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I grow old, I grow old, with the passage of time, 
With age, with maturity, but not not by heart. 
My bosom's all developed and I monthly bleed,
My heart's still a child, but I'm ready to conceive. 
My age has the number to care for the weak, 
But my heart's still small enough to play and loudly weep. 
My voice is still loud, but I'm not asked to speak
I can't roar like a wild cat, and I'm supposed to be meek.
I grow old, I grow old, and I'll soon get married, 
Cause they call me cute no more and this makes me worried. 
I grow old I grow old and they'll ask me to leave my home, 
Cause I am a girl and I'm supposed to enlighten his room.
I grow old, I grow old, but I want to be a baby
I want to wear my short skirts with no eyes that are judgy.
I grow old, I grow old, but I don't want to be, 
Cause growing old is a life, filled with misery.

I grow old! I grow old, I grow old, with the passage of time,
With age, with maturity, but not not by heart.
My bosom's all developed and I monthly bleed,
My heart's still a child, but I'm ready to conceive.
My age has the number to care for the weak,
But my heart's still small enough to play and loudly weep.
My voice is still loud, but I'm not asked to speak
I can't roar like a wild cat, and I'm supposed to be meek.
I grow old, I grow old, and I'll soon get married,
Cause they call me cute no more and this makes me worried.
I grow old I grow old and they'll ask me to leave my home,
Cause I am a girl and I'm supposed to enlighten his room.
I grow old, I grow old, but I want to be a baby
I want to wear my short skirts with no eyes that are judgy.
I grow old, I grow old, but I don't want to be,
Cause growing old is a life, filled with misery.

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If Shazam (DC comics) had a Hindu Patheon, what Gods would be there to provide similar powers and fulfill the acronym

How about a story instead of typical answer? :D

Let's make it DC comics proof :D

If I make a movie script out of this-

Things will be like this-

This will be in DC universe in India-

The name of the movie will be - Shazam The Rise of Captain Marvel

Bilu Bains (14–15 years old) was an orphan growing up in mordern day Gujarat.

Growing up, just like any other Indian, he was a crazy fan of Cricket.

And being in the DC universe, of course Superheroes.

He was a crazy fan of SUPERMAN and secretly had a huge boyhood crush on Wonder Woman.

His orphan house was named Happy Home.

One day, a girl named Priyanka Bagri joined their orphan.

She was very beautiful and cute.

All the boys (including Bilu) were lining up to impress her.

But Bilu was a very small boy compared to his peers of same age even compared to Priyanka (sadly :C)

Other boys make constant fun of his rather shorter stature

He was already insecured being an orphan and constant mocking from the others didn't help his cause either.

He became even more shy. As a result, he had no chance of getting Priyanka's attention

One day, Priyanka suddenly entered his room and found him kissing a Wonder Woman poster.

He was embarrassed out of his mind.

Priyanka was laughing her heart out.

Bilu quickly run away from there.

And he was crying sitting under a tree out of embarrassment, poor luck everything.

Suddenly, he saw a nearby temple of Krishna.

He went there to pray and said, “Why are you keeping me alive, God? I am such embarrassment to everyone and myself. Why couldn't you kill me, Bhagwan?”

Priest of the mandir (temple) said to him, “Don't worry boy, everyone has trouble, pray to the Krishna with open heart and pure mind, I am sure Krishna will respond”

One day, his neighbourhood uncle who worked in government survey office came to Bilu and said, “I have good news and bad news, I have found your parents”

Bilu was over the moon hearing such good news, he said, “Tell me more, Akash uncle, tell me more, I can't wait to meet them”

Akash uncle said with a sad face, “I am afraid Bilu, I have a bad news, your parents aren't alive, their names were Vikas and Preeti Bains, both of them were a very renowned world famous archeologist, they went to a tour to Egypt and there they made a world famous discovery of the tomb 'Theo Adam', after that I don't know exactly what happened but your parents died, someone murdered your parents, I am afraid that mystery is still unsolved but the rumour is that it is more of an Superhero Supervillain stuff which means it is completely out of the hands of ordinary people like us, I am very very sorry, Bilu”

Bilu didn't say anything but ran away again and went behind the Krishna temple where nobody would go and he was crying.

Suddenly, he heard a noise of a foot steps, he looked back and saw Priyanka was coming this way. He quickly dried his eye water.

