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14 Steps To Really Start Living And Stop Existing

We are really lucky to be given a gift so precious. But, not all of us realize the value of life. Think about the kid who came into this world and died right away. It missed seeing its family, the blue of the sky, in fact, its chances of experiencing what a true laugh really feels like also died with him.
And we? We were brought into this world, but living it was entirely upon us. And we forgot all about it. Now, most of us are busy dying while we are still alive. We aren’t grateful enough. We don’t realize life’s value. And one day, we will be lying on our beds in misery, counting hours until the heart stops beating.
But, do we want to land into that situation willingly? None of us do, of course. So, before you totally run out on your days that offer you immense opportunities to live, make sure you….
1. Quit that job you have been going to for years with a morose face
Image sourceNobody deserves to be unhappy for years at a stretch and call it a life! Keep doing efforts, but while busting your butt to make some money, don’t stop respecting yourself.
2. Stop breathing for someone else
Image sourceWe make our lives by ourselves, for ourselves. It is our decisions, our risks, our mistakes that keep us walking towards the land of all things fine. But, if we start to please everyone on our journey, our ultimate goal will become a blur. We will lose the track of our road.
3. But, be closer to people you love
Image sourceYes, please them instead. Love them. Stay close with them. Because as we said, it is just one life, and it never comes with a preset expiration date.
4. Respect your originality
Image sourceAll of us carry our own unique baggage of thorns and flowers. The day you start respecting yourself for what you possess and lack, you will start to take others approval/disapproval of yours with a pinch of salt.
5. Make that call. Make that arrangement.
Image sourceCall up that dance class you had been eyeing at every evening on your way to home from office, call up that friend you fought with severely, but can’t afford to imagine your life without. Do that thing for your parents they had been asking of you for years now, the thing you had been lazy for. Do it. You will feel lighter. Happier.
6. Ditch worrying about things that aren’t in your control
Image sourceAnd the things that are in your control, what’s the need to worry about them? Just make efforts.
7. Don’t let your dreams die out simply because they require the kind of money you don’t own
Image sourceKeep them alive. Work towards realizing them, one step at a time. It will happen. At least do your bit of trying so that there are no regrets when you rest on your deathbed.
8. But on your way to realizing dreams, don’t forget to embrace the NOW.
Image sourceYou can be travelling alone in the city bus on a hot Sunday, you can be lying on a stretcher with a broken leg, you can perhaps be feeling annoyed through and through. Regardless of the type of situation, embrace it. Don’t ignore the feelings. Hug them tight. Go through it all, the pain and the happiness, to emerge wise, experienced and mature.
In short- Live. It. All.
9. But, don’t get stuck in the NOW.
Image sourceMoments pass, no matter how toxic or refreshing. They all pass. Learn to let go. Embrace your new NOWs.
10. Especially, the toxic moments. The sooner you run away from them, the better.
Image sourceBecause you deserve to be happy. And if you aren’t happy, how will you ever be able to keep your loved ones happy?
11. Be nice.
Image sourceSure you aren’t here to impress those who walk on the road with you everyday, but know nothing of you. But, you are here to make yourself happy. And the glee that comes from being warm and nice to people without expecting anything in return, is a feeling that stays unparalleled. And, not that you should care, but it is not easy for people to remember the list of your achievements, it is the qualities of your heart that they never forget.
12. Really, really listen to your heart.
Image sourceBecause those who don’t follow their own heart, don’t really live.
The true voice of your heart gets subdued in the thick of anger, temporary temptations, disgust, pride, extreme ambitiousness, work pressure, etc. Clear the clouds for a second and really listen to your heart. What would you want to do if they didn’t hold a virtual knife of burden near your throat? Would you be walking out in some street taking the feels of the weather? Playing with the street kids? Feeling happy? Listen to your heart, then!
No matter what it says, listen to it. Even if your decision turns out to be something wrong, at least you will get to learn something out of it.
13. Speak up before it is too late
Image sourceStop dying while your heart is still pumping sufficient blood. Step aside from the wrong opinions being followed simply because they have the vote of the majority. Stay true to yourself and don’t cut back from voicing what’s right. You have one life, don’t let your voice die inside of you.
14. On your long list of goals, give ‘happiness’ the top spot.
Image sourceDon’t get into making money and attracting fame so bad, that you forget what it is like to enjoy a happy quiet in talking to someone special. Or, what it is like to read a book, or to experience a blissful slumber. Give happiness the immense priority. And you don’t have to live to achieve it, you just have to live it. It’s that simple. And the most simple way to do so is by giving more attention to things you love, things that do something to your heart. And by keeping a safe distance from things that instil in you the negative vibes.
I don’t believe in 7-lives crap, I don’t believe in tomorrow. I don’t even know what life has in store for me right about 2 hours from now. More of nonsense drama maybe, or more of giggles, or perhaps more of I-don’t-know-whats.
But, no matter how tasty or sour, I have to find the happy from it all. I will have to create humour out of it all. Because I don’t want to come under the damn truck on a sad note. I want a happy ending. And I am sure, so is the case with you.

