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Aaj subh fir ek nayi bat kare
2 mithe bol tum bolo 2 mithe bol me bolu
Fir se nayi ek shuruat kre
Aaj subh Fir ek nayi bat kare...

Bite Palo ke Sare gumo ko bhula kar
Aj fir pyar bhare mosam me ek naye din ka aagaj kre
Aaj subh Fir ek nayi bat kare...

Bina Kisi lalach ke fir se Apne pyar ko hum swikar kare
Aao aaj subh Fir ek nayi bat kare...

Me pakheru ban apni chachat (चहचहाट)se nayi bhor(भोर) Ka gungan (गुणगान) karu
Thandi  ke mosam me vo garm kapdo Ka hum vapas se ahvan(आह्वान) kare
Aao aaj Fir se ek nayi bat kare....
Chalte chalte khi me thak na jau par isi kosish me hum milkar un sari kosisho Ka etbar kare
Aao aj fir ek nayi bat kare ...

Suraj ug gya he andhera dhal gya aao milkar prakati ki is adbhut chata (छटा)Ka sakshatkar(साक्षात्कार) kare
Aao Aaj fir se ek nayi bat kare
Aao aj fir se ek nayi bat kare....... #NojotoQuote

nayi subh

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Navratri is a festival celebrated by Hindus all over the country for nine days two times in a year as Chaitra and Sharad navratri,of which Sharad Navratri is more significant of the two . During nine days the person invokes ma Shakti , who is the energy of the universe ,to finish the demons inside him. By giving up sensory indulgences and performing meditation one tries to give up the doshas of the mind like greed ,anger ,lust and jealousy and to obtain purity of the mind .May Goddess bless all


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# uski pyari si awaaj se ,jab mere subh hote h .

uski pyari si awaaj se , jab mere subh hote h !
dur h mujhse jarur wo, pr karwate mere thary leke hote h!!
yah ahsas sivaye mere n hokr usko bhi hota h!
jab phle subh phone pr mere , uska call ka duration chl rha hota h .!!

beshak hum dur h ek dusre se ....
beshak hum dur h ek dusre se ..
pr kabhi es bat ka ahsas
N din hone deta h , N rat hone dete h
uski pyri se awaaj se, jab mere subh hote h .!

by shubham shukla
be continue .....

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Life me aj subh 
1k bar plt kr dekha  bite pl ko
Kl kisine kuch khne pe tarif ki thi
kl kisine kuch khne pr dat bhi diya tha
Kl kuch aisa kiya tha ki kisi ne kha tha great
Kl kuch aisa kiya tha ki kisi ne bewkuf kha
Kl kuch log sath chal rhe the
Kl kuch log  aage ki daud me the
aj ki subh kl ke din se 1k din aage hai
bewkufiyo se aur us dat se sbk mila
aur tarif se aur great kam se motivation
Koi sath hai to himt hai
jo aage chal diye unhe shukriya kh diya
pr rukoooooo..................
Is bheed me is aawaj me 
1k ahsas hai
Mai mai hu
Aur muze pta hai
is mai pr koi hkkk nhi rkhta
is mai pr mai ka hi hkk hai
is mai pr koi kuch kh de frk nhi pdta
is mai pr jindgi ke kai swal ke jwab ki khoj hai
is mai pr jindgi ke har har aur jeet ke mtlb uske khud ke vsul se bne hai
Ye subh nai khoj hai
Aj fir meri muzse phchan hui hai.
- CS PRiti Rathi

Nai Subh

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World’s Fastest Camera Can ’Capture Light’
Scientists have developed a super- fast camera that can film at an unprecedented rate of five trillion images per second, fast enough to visualise the movement of light.
The camera will be able to capture incredibly rapid processes in chemistry, physics, biology and biomedicine, that so far have not been caught on film, researchers said.
A research group at Lund University in Sweden successfully filmed how light - a collection of photons - travels a distance corresponding to the thickness of a paper.
In reality, it only takes a picosecond, but on film the process has been slowed down by a trillion times.
Currently, high-speed cameras capture images one by one in a sequence, filming 100,000 images per second.
The new technology called Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures (FRAME) is based on an innovative algorithm, and instead captures several coded images in one picture. It then sorts them into a video sequence afterwards.
The method involves exposing what you are filming (for example a chemical reaction) to light in the form of laser flashes where each light pulse is given a unique code.
The object reflects the light flashes which merge into the single photograph. They are subsequently separated using an encryption key.
The film camera is initially intended to be used by researchers who literally want to gain better insight into many of the extremely rapid processes that occur in nature.
Many take place on a picosecond and femtosecond scale, which is unbelievably fast - the number of femtoseconds in one second is significantly larger than the number of seconds in a persons life-time.
"This does not apply to all processes in nature, but quite a few, for example, explosions, plasma flashes, turbulent combustion, brain activity in animals and chemical reactions. We are now able to film such extremely short processes," said researcher Elias Kristensson.
"In the long term, the technology can also be used by industry and others," Kristensson said.
A regular camera with a flash uses regular light, but in this case the researchers use "coded" light flashes, as a form of encryption.
Every time a coded light flash hits the object - for example, a chemical reaction in a burning flame - the object emits an image signal (response) with the exact same coding.
The following light flashes all have different codes, and the image signals are captured in one single photograph. These coded image signals are subsequently separated using an encryption key on the computer. 

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