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Kapil Sharma kickstarts 2017 with good news, announces two new comedy shows
The laughter dose just got multiplied. The funny man of our entertainment industry, Kapil Sharma is coming up with two new shows. Yes, you read that right. The comedian and actor, who rose to fame with his television show Comedy Nights With Kapil and presently hosts The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony, shared the good news as part of ringing in his New Year.He wrote, “First news of the year.. k9 is producing two comedy shows … hope u will like .. stay happy.” For Kapil, the year of 2016 has been a roller coaster ride. The actor got embroiled in controversies, his set was on fire and then his rift with a leading channel’s producer. However, as they say, all’s well that ends well. Kapil’s growth has been tremendous.
As per industry reports, Kapil is getting a whopping Rs 110 crore for his renewed year-long stint of the show with Sony. Considering The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the top TRP generators for not just the channel, but on the Indian television too, the comedian easily pockets around Rs 60-80 lakh per episode, becoming one of the top earning actors of small screen too.
Source: Indian Express

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Charlie Chaplin

इस world का वो star जिसे 
आपको हंसाने के लिये शब्दों की
ज़रूरत नहीं।
the great silent comedian

charlie chaplin

#Charlie #CharlieChaplin #chaplin #Silent #Comedy #comedian #Funny #Happy #BirthDay #great #gossipkiduniya

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#nojotovideo by aman singh rajput stand up comedian 8839017269

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sherpal bhai:-apna Nitish bhai pora Comedian hai.......
Bole to chhote pack Mai bada dhamaka
me:-👇                                #NojotoQuote

Adv. sherpal Sagar tq Bhai ke aapko Mai comedian lagta hu lakin pata nahe Mai aacha meme banata hu ya nahe but sabko hase aate Hai ya dekh Kar Mai bahut khus ho jata ho 😊😊
#Nojoto #Nojotocomedy #Comedy #Meme
Satyaprem Swetapadma Mishra Nojoto isk AFROZ 🌹 Tanshi Saini Shreeya Dhapola

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what is the diffrence between a suicide bomber and a stand up comic?
a comedian either kills or bombs
but a suicide bomber only kills when he bombs.

#Humour #StandUp #Comedy #nojojo

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