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9 Awesome Things You Can Experience For Free In India

India is a large and varied land. One of the few things that unite all of us is our quest for free and inexpensive things. No matter how affluent you are, freebies and discounts always attract you.
So, we have tried to create a list of few things that you can enjoy absolutely free of cost in your own country.
1. Read rare books at the National Library.
Image sourceThe National Library, Kolkata is the largest library in India. The library was opened for providing free assistance to needy students. You can enjoy the reading facilities of this iconic library, absolutely free of cost.
You can stay as long as you want and read as many books as you want.
Fact Source
2.  Enjoy lip smacking food at the famous religious kitchens of India for free.
Image sourceIn India, there are many religious places that offer you great food without charging you a single penny. Places likethe Golden Temple, Amritsar, the Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya, Shirdi and Jagannath Temple, Puri are just some of the places that offer delicious food absolutely free of cost.
3. Go to the India-Nepal border and visit a foreign land for free.
Image sourceWe all wish to go outside India, at least once but often the expenses becomes a major hindrance. Though we admit Nepal might not fulfill your definition of abroad but it still remains a foreign land which requires no entry fee.
4. Go the top of the Jama Masjid Minarets to enjoy the view of the city.
Image sourceAnybody who has been to the top of the Jama Masjid Minarets in Delhi would agree that it is an experience of a lifetime. Once you reach the top of the minaret, it actually feels like you can see the entire city.
It is one of the best things one can enjoy in Delhi, without spending a single penny.
5. Visit India’s only sanitary museum.
Image sourceThough the idea of visiting a sanitary museum might sound a little weird but trust me it is one of the unique experiences you will ever have. The museum is open 365 days and the Time magazine has rated it amongst the weirdest museums in the world.And you don’t even need to spend any extra bucks to visit this unique and exciting place.
6. Enjoy lip-smacking pakoda, chops and cutlets for free on Netaji’s bday.
Image sourceWell, believe it or not, there is actually a shop in north Kolkata known as the Laxmi Narayan Shaw and Sons, which serves its best items for free on Netaji’s birthday.
It is said that even Ramkrishna Paramhansa used to enjoy the ‘telebhajas’ from this shop.
Fact Source
7. Watch films for free at Film festivals.
Image sourceIf you want to enjoy a good film for free then film festivals are your place. In most of the film festivals that are held across India, they screen many films for which you do not need to pay a single rupee for the tickets.
8. Enjoy an exotic experience at Auroville in Puducherry.
Image sourceAnybody who has been to Puducherry would admit that it is one of the prettiest places in the country. You might be a little surprised to know that you can actually enjoy to entire stay in Pondicherry absolutely free.
All you need to do is contact the ashram and sign up with them and they would often provide you free accommodation and free food. Interestingly, that is not all, in Auroville, you can attend things like Yoga classes, film screenings, and most these stuff do not cost you any extra bucks.
9. Visit chocolate factories in Ooty and enjoy free chocolates.
Image sourceThere is hardly any place in India which as pretty and romantic as Ooty. This beautiful hill-station is not only famous for its scenery but also for its brilliant chocolates. Though you might find quite a few chocolate factories.
Not only can you visit these factories for free but most of these factories gives you a coupon that allows you to enjoy complimentary chocolates.
Fact Source
And you thought nothing is free in this world!

