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சலூன் கடைக்காரரிடம்
தன் உயிரை பிணையம் வைக்கிறார்கள்

சவரம் செய்யும் பொழுதில்
கழுத்தின் மேல் கத்தி!

Masculinity ஆண்மை #ஆண் #ஆண்மை #Man #Men #masculinity #mustache #Beard

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Today there is a mustache in the air,
These winds look very sweet to you.
It used to come every day,
But you have felt today ..

©®Author and poet
#Nojoto #Hindi #nojotoenglish #nojotopoetry #Poetry #Poet #Love #Life Sayaro Bano Suprabha Kumari Rinu Sangya Venu

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5 Poems by Gulzar
Come let’s make a poem

Come let’s make a poem
Let’s rake up some woundand cry.Let’s cut up a veinor Let’s lust standon forgotten crossroadsand call out someone’s name;come let’s make a poem.
Deja Vu
I wonder what it was thatI wanted to say to you today!
I met you and I forgetwhat I saidwhat I had thought I'd say,when I met youI had this feelingI have already said it to you.
There are things I've never said to you beforebut somehow it feelsI must have;what strange confusion!
I swear I'm not absent-mindedor inattentive;I have become onlya little forgetfulin your love.
The Poetics of Desire
Throw away your papers tonightput aside your penlet your fingerswrite on my body,an empty pagea word,a sentence,write a poemif your syntax hurts my skinif I sigh, if I moanjust tighten your embraceif your fingers stammerdip them in darknessand start againfill up my marginssuffocate me with your grammarproofread the madnessyou have createderase with your lipsany mistakesyour fingers makeread to mewhat you have writtensee the pages of my lifecome alivein your fingerstonight.
I look at the giftyou gave mea Wiltshire knifeon my birthdayand think of all the thingsI can do with itI can slicethe headof a lettuceI can carvea smileon a pumpkinI can clipthe wingsof a chickenI can thrust itin the heartof a celeryI can peelthe skinof a potatoI can slashthe stomachof an eggplantI can behead a mushroomI can hurt a tomatoI can hurt as many tomatoesas I wantthe possibilities are endlessBe nice to medown the yearsyour giftcomeswith a lifetime guarantee
A Morning Walk
This morningI took a poem for a walkthe long nightof unwritten darknesshad made it restlessto stretch.At first,the eager beastdragged metill I jerked itback on the leash.Then having settledinto a rhythmI let it frolic a bitI let it sniff the metaphorsI let it barkat some passing adjectivessnapped at it to heelon seeing some run on sentencestill we came to an open space.With no noun in sightI unleashed it on the greenand set it freeto runin lines,in phrases,in clauses.It ran without commas,it ran without pausestill I caught a glimpseof another poema high bredwell-versedhandsome looking poemsaunteringbehind its poet.I abruptly beckoned mineto come back.On the way homeI found myselfon the leashlooking for somethingto sink my teeth into

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