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I wish you could be here,
Right beside my soul,
Sitting with me holding hands,
Letting me laugh and cry in your arms,
Telling me all about your life,
And listening to all of my stories..
I wish we could live together,
Cook and eat together,
Could see your face as the first one,
And could feel your purity there,
You would compliment me for my flaws,
And I would for yours,
I wish I could sleep in your lap,
And wake up in your arms,
I wish all of this to come true,
I wish this not just to be a fantasy,
I wish not just to dream
About it in my sleep,
I wish and wish and wish... ❤❤

First post here though!

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On this Valentine’s Day
My  Wishes For You…..
When you are lonely, I wish you LOVE.
When you are down, I wish you JOY.
When you are troubled, I wish you PEACE.
When things are complicated, I wish you SIMPLE BEAUTY.
When things are chaotic, I wish you INNER SILENCE.
When things look empty, I wish you HOPE.

valentines day celebration not only for couples.. also for singlers and one side lovers.. i'm single,so i can understand someones feelings.. we are human.. Dont loss Hope.. we can't predict that, We live tomarrow.. So, Let's celebrate this special Day with hope and Joy.. wish you a happy valentines day my dear @Nojoto friends.. #ValentineDay

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I wish it never happpens,
I wish your heart never bleeds,
I wish your trust never breaks,
I wish you never shed tears,
I wish you never feel alone,
I wish you never feel broken,
I wish nights never haunts you...

For I have suffered these all,
For I still suffer these all,
For I still crave for you,
For I still do care for you,
For I still do love you,
For I can't get you off my thoughts ever,
For this sepearation gave me a reason to love you harder...

#Prayers #Love #lonliness #Nojoto #nojotoenglish

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1. I hold my pen and stare at the paper only to know that a tear drop has kissed the paper surpassing my cheeks. I than write; a poetry maybe, such that the ink mixes with my tears and now no one can make out what is more salty my words or my tears. (i wish to write about you, without you)

2. I visit the cafe we used to meet every Saturday. I oder your favorite "mocha java chip" and stare at it until i am unable to analyze what is more cold my heart or the coffee.
I gulp it down in one sip (i wish I could do this with your memories)

3. I wash my face and watch the sink. Sometimes the holes on it looks similar to that on my heart. (i wish to flush down your face from my mind)

4. i watch our picture. i smile, the salt water still kisses my lips. I burn the picture only to see it turning into ashes. (i wish to collect your promises and make a heap only to burn it. For they are no less than a trash now)

5. I forgive you, i blame me, I forgive me, I blame you. The clock shows 3.54 a.m and my eyes sobs for sleep but my heart and mind are wide awake singing your memories. (I wish I could sleep without the thought of you)

6. I remember you once said. "what will you do if i leave you." I will love you more i had said. (i wish for your absence but crave for your presence)

It's been 4 years you left us alone. My mind knows you are in a better place, where there is no pain. You are at peace. I understand that. I just wish I could explan that to my heart.
Happiest birthday Avantika. I miss you here.

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I wish to meet someone who truely loves me..‼
I wish to know that i am no longer alone..‼
I wish to be moved at every turn..‼
So that I could be loved and protected..‼

I wish to meet someone who truely loves me..‼
I wish to know that i am no longer alone..‼
I wish to be moved at every turn..‼
So that I could be loved and protected..‼
#Nojoto #nojotoenglish #Love #pyaar

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