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It was Propose day on that day..i wished her gud mrng and propose day..then i asked her ''oye bta tujhe propose krna h ya ni...??''
She- ohhhhh bas..
He- bta na krna h ya ni..??
She- noooooooooooooooo...
He- to kar kon kr rha hai...??
She- oh my god.. Very funny..
He- toh has le.. Kya soch kr rhe the kar dunga never..
She- ohhh hello.. Mein kuch nahi soch rht thi...apna dimag chlana band kro..
He- wo to chlta hi nahi hai ..pta ni kya ho gya ise..
She- hai bhi ya nhi..??
He- hai to.. Acha ab tu mere tashan lene lgi..sikh gyi sath rh kar..
Then in the meanwhile the texted me.. Oye kal chocolate day hai...mazza aayega..bhot chocolates milengi...
I replied her jyada nhi khani chahiye chocos...
Then in the evng..
She-yaar aaj mere din ki starting bhot buri hui..i wasn't feeling well..aur mein rone lgi..
He- kya ho gya aisha..??
She- fever..
He- doc k paas jao to..
She- mummy bol to rhi hai unke paas jaane k liye but m ni jana chahti..doc k paas jane se acha to m so jaun.. Mujhe doc k paas jana acha ni lgta..
He- bimaar rhna acha lgta hai..?? "Take care of youself nt for u but for me.."
She- dialog mt maar..chal gud nyt..soja..
He- gud nyt horror dreamz..
On the next day in mrng i texted her mrng nd chocolate day wish.. And she too wished the same..
Then we talked in the night..i was missing her whole day...
I asked her...pagal kitni choco mili..
She replied 11 mili 2 khud li...
And asked tere ko kitne mili..
He- 5 mili aur 6 di...Bhot khrcha ho gya yaar..
She- 6 chocos p kyu roye ja ra hai..
He- 120*6=720.. kaafi h yaar..
She- kis kis ko baant di..
He- sare frndz..
She- girls..??
He- nahi boyz...girls p inna kharcha kon kre...waise bhi ladkiyaan bf's k paiso k mazze leti..true love kon krta hai..
She- haan ye to hai..
He- apka bhi bf nahi hai na..??
She- nahi...ab plzzz ye mt poochna ki phle kyu haan boli thi..??
He- yeehhhh....ek mil gyi line marne ko..balle balle..
She- nahi mili..m jst ur frnd..aur frnd ko line ni marte..
He- yaar tu har baat ko serious kyu leti hai..
She- kyuki har baat majak ni hoti...
(mujhe phle baar bhi yakeen nhi hua tha ki iska koi bf hai...but us din usne khud mna kiya to yakeen pakka ho gya...i was very happy on that i could feel the beam of hope deep inside my heart for making her mine....)
He- mein tujhe apna love guru bnaunga...
She- ohhh mujhse tips loge...???
He- haan..jb bhi p girl k samne jata hoon pta ni kya ho jata h bola hi ni jata..
She- hahahahaha over excited ho jate ho kya...?
He- nahi pta ni kya ho jata hai..dar sa lgta hai..
She- hahahaha ki kahin ladki marna na shuru kar de..
He- ab ise majak m mt le m serious...
She- ohhhh phli baar serious hue ho...dekho dar sbko lagta hai..aur try krne m kya jata hai...aur dar unke samne lgta hai jinhe tum chahte ho...
He- aisha hi kuch hai...(i started thinking abt her..)
Chal gud nyt yaar...meko ninni aa ri hai...
She- okk gud nyt meko to 12 bje sona hai bhai ka b'day hai ushe wish krna hai...
He- m bhi sochu aaj tu gud nyt kyu ni bol ri ho...??
Meri taraf se bhi wish kr dena..

