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Khas Mai mobile hota 
Chote se leke bado tak 
Aaurat se lekar aadami tak har koi muje apna samjata 
Kas Mai ek mobile hota 
Kabhi koi rutata bhi muje yaad karta Toh koi hasata toh muje yaad karta 
Kas Mai Mobile hota 
Nind nhi aati rat ko toh pehale log apne se baat karta 
Ab mehi sabka apna hu raat raat bhar mere sath gujarate 
Kas Mai mobile hota 
Aadami ruth jaye toh chal jayega 
Mobile toot na nhi chaiye 
Kas Mai Mobile hota 
Teri har tasveer Mai me ked hai 
Tere har raj merme hai 
Ek pal bhi dur ho jau toh tera blood pressure high ho jaye 
Kas Mai mobile hota 
Pass bete hue dosto K sath bethane Time nhi 
Aur mobile pe har roj naye friend banate 
Kas Mai Mobile 
Raat mere sath gujarati hai 
Subhah mujse hoti 
Pehale mera screen dekhta phir sas leta 
Kas mai mobile hota


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mobile... haha hasty huye, kah gya, 
aaj meri jrurat sab ko h, log apny krib bethy huye ko bhul jaty h, 
dekho maine unhy orro sai bandha h, 
magar krib hoty huye ko  tumsy , durr ...,orr durr bethy logo ko kreeb laya hu mai, 
mobile hu mai mujsy hi chlti h tumhri zindgi ,
jaago tb mere sath,  soo jaoo toh mere sath, 
apny kreebiyo sai zyada parwah krty ho tum meri. mobile hu mere bina aj tumhri zindgi h adhuri. 
sab apny pass bethy ho tb bi tum mujmy hi khushi dhundhty ho, 
sab ulzy ho mujmy, choty sai lekr badoo tak sab ki zindgi muthii mai h mere. mobile hu mai.. 

mobile k side effects.. my poetry. hows that..

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World’s Fastest Camera Can ’Capture Light’
Scientists have developed a super- fast camera that can film at an unprecedented rate of five trillion images per second, fast enough to visualise the movement of light.
The camera will be able to capture incredibly rapid processes in chemistry, physics, biology and biomedicine, that so far have not been caught on film, researchers said.
A research group at Lund University in Sweden successfully filmed how light - a collection of photons - travels a distance corresponding to the thickness of a paper.
In reality, it only takes a picosecond, but on film the process has been slowed down by a trillion times.
Currently, high-speed cameras capture images one by one in a sequence, filming 100,000 images per second.
The new technology called Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures (FRAME) is based on an innovative algorithm, and instead captures several coded images in one picture. It then sorts them into a video sequence afterwards.
The method involves exposing what you are filming (for example a chemical reaction) to light in the form of laser flashes where each light pulse is given a unique code.
The object reflects the light flashes which merge into the single photograph. They are subsequently separated using an encryption key.
The film camera is initially intended to be used by researchers who literally want to gain better insight into many of the extremely rapid processes that occur in nature.
Many take place on a picosecond and femtosecond scale, which is unbelievably fast - the number of femtoseconds in one second is significantly larger than the number of seconds in a persons life-time.
"This does not apply to all processes in nature, but quite a few, for example, explosions, plasma flashes, turbulent combustion, brain activity in animals and chemical reactions. We are now able to film such extremely short processes," said researcher Elias Kristensson.
"In the long term, the technology can also be used by industry and others," Kristensson said.
A regular camera with a flash uses regular light, but in this case the researchers use "coded" light flashes, as a form of encryption.
Every time a coded light flash hits the object - for example, a chemical reaction in a burning flame - the object emits an image signal (response) with the exact same coding.
The following light flashes all have different codes, and the image signals are captured in one single photograph. These coded image signals are subsequently separated using an encryption key on the computer. 

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The Truth About 'Net Neutrality'
As soon as FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his intention to roll back Obama’s net neutrality rules, the Left’s net neutrality faithful began chanting their well-worn mantras about “big corporations” taking over the internet. Their mantras are based on fear mongering, not fact.

In their net neutrality fairy tale, internet service providers (ISPs) are the ‘big bad wolf,’ bent on creating paid ‘fast lanes’ and blocking the websites of entrepreneurs (who invariably work out of their garages). It sounds like a frightful tale, except that ISPs have never offered paid fast lanes or blocked small business owners’ web sites (run out of garages or otherwise). Meanwhile, the biggest baddest wolf the world has ever known — Google — swallowed the internet ecosystem whole and spit out its bones.
According to Democratic leaders in the Senate, net neutrality is the principle that “what you read, see or watch online shouldn’t be favored, blocked or slowed down based on where that content is coming from.” Google became the world’s largest corporation by trampling on this principle while the Left cheered (or turned a blind eye) .
For one, Google uses its monopoly position in internet search markets to systematically favor its own products in its search results. People might think that Google’s search service uses an objective algorithm that gives them the most relevant responses to their search inquiries. What really happens is that Google shows its own products in the most prominent positions on the screen in order to artificially divert traffic from rival services to Google’s own. As former Google designer Tristan Harris describes it, “if you control the menu, you control the choices.”
Second, Google uses its monopoly position in mobile operating systems (Android is dominant worldwide) to preserve and strengthen its dominance in general internet search and over consumer data collection by:
Forcing manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and Google’s Chrome browser and set Google Search as the default search service on their devices as a condition to licensing Google’s proprietary apps,Blocking manufacturers from selling mobile devices that use competing operating systems that are based on Android’s supposedly “open source” code (like Amazon’s Kindle Fire), andGiving financial incentives to manufacturers and mobile network operators on condition that they exclusively pre-install Google Search on their devices (a form of paid prioritization).Google uses these tactics to ‘control the menu’ on the vast majority of the world’s mobile devices like Google controls the menu on its search products themselves.
Third, Google uses its dominant position in internet advertising to favor its own search and advertising services. A substantial portion of Google’s revenue from search advertising comes from a limited number of third-parties with whom Google has exclusive deals. For a decade, these deals required third-parties to:
Refuse to source search ads from Google’s competitors,Take a minimum number of ads from Google and reserve premium space for Google search ads, andObtain approval from Google before making any changes to the display of competing search ads.None of these Google practices are consistent with the Left’s net neutrality principles or fair competition. In 2012, staff at the Federal Trade Commission concluded that Google’s anticompetitive conduct had strengthened its monopolies and caused “real harm to consumers and to innovation” that “will have lasting negative effects on consumer welfare.” Yet the Obama administration decided to focus its energy on ISPs while letting Google run wild. Obama appointees at the FTC gave short shrift to the findings of the agency’s professional staff while the Obama-led Federal Communications Commission exempted Google’s monopolies from the current net neutrality rules.
The results were predictable: Google is now the largest company in the world and has unprecedented power to control what we read, see, or watch online. Rather than reign Google in, the net neutrality rules the Left wants to preserve have served to strengthen Google’s control over the media.
The current net neutrality debate is just “fighting the last war.” It’s time to have an honest conversation about today’s real internet monopolies and the future of a free media in this country.

