual shoots set on scenic beaches or in the mountains, however, this sentimental session took place somewhere a bit different: the Elevation Rock Gym in Logan, Utah.
As avid climbers, Cardona and Thorpe often scale the gym’s rock walls together, enjoying each other’s company and bonding over their love of the sport. “Climbing is a huge part of me and Maddy’s lives,” Cardona told The Huffington Post. “When we first met that’s basically all we did and we love climbing together whenever we get the chance.” Thus, when brainstorming possible proposal locations, he realized that Elevation would be the perfect place to pop the question.
During one very special climbing session, Cardona and Earl turned off the lights when Thorpe was at the top of a climb. While the area was dark, Cardona and Earl quickly scattered rose petals and set up strings of lights to set the mood. “At first Maddy was a little frightened because she was hanging up there in the air in the pitch black!” Luis admitted. “After she realized what was going on she started to cry.” As Thorpe descended, Cardona asked her to marry him, and their song (“First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes) softly began to play.
Clearly, a love of climbing is the only rocky thing about this relationship.

India Earl Photography
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8 Signs He's Terrible And You Should Dump Him
Irrespective of how great the relationship was before, you should always know when it’s time to call it quits. While this may occasionally be because of a fault on one or both of your parts, sometimes it can be just because the relationship has run its course.
Encompassing all of this, here are a few reasons you should dump him:
1.) He couldn’t keep it in his pants.

You will always deserve someone better than a person who cannot be faithful to you. If he doesn’t respect you enough to remain loyal, or call it off before he wanders to other people, you should know that there’s no amount of repeated apologizing that will ever make you truly forgive this violation of your trust. If not calling it off, consider it a strike.
2.) You just don't feel like staying loyal to him.

Things work both ways. Just as you deserve better if he were to cheat, the same goes for him. If you do not believe that the relationship is worth you being faithful, be fair to the both of you, and part ways. Come clean about what you’ve done, if he chooses to forgive you, don’t abuse the trust.
3.) He is ashamed of you.

Anyone who will not be proud, and want to parade you around in front of the world, doesn’t deserve your trust and love. If he makes you his dirty little secret, call it off, it will definitely cause some serious self-esteem issues for you later in life.
4.) You can’t do long distance.

This is contextually based on whether there is a need to, but if there is, make sure that the two of you are confident and stable enough to try it. If not, go your separate ways before arguments and mistrust ruin the entire relationship, friendship included.
5.) He doesn’t even bother prioritizing you.

If it’s his work or his family, cut him a little slack. But if you constantly find him flaking to only ever spend time with his friends, or other girls, confront him about it. If you’re not feeling loved, you really shouldn’t remain in the relationship for too If it’s his work or his family, cut him a little slack. But if you constantly find him flaking to only ever spend time with his friends, or other girls, confront him about it. If you’re not feeling loved, you really shouldn’t remain in the relationship for too long.
6.) He doesn’t want to take things as slowly as you want to.

Every boy, if not person, should always be respectful of your space. If you are not ready for something, emotional or physical, ensure that he doesn’t overstep his bounds. Never be forced into doing something you don’t want to, and if you are, its time you ended things.
7.) He constantly compares you to other people.

If he spends more time pulling you down, then making you feel good about yourself, the solution is pretty obvious. A relationship that survives on such a toxic bond will never last and cause some serious damage to one or both parties involved in it.
8.) It just, doesn’t work.

While you should always put in your 100% and never bail when things get hard, it is equally important to know when the relationship is destined for failure. Don’t try pushing along a failing relationship, and making both of your lives miserable.


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