Priyanka said, “Bilu, everyone was looking for you everywhere and you are sitting here??? Are you crying? What happened?”

Bilu said, “Nothing, let's go”

Priyanka said, “No, tell me everything”

Bilu told her everything and cried on her shoulder for awhile.

A few days later, Bilu went to his birth parent's house, it was a big house in city area.

Akash uncle was talking with an attorney who was saying to him that if he could prove that Bilu was their original son then Bilu would get everything their parents own according to the will.

Akash uncle was very excited hearing that as he was thinking how he could become Bilu's legal guardian lawfully as he knew Bilu from his childhood.

Bilu didn't mind since Akash uncle was the one who informed him about his parents.

The attorney said to Bilu that since he wasn't 18 yet so he won't get access to all the money that was the reason for a guardian.

Only thing he would get from his parents directly was their personal diary and an artifact.

Akash uncle was slightly hesitant giving it to him directly thinking it could be valuable but after seeing that it was just an lightning designed scarab of some kind of Egyptian symbol, he gave it to Bilu without any care.

After becoming a legal guardian of Bilu, Akash uncle became very increasingly angry and abusive towards Bilu.

Money completely changed Akash uncle

He used to get drunk every night and was becoming very bad mood every night, some days he used to directly bring prostitute to Bilu's home.

Bilu could not put up with this abuse any more when one day Akash uncle was trying to beat him, he took a Cricket bat a bashed in his head.

Akash uncle just fall flat on the ground and blood was coming out of his head.

Bilu was tremendously shocked realising what he did.

He quickly ran away from the house and just running and running without realising where he was exactly going.

Suddenly, he saw everything was dark around him and he was outside of a purana mandir (old temple).

He was shaking with fear imagining the worst.

Suddenly, he heard a voice.

Bilu was even more scared.

But that voice was telling him not to be scared in a very reassuring tone and to get inside the temple.

Bilu became more confident and less fearful hearing that reassuring tone.

When he entered the temple he saw various old status of Durga, Brahma, Kali, Shiva, Natraj, Ganesha, Hanuman etc basically various Hindu Gods.

He suddenly saw an old man with a long white beard smiling at him and said, “Don't be afraid Bilu, nothing to be afraid, this is God's place, no harm will happen to you here”

Bilu asked, “Who are you? And why am I here? And how?”

Old man said with a smile, “That's becuase I wanted you to come here, my name is Champion, I have been called in various names in various parts of the world, in this part of the world, I am known as Vishwa”

Bilu asked, “What? I thought you died in War of Mahabharata”

Old man said, “Ha, ha, it's much more complicated than that but my past isn't important here, I am protector of this world for a long long time, I have been blessed by various Gods in the past, I have been to various places, I have given powers to various men so that they take on this mentle after me but unfortunately some of them didn't work very well, specially the last one, that's why I was looking for a suitable candidate for a long time very very carefully, I believe you are that candidate, Bilu”

Bilu said, “What's that? I don't understand!!!! But anyway it doesn't matter because I am a faulty individual, I just killed my guardian, I am pretty sure I am going to hell”

Old man laughed hard and said, “Ha, ha, Bilu, nothing like that, nothing like that, your uncle is in hospital, he is not dead, he is severely injured, probably have concussion but not dead, you have nothing to worry, he deserved that, that's what called 'Karma', I have chosen you because you grew up in poverty, still you possess such good heart, you are compassionate to other people, you know adversity, you are mocked everyday for your poor luck yet you didn't go bad, that is the sign of pure heart of somebody who could handle such godly power”

Bilu said, “But I am just a boy what can I do when Steppenwolf will attack earth, I am not SUPERMAN, I can't save the world like Superheroes like him”

Old man again laughed hard and said, “Oh! Bilu, Billu, such innocence!! Ha, ha, you have been awarded with the power of almighty Shiva with infinite strength and wisdom, you have the power of immortality of Hanuman, with the tactical fighting techniques and skills of Arjuna, with speed and flight powers of Zaruda, with the power of invulnerability of Ardra, with the mystical and shape shifting power of Mohini, and with their acronym when you uttered the word 'Shazam' (S.H.A.Z.A.M), you will become all powerful Captain Marvel aka Shazam aka the new Champion”

Bilu said, “Wow, it's just mind blowing, Should I say then Shazam?”

