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Zee writes

last nightQuotes

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Last night  My luck is getting worse and worse. Last

 night, for

 instance, I was mugged by a quaker. last night#Quotes

Zee writes

last night #Quotes

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Last night  I'm so fast that last night I turned off

 the light switch in my hotel room and

 was in bed before the room was dark. last night #Quotes

Vicky Vicky

last night @last night #Motivational

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#Last Night....

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तू किसी के प्यार में क्यो मरे... क्यो मरे  ?
ये बात उसे कहने से तू क्यो डरे ..... क्यो डरे  ?
ये दुनिया  बड़ी जालिम हैं, 
करें वह इनकार, तूझे बार बार, फिर भी, 
तू उसके पीछे है क्यो पड़े .....क्यो पड़े   ? #Last Night....

ankit Bajwan

last night

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rat sa soya nhe 
fir bhe kahta hu 
ma mara dosto ko
us ke yado ma khoya nhe last night


#Last #Night

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Last night  "तुम्हारा सिर्फ हवाओं पे शक़ गया होगा, चिराग़ खुद भी तो जल-जल के थक गया होगा।" #Last  #Night

Ræ X Gøð

last night

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Last night  Yaadon main teri hum khoye the 
tum bhi the jaage or 
hum bhi na soye the ,
kesi ye doori thi 
aankhon main aasu or 
raatein akeli thi . last night

Maaz Alam

Last Night #Quote

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Last night  "He had waited for you over thirty years; last night he suicided,"
 A person sits near a brave and says! Last Night


last night

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एक रात की नींद ऎसी
 हो की.. 
फिर कभी सुबह ना हो.  #NojotoQuote last night

Faiza Ali

last night !

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the time didn't go last night
 was wating wrong or right ?
just had a bless look on your sight ! 
but , it wasn't capable to say right , 

nothing more to see your activity , 
you were active and blame my piety ; 
was thinking , what did you do last night?
if i was waiting , left or right ? 

petrified of seeing light ; 
as i saw your account was bright ! 
i was thinking what did you think ? 
was too afraid of you by my side ! 

i wanted to forget you , 
it was exactly last night , 
soon i got it wasn't right ! 
Don't you care for me as you don't lift ? 

Don't you imagine a cruel thing?
it's not a pity , you did to me , 
it's a person who did to me , 
people ask today who was he? 

it's nothing to be Said that it is you ! last night !