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we were chatting normally on that day...but dun knw wht happened to her...she suddenly wished me gud nyt...and it was just 8:20 pm..
I asked her why...???
Wht happened..??
She said, ''plzzz dun talk to me regularly...''
He- kyun na karu..?? M to krunga..Ab saari tumhari thodi na chlegi..??
She- so u want ki m tumhari baat ka rply na karu..?
He- no never...aur ye kya baat hui..? Ki m tumse baat na kru..??
She- m not saying bilkul mat kro..but daily mt kro.. Aadat pad jayegi..
He- padne do..aishi
She- nahi phir aadat change easily nhi hoti..
He- mein aishi aadat bdlna bhi ni chaunga..
She- but i dun want this..
He- but i want.. Ab teri ye baat m ni man'ne wala..phli baar to koi ____________.
She- jo chiz hme mil nahi skti..hme uski aadat nhi daalni will be good for u agar tum ye baat smjh lo...
He- dil se chaho to zarur milta h.. Nd m tujhe bhoolna bhi ni wala..and plzzz dun force me to do that..
She- ok fyn..agr tum baat krna km nhi kr re to m kar dungi...nd sry for that...
He- but it is not gud..
She- i knw but sry...
He- sry se kuch ni hone wala..
She- i knw that also..but fir bhi sry...i don't have any other option..
Then i was feeling very bad...i was abusing my luck nd God at that time.. I told her that i got attached to u now...and now its not possible for me to stop talking to u...
She- yr why don't u understand..kaise smjhaun possible nahi hai.. Don't try to make it possible..
He- to mene kb kha ise possible kro.. M ye kh rha hoon ki tum mujhse baatein krne ko kyu mna kr rhi ho..??
She- u will not understand...sry m tujhse daily baat nhi krungi...
He- mujhe lgta hai mujhse jyada tu attached ho gyi hai...hai na..??
And yaar kbhi kbhi lgta hai mera accident ho jaye.. Aur m khthm ho jaun nd meri tension bhi..
She- shut up..
Then i didn't rply her for some time..
She- wht hpnd..? R u ok na..??
He- no..abhi tak to tha..but ab nahi..
She- kya hua..??
He- tujhe bhi pta hai..phir kyu pooch rhi ho,..??
She- u daily make me cry...and tumse roz baat krungi to roz aisha hoga...i knw u dun want plzzz..
He- aishi baatein tum strt krte ho m nhi... And plzzz change the topic now...
Then we talked normally for sometime..and it was 11:06 pm..i wished her gud nyt...and kal mujhe clg bhi jana sem m to pakka fail hounga...
She- kyu..??
He- bas lg ra baar study m mann nhi lag ra..
She- idiot pad liya kar..ise majak m mat le..its abt ur future be serious.. And don't waste ur tym in talking to a stupid gud nyt swt drms..
He- okk gud nyt swt drms..
And haan tum stupid ni ho...

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I was becoming a little bit flirty with her..
Everything i said to her at that time was seeming that i m just kidding with her..
But in actual i wanna to be with her.. And all that kidding talks had a little bit seriousness deep inside in my heart..
It was 2 Dec 2011 on that day.. I was texting to her in a flirty manner..
She- i knw m bhot jyada bolti hoon..but seriously jo tum bolte rhte ho na mujhe aaj tak kuch ni samjh aaya...and na aata hai..
He- thanks..
She- OMG ! i will go mad.. Why are u saying thanks.. No no.. Phir se mt btana kya bola tha tumne.. Mujhe ni samjh se acha tum kuch bolo hi na..
He- dekh ab acting mt kar..clear bol kehna kya chahti ho..??
In the mean while i asked her do u have boy friend...???
She- haan hai..
He- Oh God tere paas bhi bf hai..? Yakeen ni hota realy..
She- waise kyu yakeen ni hota..??
He- kya btaun bas nahi yakeen nahi hota...Gud nyt t'cr
She- ok mat ur wish gud nyt..
The next day i texted her.. A very big hiiiiiiiiiii.....
She replied after 15-20 minutes.. Hello..
I asked ''kahan busy thi..??''
She- kahin nahi..
He-phir inni late ku rply kr rhi ho..?
She- mujhe aur bhi bhot kaam hote hai..
He- oye hoye my prime minister..
She- sahi m yaar saturday sunday bhot kaam hote hai..
He- haan ! PM ki kuch jyada hi meeting hoti hongi na..
She- (with blushing smiley) yaa.. Bhot sare logon se milna padta hai..sbko time dena padta hai.. Sbko khush krne k liye..
She- aur kya..tum kya jaano ek ek minute ki kimat..
He- ok to btao mere sath kab meeting hai..
She- pta nahi ho bhi ya ni..God knows..
He- but meeting to apni hai.. Then how knows God..??
She- bcoz jo god chahte hai wo hi hota hai..
He- oh thats the reason..
She- pta nahi God knows..
He- (angrily) kuch pta bhi hai..
She- oye haan ..tell me teri koi gf hai kya..?? Kya name h uska..?? Haan..??
He- m single okk..
She- okk
He- koi milti hi ni tere jaisi..
She- ohh mere jaise.. Phir to muskil hai kya pta mujhse bhi achi mile..
He- tumse achi milna muskil hai.. Mil gyi to mera luck..
She- mil jayegi dun wry..mera aashirwaad tere sath hai...
But during this conversation i was thinking.. Mujhe to bas tumhi chahiye..
She- gud nyt
He- gud nyt horror drms..

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