And then and there he quickly became a big muscular dude.

Bilu said, “What happened? I don't feel any difference”

Old man said with a smile, “Look at that broken glass”

Suddenly, Bilu saw himself in an orange, white and green costume with a big huge muscular Man's body”

Bilu said, “Wow, that is me!!!! Wow, I look very intimidating, I look very bad ass but costume is slightly meh but I can work with that”

Suddenly, Bilu saw himself flying.

He said to the oldman, “Sir, I can't control these powers, good bye then I guess”

He heard that the old man was laughing

After some time, he started to control his flight powers and he came towards his old orphan house.

And saw a bulldozer was trying to destroy their old orphan house.

Some promoter was trying to build an shopping mall there.

Everybody was crying as his paid thugs were controlling them in the gun point.

One thug slapped Priyanka after she tried to released herself from his grip.

Bilu could not stop himself anymore, he flew there and landed infront of them slightly embarrassingly.

Bilu said to himself, “That was embarrassing, I need more practice in my landing”

Bilu said to the thugs, “Stop, what you are doing now, these children don't have any place to live, if you want this land at least give them a good place to live”

One of them said, “Who are you supposed to be? Another one of those SUPERMAN wannabe, don't you heroes have more important things to attend? Get out of here, even police are with us, noone will say anything against us”

Shazam said, “I am going to stop you, just because you guys twisting the law with your intimidation, it's not going to work here”

One of them laughed and said, “Another costume joker who takes himself seriously, let's show him his place”

But he could not move an inch Shazam

Shazam said with a chuckle, “Something troubling you, man?”

He said, “Wow, what do you eat, man? You are freakishly strong”

Shazam said with smile, “A lot of green vegetables and exercise, you should try it sometime”

Another thug said, “He is making fun of us, let's end this drama by shooting him”

But to their surprise, “All the bullets were deflecting Shazam”

They were panicked and said, “What is he made of? Shit!!!”

Another one said, “Let's squash him” in saying this he drove the bulldozer over Shazam but to their surprise the front side of bulldozer completely destroyed in the clash.

Shazam picked up the bulldozer and said with a smile, “I think you should get off the vehicle, man”

The driver jumped and ran away as quickly as possible.

Their leader was watching everything now, he said, “This is not a fun and game, so you are invincible, but these people are not” in saying this he took and machine gun and fired over the people and Bilu's friends.

To their surprise, they saw a blur moved very quickly infront of them and suddenly it stopped and they saw Shazam was standing infront of them with handful of bullets.

Shazam said to him, “Now, you are pissing me off”

All the thugs were running away as quickly as possible as if their lives were in the line.

Priyanka asked to Shazam, “Who are you? What is your name?”

Shazam said, “Call me the new Champion, the new Superhero, the protector of the earth”

Everybody was cheering his name and laughing and dancing and celebrating their victory against the gang.

Shazam, himself also joined them.

Suddenly, a guy in blue read cape appeared infront of them

Shazam shouted with delight and surprise, “WOW, SUPERMAN”

Superman said with a smile, “I was watching everything from sky, I heard everything, I was coming here to handle everything but then I saw you, you are very impressive, keep doing what you are doing, it makes my life slightly easier”

Shazam said, “Thanks SUPERMAN for your compliment, I am a huge fan of yours”

Superman said with a smile, “For the things that I have seen today, I might become your fan too”

When SUPERMAN was about to fly, Shazam said, “Will you introduce me to the other Justice leaguers?”

Superman said, “Certainly, one day”

Shazam said, “Wonder Woman?”

Superman said with a huge smile, “You liked her, didn't you? Okay, I will”

Shazam said, “You promised”

Superman said with shaking his head, “Ha, ha, next time” in saying this he flew away

Everybody was still cheering Shazam

It was getting very crowded.

Shazam also flew away behind that old Krishna temple and uttered the word 'Shazam' and transformed into Bilu again”

When he entered the Happy Home, he saw everyone was still cheering Shazam's name and comparing him with SUPERMAN.

Bilu said to them, “Voosh, this guy is a novice, SUPERMAN is SUPERMAN”

Priyanka said, “I don't know about that, the things that he did today, I would say he can beat even SUPERMAN”

A few days later-

Bilu was in his parent's house, he was looking at that artifact and thinking about how similar it looked to his Shazam costume's scarab, suddenly, that artifact became very very hot and he dropped it.

