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The world wants a better future, 
Yet they fail to identify the procedure, 
Well who's gonna be the future?? 
Kids right? So why does the system and society 
Impose their beliefs and try to teach em, 
Kids aren't supposed to be taught, 
They are to learn from,
If parents instead of imposing just share their experiences with em, 
I bet the kids will fix your lives as well, 
How? Cuz only kids have the
 luxury of 
Uncorrupted vision!!             ..

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Is Karan Johar right when he said that star kids are better?

No. He is wrong. But the problem is elsewhere.

Let me explain-

See, we are obviously not the richest country in the world.

But that would not have been a problem if we were a sexually liberated society not a conservative one which would allow us to adapt in every level to compete each and every one even without the money. Because then we would not have anything that is blocking us from our psyche.

What is going on at the moment?

We have plenty of good actors from all over India. But most of them do lack in certain areas. Because most of them grew up in a comparatively conservative background compared to this Bollywood kids which means they were always better groomed than rest of us. Even the rich kids of our society is also from a comparatively sexually conservative background compared to the west which is one the reason- anyone from West can sign through in this so called glamour industry way better than us. As they have two advantages over us- money and sexual independence.

So does that mean- these Bollywood kids are some kind of best?

Absolutely fucking not.

Most of them are terrible.

But the reason mentioned above, we can't really push them out of their places just like in western countries. And that is why you see nepotism is prevalent more in Bollywood or rather in India.

Actually nepotism is everywhere but the difference is ordinary people are socially empowered in West not to make it a factor. This is why, you will see that people are competing with everyone in West which is very difficult to do here.

So Karan Johar isn't right when he said that Bollywood kids are better, but it just our society's backdated ideas and thinking process and design are preventing us to bulldoze nepotism.

Let's be honest here - how many of us are really groomed from childhood to take them on? I mean money itself is a factor but it wouldn't have been if as I said it before. I personally don't like Karan Johar but I have to admit one thing that he did try to potray a counter narrative as oppose to the stereotype potrayal of Indians in western movies. But he does it in a very stupid way which is another discussion.

The point is in his mind, he probably only see certain people from certain background meeting that criteria for his movies. Because Bollywood not just a movie industry, it is also a glamour industry as well.

As I said before it could have been challenged then and there if India already was a sexually liberated society.

But the good news is it is becoming like that very very quickly.

Our economy is slowly but surely improving with the help of internet and other technology, Indians are exposed to the world more openly than ever before from the childhood.

I know for a fact our young generation is more sexually adventurous than ever before. We definitely becoming more healthy and good looking than ever before even though our government data may say otherwise. But you know what I am talking about. So the chances are that nepotism won't be that big of factors in Bollywood 7 -10–12 years down the line as things are changing in India in a very rapid rate.

So Karan Johar may still get away saying shit like that but not for very long.

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Child Health Tips
Kids who like fruits and vegetables more tend to eat them more frequently and have better diets. It shows that encouraging kids to get involved in meal preparation could be an effective health promotion strategy for parents. Kids are more likely to eat something they are encouraged to prepare. Ask your kids to:
1. Pick a recipe
2. Wash fruits & veggies
3. Toss a salad
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Tall, dark and lean,
At the same time, very mean.

Never would he smile,
Just look from a mile.

Troubling the little kids,
In the class mids.
A little push here,
A little pull on their hair there.
Hogging on thier lunch,
With a satisfying munch.
The reason for his grin,
While others were prim.

A frown on his face,
Football studs as his base.
Full of mighty grace,
Saw him doing a dog's caress.

Thought this bully has a reason,
As people don't change like seasons.
Saw him go back to his home,
With a face which was completely lone.

Saw his dad walk into the house,
Tipsy was he like a louse.
Removed his belt from the jean's strap,
While the bully stood there like crap.

So used to the beating was he,
Not an unusual breath did he breathe.
Took out his frustration on the kids,
And his love on the dog's lipids.

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Girl to women!
{Read in caption}

Moh!t Singh

A march of a "girl to women"
Her first night on the bed.

She was to scared to raise
her voice.

She was not only surrending
her body to him or not only
losing her "virginity".

She totally loses herself in the
dark tradition.

She throttles her consent.

She quells her will under her
soul, and flows her dream in
a teary sea.

Gradually she loses her existence
in this conventional world.

And her new way of life starts
before she knows, where she is...

She subsides in this folksy world
because of her kids.

Now, she tries to find out some
lil happiness and joy in her kids.

Finally, she entertains herself
in the lil world of her kids infancy.

Dark side and blurry vision
of every women or mother.

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