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zayn malik sketch
zayn malik sketch by me
#icarusfalls #nojotophoto

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A Sufi mystic was dying. Right before dying, he got up from his bed and said, Where are my shoes? Then his disciples said, what do you do? Doctors say that you will not survive now. They say, that too I know what to do with the doctor's say! The clock is coming closer to me, the sun is going to sink, I will be drowned with it, bring shoes quickly! But they said, what is it to do to bring shoes, you rest. He said, now what is the rest? Death is coming. And I do not want to go to hell with a man on his shoulder. Bring the shoes, I go to Marghat. Will dig its own grave Live your life yourself, your own death will also die itself. Do not lend. Weird man must have been! He went. People looked shocked, such an incident had never happened that a person is going to die. Marghat then people go to the head of another. There is always a old habit. GA also climbed the heads of others, and even dying on others' heads. He went, took the spade in his hand, he dug his grave. And the people said, give us together! He said that wait, do not interfere in my work, I would not wish that God could tell me that I had some kind of ride on someone's shoulder. I have lived my life in my own way, even in my own way. He dug his grave, he lay down in the grave and said, Hello friends! Closed the eye and died. If he was a guardian, he would throw the soil himself on the grave. Such a person is indeed immortal. Live yourself in your own way and also in your own way. So you will have a lot of aroma in your life. What is it that touching Paras and becoming a gold! You're a lot of soil then you Then Paras will not work too. Buddha has said that the Buddha only shows the path, you will have to walk. You will also have to reach Understand their gestures and walk.

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Oh, what beautiful glass sandals!
As clear as ice, 
something an angel would wear.
How luxurious!!

My eyes might love those glass sandals an angel would wear,
But my feet favour shoes..
Shoes I can afford.. cuz
I'm no angel, I don't fly.
I'm a striver, I run with the wind.
I put on my shoes and run..
Run for today and to see tomorrow. and
I might slow down to enjoy small moments,
But i never stop! 
I'm no angel, I don't fly high.
I'm a striver, I stand head held high. #NojotoQuote

I'm no angel, I don't fly high.
I'm a striver, I stand head held high.

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#nojotoart #DrawingDay #DrawingDay #Quote #Talent Portrait of zayn malik with pencil colour.

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कश्ती subse puch liya raah
koi idhar koi udar 
kisi ke man me chal kapat
 toh kisike man me dar
na jane kiske bharose chalegi ab meri kashti
ab iska malik mai hu
or is kashti par sawar hone wale samjhlo
ki ye duniya hai apni
or apni duniya yehi kashti hai
or is kashti ko tay krna hai samundar sat or krege wohi jo malik chahta hai 
malik ki marzi hai sub sath sath is kashti me swar hokr apni apni manzil par pahuche


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