That artifact Buzzing and humming some Weird sounds.

It suddenly flew away.

Bilu quickly became Shazam and followed it by flying.

He was flying for a long time, as he crossed seas and oceans and mountains and deserts, he suddenly realised that he was in Egypt and infront of some old Egyptian tomb with similar sign like that artifact.

That artifact just went into one perfectly shaped position of that tomb and almost worked as key and opened the tomb's door.

He saw an old mummy lying there all covered with heavily bandaged.

Suddenly, he heard noise of the guards and Billu thought he probably broke some local laws by coming here without any permission.

So he flew away back to India.

In the meantime when local guards came there, they felt earth quake.

Then they saw the tomb's door was opened

They were scared as it was cursed area and it was the tomb of ‘THEO ADAM', THE BLACK ADAM OF EGYPTIAN KING.

Suddenly, they heard an weird humming sound coming from the mummy.

They got close to the mummy to look more clearly and that mummy suddenly came alive and took the head off that guard.

Other guards were panicking and was shooting towards it but to their disappointment nothing happened and it ript apart everyone of them one after another

And shouted with tremendous earth trembling anger -


The movie should end here

So how do you like this?

It's cool if you don't :D

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An old story!!!!

Has he turn old?
Are they his wrinkles that say so,
Which shows expressions of life time.

Or are those grey hair,
That shows, the colour of phases in life.

Is it his smile,
That hides the pain behind.

Or are those his words,
That just reflect his insight,
And Makes a new meaning out of meaning.

And, He has turn old.

Gasp of his hands are firm,
He has an hold on his own term.

He has got his own choice,
Defines his reading from noise.

True, he has turn old.

Music is his inner soul,
Depicts his journey of troll.

He got unique calmness on his face,
Outlining, his tackled tangle race,
Hands-on, ups and down with a pace.

But he has turn old.

As old as a newly born,
As old as a story of lived memories in lawn..

Old is my word for him,
His old, is an echo of episodes in trim.

Yes, he has turn one envious old story.

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Leave the old,
Live the new,
But never leave the one 
Who was always there for you,
Leave the old ,
Live the new,
But never foreget the one ,
Who cared for you,
Leave the old,
Live the new,
But never forget the one,
Who loved you,
Leave the old ,
Live the new,
But never leave the one,
Who always supported you,
Leave the old,
Live the new,
But never leave the faith,
You have in you,
Leave the old ,
Live the new
But never forget the old one for new,
New old, old new
Never forget to love yourself,
Work hard!!!
And make your dreams true... #gif

New year new beginning
forget the mistakes done but do remember the lessons learned...

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What will be an alternate story centering around Joe Chill the guy who killed Batman's parents? How would you have written it?

This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers

Read the answer below #NojotoQuote

Batman beyond …..

Terry McGinnis(Batman) and Nathaniel Adam(Captain Atom) was fighting against two Eobard Thawne from different time line

Terry : “How the hell Negetive Flash still exist? I thought Barry Allen killed him finally”

Adam: “Timeline is destroyed, everything is mess, I can't go back to my timeline anymore, it's impossible to tell now what exactly happened, I wish Superman was alive”

After a huge battle finally Eobard Thawne saved himself by using another version of himself from different time line as shield but just when he was about to get away again as he always does, he was captured by Bruce Wayne using time stream.

Eobard Thawne was moving all the time but only in a loop as result he was still in one place as a prisoner of Bruce Wayne

Eobard: “Nice trick. Good to see your old horse still has some running left, Bruce Wayne. Yeah, I know who are you, Batman, ha, ha”

Bruce: “Yeah, I am not surprised that you know about me but why not kill me before?”

Eobard: “Ha, ha, I want to believe me, I so want to kill you but I can't because if I kill you then………….”

Bruce: “What? What do you about to say?”