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खुबसूरत रिश्ता...👵👩

short story...

              read in caption.😊

Aaj kal ke rishte ...... #Nojoto#Women#nojotovoicr#maa#beti#Aaj#Kal.'आजकल आम्मी दो चार दिनों से हमसे खफा- खफा रह रहीं हैं, और हर बात पर गुस्सा हो जाती हैं। ज्यादातर उनके गुस्से का सबब मेरा बेकसूर Mobileरहता है, जिसके वजह से हम उनके सामने Mobile को हाथ नही लगाते हैं मगर उनके जाने के बाद जरूर हाथ लगा लेतें हैं...
आज सुबह मेरी नींद थोड़ी देर से खुली है और मेरे दिल में खौफ है कि अम्मी का गुस्सा फिर बरसेगा,ये सोचते -सोचते मैं coaching के लिए तैयार हो गई और अम्मी के पास जाकर कहते हैं "अम्मी 7 बजने वाले हैं ,मुझे coaching के लिए देर हो रहा है और मैं जा रहीं हूँ.."और अम्मी का गुस्सा फिर फूट जाता है,"हा जब दिल करें उठो जब दिल करें coaching जाओ, हमसे सलाह मसवरह कया कर रही हो?इस बात मे भी अम्मी ने मेरे mobile को ला दिया "आधे रात तक बैठ कर mobile चलाओ तो देर तो होगा ही "इस बात पर मुझे भी गुस्सा आ जाता है और मैं भी थोड़े कड़क लहजे मे अम्मी को जवाब देती हूँ।"आप हर बात मे mobile को लाया ना करें वैसे भी कल रात मैं 10 बजे तक सो गयी थी। ये कह कर मैं भी गुस्से मे तमतमाए हुए coaching class के लिए चली जाती हूँ।जब मैं coaching classesसे वापस आती हूँ तो देखती हूँ अम्मी ने आज भी प्लेट मे नासता रखा दीया हैं ,हम खाते तो एक ही रोटी हैं पर अम्मी रोज प्लेट मे दो रोटियां रखतीं हैं और कहती हैं "दोनों रोटी खाकर ही collage जाना" मगर आज अम्मी ने ऐसा कुछ नहीं कहा वो चुप चाप बैठ कर चावल चुन रहीं हैं और मैं भी बिना उनसे बात किए नासता करने लगती हूँ, तभी अब्बू की आवाज़ कानों मे आती है"जल्दी आओ फरहीन तुम्हे college छोड़ दू उसका बाद मुझे काम पर भी जाना है।"मैने आधी रोटी ही खाया था और आधी हाथ मे थी, मैं भी अम्मी को दिखाकर रोटी प्लेट मे रख कर, अपना बैग उठाकर दरवाज़े के तरफ भागती हूँ और मुझे गुस्सा आ रहा पर किस बात पर ?समझ नही आ रहा है ,अभी मैं gate पर पहुंच ही गयीं थी कि पिछे से आवाज आती है रुको फरहीन ! और ये आवाज अम्मी कि है इसलिए मैं उस आवाज को नजरअंदाज कर रही हूँ ,मगर जब वहीं आवाज तीसरी बार आती है तो मुड़ कर कहती हूँ ,बोलिए कया काम है मुझे देर हो रहा है, मगर दिल मे ये भी सोच रही हू ,"अगर अम्मी इस बार कुछ बोलेंगी तो मैं जवाब जरुर दुंगी ,और अगर बोलेंगी कि जाते समय छोटे भाई को टिफिन दे देना तो हम भी बोल देंगे "बातें भी मुझे ही सुनाती हैं और काम भी हमसे ही करवाती हैं" ये सारी बातें मैं सोच ही रही हूँ कि अम्मी आकर कहती हैं,"ये लो टिफिन तुम्हारे लिए तुम्हारा पसंदीदा हलवा बनाए थे समय निकाल कर खा लेना ,और आज तो तुमने आधी रोटी ही खाई है ,इसलिए एक रोटी भी रख दिए हैं खाल लेना याद से" अब मैं ये सोच रही थी कि अब मैं अम्मी से कया बोलू ? मां जो गुस्सा दिखाती है वो उसका प्यार नही गुस्सा ही होता है, और जो प्यार दिखाती वो उसका प्यार होता है।...

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