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"Pregnancy is not equivalent to motherhood. Pregnancy is a biological phenomenon. Every girl, a healthy girl, physically healthy, is able to become pregnant; but just because you can conceive it doesn't mean you have to have a child. Just think of many other things: you have to give a psychological womb to the child, a spiritual womb to the child. Is it ready?If it is ready, if you think it is ready, go ahead: have a child.I will start telling my people to have children, but let me prepare my people first. Then you will be happy to have a child and the child will be happy that he was fortunate to have a mother like you.Otherwise just go to any psychiatrist and ask 'What are people's problems?' They can be reduced to one thing: the mother. You ask [the Primal therapist here tonight], you ask our therapists, 'What is the problem with people?' All problems can be reduced to the mother, because the mother was not capable of giving a psychological womb, the mother was not capable of giving a spiritual womb.Psychologicallyshe was neurotic, spiritually she was empty, so there was no spiritual food for the child, no nourishment. The child comes into the world as a physical being, without a soul, without any centre. The mother was not centred; how can the child be centred? The child is simply a continuation, a continuity of the mother's being.For me it is perfectly good, whether you become a mother or not is not a problem for me. But one should see all the implications of it. If one sees all the implications of it, very few people will decide to becomefathers and mothers.And it would be a better world if fewer people decided to be mothers and fathers. It would be less crowded, less neurotic, less pathological, less crazy.

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Did you know? Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects.

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As I have already mentioned elsewhere, Hyundai strategists are serious about other issues that are important for the
#nation, and sometimes, the world.
Their dry wash vs wet wash option at their service stations was launched on the 5th of June last year and has saved 4 million litres of
#Water so far. The #jalbachakechal recommends a dry clean up of the exteriors that not only saves water but is done with chemicals that are #environmentally friendly as well.

They then have a "be the better guy" campaign that helps spread a message on road safety.

Talking of road safety, Hyundai has a unique DIY initiative where they inform the 55 percent FTCOs (first time car owners) all about the vehicle, basic maintenance tips,
#Driving tips, safety #tips, and other helpful tips.

I wasn't really surprised to discover that
#Hyundai officials understand the important role of a strong and vibrant #digital strategy, establish meaningful associations with users and potential buyers through all possible social media platforms, and thus have an immersive brand story going on seamlessly.
I believe that car companies that have internet friendly employees and policies, appreciate the good work done by bloggers, and have a healthy interactive presence on the
#SocialMedia, are the ones who will be ahead in any #Race today.


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What should one do to learn dance in a best possible way?

How to become a good dancer? 3 Golden Tips!

In all the years (20 now) I dance I have learned one thing: everyone can learn to dance well!

But how is it that some people get it and others do not? How is it that some people week after week, month after month, year after year, can continue dancing and others in one, as we call it, dansdip arrive and their dances exchange for lazy couch front of the TV?

After 18 years of teaching young and old, with white and dark, with thick and thin and talented and definitely not talented students, I discovered that it mainly involves setting. The question is not: “I can learn to dance well?” But “how much I want to learn to dance well?”.

The following 3 Golden Tips I will teach you how anyone, and I mean everyone, in a relatively short time, can be a good dancer.

Tip 1

Find out if you’re V, A, or K.

Many people do not know but we do not learn all the same. When it comes to teaching movement, it is important to know whether you learn Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

Visually means that you mostly learn by watching and then doing. The explanation is less important to you. If you see something a few times then you will be able to compare yourself with the example and to imitate.

How do you recognize this? Bothers you mind if people stand in the way between you and the teachers. To see an example like from several sides and preferably gonna help the teachers as close as possible to see it properly.

Auditory means that you have a particular need for explanation. You understand better when someone tells you it shows or makes you feel.

How do you recognize this? Bothers you are really like people talking during the explanation. You listens to details and you have to know exactly what the need to do before you start exercising.

Kinesthetic means that you want to feel and experience above all. Just do say.

How do you recognize this? You recognize it mainly because you are less visual or auditory set. You just need to experience it to do. You’ll soon feel impatient when something is explained in detail. An example is nice but not too long.

Please note that if you learn visually then you also learn auditory and kinesthetic. Only in that case is visually stronger than the other 2. This is also true if you learn auditory or kinesthetic.

By knowing how you learn you can look for a teacher who responds to those needs. Usually, a teacher who teaches in the same way as you. This will significantly speed up your learning process.

Tip 2

Do not give up!

There is a nice saying: “You only fail When you quit”. In other words, as long as you do not give up, there is no failure. And that is true.

If you really are going to learn to dance, and you’re physically able to, then do not have to keep at. And you have it tough? Or do you ask yourself whether you ever really going to learn well? Please ask for a private lesson. Often you get during a private lesson just the tips that you will not get a dance class. This is because a private lesson is tailored to your needs. For private lessons you can visit my facebook site to watch free online couching dance videos: Free Belly Dancing Lessons

Tip 3

Go past your plateau

When you just start dancing you learn the fastest. Within a few months you see yourself doing things you do not until shortly before thought possible.

But there comes a point where your growth will slow and you get do not really feel further. 90% of people who quit dancing, quit because they have reached a plateau.

What these people do not see is that they are about to make important technical breakthroughs dance. It is precisely at this stage where mastery is in the making. It is this phase where you suddenly discover that you can skip a pass afterward to get back in perfect time. It is this stage where you will hear a musical break to come and you are suddenly able to lady in a dip to land in your arms. This is the stage where you will discover why you ever started.

I sincerely hope you take to heart the above tips, and she knows how to apply. They made my life years ago dramatically changed and I hope that they may influence your life in a positive way.

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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 

- Napoleon Hill  #NojotoQuote

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. - Napoleon Hill #Nojoto, #nojotoenglish

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