Eobard: “Nothing, I am just bored. So do you take blue pill now? Ha, ha, it must be hard being an old man who once went toe to toe with a God. How are you, Bruce, how is old life treating you? Ha, ha”

Bruce: “You were about to say something”

Eobard: “Forget that old man, just seeing you like this is enough entertainment for me. How is Selena, by the way? Does she have grandma arm yet? Grandma arm with leather. I have to see that. Ha, ha, ha”

Bruce Wayne could not tolerate anymore, he came and knocked Eobard Thawne out with just one punch

Terry saw that and said, “Wow, hold on, Mr Wayne, remember you are not a spring chicken anymore”

Bruce said with a tremendous annoyance, “THAT'S WHAT EVERYONE KEEPS TELLING ME. Watch out for this guy” in saying this he left the room

Adam : “You hurt Bruce's sentiment”

Terry: “I know but someone has to say that. He still believes that he is Batman with his cape on”

Adam: “I know Bruce from a long time. Bruce maybe old but Batman isn't. And Batman will never die. You are the big example of that”

Terry McGinnis: “I know but I am not Bruce Wayne”

Adam: “Yeah, but you are his son so that's as close as it gets”

Both of them left the room…..

When Eobard Thawne woke up, he suddenly saw he was in a different place. He remembered the first time he was in a central city to Barry Allen's mother. But because of the inexperience he was lost for a while in speed force.

He said to himself, “WTF? I thought I was in the future caught by an old Bruce Wayne. Shame on me. But how come I am in this time line? Let me avoid this scenario, I don't want to get caught by speed force again. Let's change the previous mistake. Let's go to Gotham City instead, let's see what is going on there”

He was standing in front of bus stand waiting as another ordinary people in normal clothes. Suddenly, he heard alarm bells are ringing in a nearby Gotham bank. A band of bank dacoits escaping after looting the bank in a car. Suddenly, he heard a siren of police van and saw young commissioner Gordon (he hasn't been commissioner yet) was chasing them and probably will catch them.

Eobard Thawne said to one police officer, “I know where they are going”

That police officer said, “Fuck off, let us work” in saying this he pushed Eobard Thawne.

Eobard Thawne said with tremendous anger, “You idiot, do you know who am I?”

Police officer said, “Yes, who are you?”

Eobard Thawne said, “I am…….. I am…..”

Police officer said, “Yeah, that's what I thought. Now get out of here otherwise I will sent you to Arkham Asylum, ha, ha” in saying this he left

Eobard Thawne checked himself and said, “Fuck you GCP, no wonder nobody wants to support you” in saying this he started to run wearing his yellow costume again and helped bank dacoits escaped

Gordon said, “What happened? How come our tire burst now. I thought that we had a new tire just now”

In the meantime-

Bank Dacoits saw Eobard Thawne helping them escape. They told him, “Thanks mate for the help. Our Boss would like to meet you”

Eobard Thawne said, “I am not interested in petty crime”

One of them said, “My name is Joe Chill, I work for ‘The Roman'. Come with us. You will find it interesting”

Eobard Thawne said, “What can a old fashioned crime family have that will be any interesting to me?”

Joe Chill said, “You will be surprised. For example we know that you have come from the future”

Eobard was surprised and said, “Okay, I am interested now. Let's go”

Eobard knew who this Roman was infact he knew about entire Falcone family but never had any interest in mob related crime. He always considered himself above from them. So when they surprised him. He had to go with them.

But he instead met with someone else.

Suddenly, Eobard Thawne realised that he was under the influence of some kind of mind attack and someone is reading his brain.

He woke up and saw someone.

He saw Bruce Wayne was smiling and someone else was standing beside him.

Bruce Wayne said, “I know you came from a different time line because otherwise you would have known that Selina Kyle was dead a long time ago. Which means that you don't know everything and probably working with someone. Introducing Lucien Crawley, he has telekinesis power. We are about to know what you were hiding. You better tell us what you know”

Eobard Thawne said, “This is low even for Batman. People should have that much privacy”

Bruce Wayne said, “Yeah, you are not smiling now. You better tell us or you will find out how far I can go to find out information”

Eobard Thawne said, “There's a reason why Joker is so attracted to you, Batman”

First time Bruce Wayne was slightly taken aback by this and said, “What do you mean?”

Eobard Thawne said, “You created him”

Batman said, “WHAT?”

Eobard Thawne said, “In alternate universe, Joker will get the power of Mr Mxyzptlk and become Emperor Joker, there will be no defence against him, in trying to defeat him, you from another universe, will have to split him into three parts, how you did it, it's not important since you are the reason. Joe Chill the guy who killed your parents, will be one of his father. After that it's a long story. If you kill Joe Chill then you will kill Joker hence he will retain to his emperor Joker Avtar. Hence you can never kill Joker no matter how nasty SOB he will become”

Bruce Wayne said, “Joker is that young??!!!?”

