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My Dear Darling,
                I need to tell you something; something that could turn into your life's first lesson. This world is is round but is twisted, This place looks happy but is wearing a paint of happiness which when removed looks a hideous, scary town, these people seem nice and gentle but are evil, cruel and do not consider it important to prioritize moral values over their own benefits, I myself am too much confused that whether I should teach you to prioritize moral ethics at any cost or make you learn to become just like others. But, I always want my daughter to prioritize moral values at any cost. I know it would be tough but it is worth it. 
                                                                 With Love,
                                                                Your Daddy.

                                                 - World Mapped by Words 📍


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Is it important to look good?

This is obviously an important topics nowadays.

Yes and no at the same time.

Let me explain as it is not as simple as people like to think.

First of all, there's multiple reality exist in our minds and in real life.

I know it's bit of a confusing.

In our minds, there's generally two kind of world exist-

One is our moral or religious world therefore idealistic and another one in our back of the mind which tell us - it is not as simple as that therefore imperfect world.

In real life, I don't know exactly which kind of world exist, because it beyond our analytical capabilities.

One thing for sure, we don't necessarily matter much as reality is going on in it's own way so therefore not really helping us or not helping us either.

So therefore according to our moral and religious world view, everything should be equal, everyone should have equal money, people should behave appropriately etc etc.....

But our instinct and our back of mind try to tell us different things about a different world where nothing is equal, anyone can be taken advantage of, inequality is the DNA of that world but not in any perfect way as that would make it a perfect world.

What is making then both of these two world's presence effective??

Our real world as we don't know which one it is, therefore both works in certain situations.

When it comes to looks, it exactly like this, if you are from a conservative religious country then more people will probably at least percentage wise less likely to give importance to looks, but does that mean look isn't important in those countries on the contrary it as important as anywhere if not more just it's promotion is haulted by people's moral tendency.

But if you are from one of those sexually liberated non conservative free society country then there's no such restrictions on this type of promotion therefore a lot of business opportunity as well as we all know sex sells and beauty sells well.

So then the bottom line of answer of this question is- morally it's not supposed to and should not be but fortunately and unfortunately in real world hell yeah.

Very important to mention here, money makes certain population for certain period of time more attractive than before. It is scientifically proven that genetic changes are also very much possible for rich population.

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Freedom is experienced in different ways. You even find it from the places and things you least expected. You are left to wonder, what was it exactly about that thing that gave you a sense of release? If you had known much earlier would you have gone and reached for it? But perhaps its wasn’t time, you may have not been feeling ready and that is okay. You don’t have to settle to what is seen to be the norm and much better for you as a person altogether. Or maybe it is just a journey, time to find yourself and build yourself without needing the approval of other people. For so long I felt there was strength and power in my hair. I remember being a five year old who identified as a boy and felt that my long hair means to be a girl. I just felt comfortable with short hair, but society said it was unacceptable. I felt my hair held my identity and if only I could get rid of it I would be who I want to be deep inside At the age of 14 years I was told to cut my hair because it was being damaged by too many chemicals. But then it was at this stage that I felt like, well without my hair I am not pretty enough as a women. How could I be a woman without long hair? I often had braided or weaves sown into my hair. Different colours, styles and lengths. But it had to be long. All the time, I was asked why did you cut your hair? I was once asked what about the boys, what will they think? I could only hear the words, you are not pretty enough without your long hair. I was even compared to male footballers who had the same hair cut as me. I couldn’t wait for my hair to grow back simply because I felt my beauty came from it and that its what made me accepted. So I hid behind wigs. I could not leave the house without it. So much pressure and questions of, who am I? Does my hair define me? I had been told that I prefer you with long hair from other women too. But hey, I got tired of pretending. So, I let it out. My short natural black hair. The first time I really stepped out and decided not to care, I felt a sense of freedom. Freedom that I hadn’t felt before. I felt comfortable and proud that this is me. Society expectations lied and made me a slave. But I am not my hair. My identity is not in my hair. I am not less of a women because I have short hair. So what if I want to colour it? So what if I want to be bald? There is more to us women than the length and style of our hair. We are all beautiful and we are enough. We do not need the approval of man on what our image should be. Cheers to all of us, whether long hair, short hair, bald, pink or blue hair, we are enough!

Mighty Chasara

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वाकिये बेशक बहुत होते है हर रोज़ इस बेदर्द ज़माने में,

लेकिन जो बदल देते है आदमी की फितरत वही रह जाते है यादों में।


Unfogattable incidents of life
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