Eobard Thawne said, “This one is”

Bruce Wayne said, “What is your relation to all this?”

Eobard Thawne said, “Joker helped me kill Barry Allen. I helped him learned his true identity”

Bruce Wayne said, “What?????”

Eobard Thawne said, “He asked me not to ever disclose your true identity to him. He preferred that way. He actually is grateful to you that you stopped him from becoming Emperor Joker. I know sounds crazy but then again we are taking about Joker here”

Bruce Wayne never thought this will be possible. He said to Eobard Thawne, “Can't this Incident ever be changed?”

Eobard Thawne said with a smile, “You can try but you do know what happened to Barry Allen when he changed the past”

Bruce Wayne said to Lucien Crawley, “Send me back in time in Eobard Thawne's body, Joker can't know this. He is too insane to know this information”

Crawley said, “I am ameturish in this. There could be a risk”

Bruce Wayne said, “I am prepared to take that”

Eobard Thawne said, “If joker wasn't hetrosexual, I would say he is gay for you, Batman, he hates you as much as he likes you and respects you, now where do you get a villain like that, ha, ha”

Crawley said, “Shut up” and he sent Bruce Wayne in Thawne's body in the past and Bruce Wayne suddenly found himself infront of Roman the Falcone family the crime boss.

Boss said, “I have a job for you, if you kill Thomas Wayne, I can give you what you want”

Bruce disinterestedly said, “What can You give me?”

Boss said, “You, Batman, you”

Bruce was surprised and spell bound

Boss said, “All this very confusing, I know”

Bruce Wayne said, “Who are you? And how do you know all this?”

Boss said, “My name is Lucien Crawley, you know me in future as Mind grabbing kid, what a ridiculas name, I know, I was such a stupid Superhero, I am much better villain, won't you say?”.

Bruce Wayne said, “What do you want?”

Lucien Crawley said, “Nothing. I am just bored, I just wanted to see you suffer, see for a long time my powers has been my weakness, I could do what I wanted to do with my powers but I had no control over this, I killed my parents, my girlfriend because of this. Then I didn't want to pretend anymore, I owned up my power, I went into the mind of anyone I wanted, I saw everything in the past, future and present, I was the one responsible for Joker becoming Emperor Joker, see it's all been a very good entertainment but I have not seen the greatest one yet. What would the great Batman do when he would know that his parents would be killed by Joe Chill but if Batman stopped him then he would never become one. Which one is bigger disaster? Bruce's parents death or there's no Batman. I want to see Batman is making that choice. Is there a bigger need for Batman becoming Batman in Gotham City even more than Thomas and Martha Wayne's life?” in saying that he did something and Bruce Wayne found himself in Joe Chill's body and Eobard Thawne disappeared saying goodluck as sarcasm.

Bruce Wayne saw himself pointing gun towards his parents and young Bruce in that alley.

He heard, his father was shouting, “Let us go, take everything and let us go” and they attacked on him and gun went off accidentally which took the head off little Bruce.

Bruce Wayne said with horror and confusion, “NOOOO……….”

Suddenly, everything was vanishing and Bruce Wayne lost consciousness and when he woke up, he found himself infront of very worried Terry McGinnis and Nathaniel Adam.

Bruce Wayne said, “WHAT HAPPENED? HOW AM I ALIVE?”

Terry McGinnis said, “Dad, did you think I will ever let you go like this? We and Adam went to future knowing Eobard Thawne, he must have done something to the time line, we found out about Joker's origin and possible disaster where Batman never existed. Bruce Wayne died in a drug over dose”

Adam said, “You should thank Amanda Waller that Terry is a clone of you, not your direct bloodline which is why we were uneffected by the corruption in time line, we realised Lucien Crawley's real identity, he infact never had any real power except time manipulation hence I was uneffected by his timeline corruption, we both took care him and sent Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen's time line to take care of him, only Flash can take care of Negetive Flash”

Terry McGinnis said, “We changed everything back, I won't let you die, Father, Batman can't die”

Both Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis got emotional and hugged each other

Adam left the room.

Bruce Wayne said to Terry, “I am proud of you, my son, you made me realised today, I was worried for wrong reason, Batman never got old, he is young, alive and kicking ass through you, I am proud of you, my son”


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