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Five Golden Principles
Wherever you live, there you are living in your home. The significance is not in living in your home, but if you live in God's kingdom then there is much significance and greatness. This home (kingdom) you have called your own. But this home was from the very beginning belonging to God only. Even right now it is God's and later on also it will remain God's. If you die, then surely this house will not go with you. It belongs to God only. Therefore from today onwards, accept that I live in God's home. Really speaking you are living in God's home. When you come to Haridwar the you say - Oh ! this is gateway to God's home. When you come to Vrindavan you say that this is the place where God engaged in His divine loving pastimes. When you go to Ayodhya then you say we have come to God's palace. Accept it as God's kingdom or God's home, then this very house that you live in will become Vrindavan. At all times let that thought prevail, that I am living in God's home, and we are his very dear ones that belong to him. From today onwards accept this. All of you, do not consider your home as belonging to you. Oh' It is God's home! We have considered it our home in the middle somewhere. Before it was God's, and later on it will be God's then in the middle how can it become ours? Simply for no reason you have put a stamp on it. There is a point that you must pay close attention to - whatever work you do, accept it as God's work and then do it. Whether it is washing your clothes, taking a bath. This body is also God's, therefore to serve God you are doing it's work. Eating and drinking is also God's work. Office work and business is also God's work. The Master of this entire world is God, therefore the master of all the bodies is also God.Therefore work related to this body and to this world can be whose work? It is God's work only! What a wonderful thing this is! We live in God's kingdom and we are doing His work - these are two points. Now the third point is - All the things that are in the house, they too belong to God only. If the house belongs to God and you belong to God then can the things belong to someone else? Mothers and sisters should want that they should take those things that belong to God and cook with them. In the mind must be the thought that Oh! it is for offering food to God that I am cooking this meal. Now offer the foods prepared to God and thereafter however many people that are in the house, understand them to be God's people and offer them food.Understand them to be God's loving people, they are God's very loving and sweet children. I am feeding them. I am serving God. Just like if you love someone's child, then his mother will be very pleased, won't she? similarly, if you serve God's children, then God will be pleased. What a wonderful point this is! Cooked God's food, offered it to God and fed God's children with the prepared foods. When you eat yourself, then too think of it as God's "prasad" (partaking in the food offered and blessed by God). How very wonderful! "Tumhi nibedit bhojan karahin | Prabhu prasad pat bhooshan gharhin || (Manas 2/128/1) As discussed earlier, make everything an offering to the Lord; not just food. If you wear jewellery, offer it to God "Thakurji". Wear only those clothes that belong to Thakurji. Let all things be taken in as if it is "prasad" (offering to the Lord), then all things will get purified. Have you seen this or not, that when food is offered to Thakurji's as "prasad" and is later distributed to all, then every person will bring forth their hand to receive the "prasad". Even if the smallest portion is given, then too he will be happy. Whether he is a millionaire or a billionaire, he too will bring his hand forward, and if you give him a small piece of the "prasad", he will be happy. Is this person hungry for sweets? If some millionaire or a billionaire asks for "prasad" and if you tell him let us go to the market and I will buy it for you from the market, then he will not be happy. He will say, am I starved of sweets or what? I want "prasad". Now tell me the importance of "prasad"? It is Thakurji's (God's) "prasad" (offering to the Lord). Everything in the house belongs to the Lord. If you follow this, then I would like to share with you a very great point. Have mercy and simply do it, then it is very great thing and very beneficial. Place "tulsidal" (the sacred basil leaf) on all the money - wealth that you have at home. On all the jewellery, clothes on everything place "tulsidal." Even for the house, offer it. On all animals, place tulsidal. On all children, place "tulsidal" Now whose children are they? They are Thakurji's (God's) children.It is like magic. If you are able to do, then I will share, but do it from the heart, then it will be magical. Son is rebellious and does not listen. With a true heart, lift off the proprietary interest (sense of mine-ness) you have in him and say that he is not mine at all. He is only Thakurji's (God's). The son will become totally alright. Just as when food it offered to God it become sanctified and many great people revere it. Similarly, with a true heart, completely wipe off your proprietary interest and only consider him as belonging to Thakurji (God) then he will be purified. He will become sacred. Try it and see for yourself. The challenge is to completely lift off your proprietary interest. Just like another person's child, similar is this child. if he dies then too no affect on you. He is not our child, if he dies the it is Thakurji's, whereas Thakurji's never dies. If he dies here, then there he is born. He is never apart from Thakurji. By doing so, the son will be purified. It is the truth. Sense of mine-ness (mamta) itself is impurity. Sense of “mine-ness” (proprietary interest) is impurity. It is due to mine that there is impurity. If you give donation - charity, then have no relation with it. “Daatavyamiti yadaanam deeyatenupakaarine” (Gita 17/20) “Anupakaareene” does not mean that the other person does not do anything helpful. IT is an understanding that previously the person did nothing beneficial, and there is no expectation that he will oblige in the future. Give donation to such a one, with whom you have no self-interest. Give to such people. Do not keep a selfish relation with family members. Both will lead to the same, as in the end only one will remain. Serve where there is no sense of mine or where you serve there get rid of the feeling of mine. It will be the same thing. We are God’s. We live in His kingdom. We do His work. We receive his Prasad. And with his offering, we serve his children. I too am receiving his “Prasad”. This is true “Pamchaamrt” (Five Golden Principles). From today onwards, grab hold of these points. “Sarvabhaaven maam bhajati” and in all sentiments and feelings worship only the Lord, therefore have the sentiments that this body belongs to “Thakurji” (My Lord). I am doing my Lord’s work. Then you will be able to do a favor for the Lord that Maharaj! (Great One) I am doing your work. A Brahmin used to keep saying - daily I feed one Brahmin. He used to eat himself and have the sentiments that daily he is feeding a Brahmin. It is such a great thing! Similarly, the entire family and various families all belong to Thakurji (God). I am taking care of Thakurji’s family. Even Thakurji says that he is taking care of the family Brother! God will be touched that yes! It is true! He is taking care of my family. When there is no sense of mine-ness, when there is no attachment, then God says that He is taking care of my family.In all sentiments, let God’s work alone be done. This will turn into pure devotion “avyabhichaari bhakti” We want to take nothing, we have no sense of mine-ness. There is neither selfishness nor proprietary interest. Whether home members listen to you or not, whether they serve you or not, we have to serve Thakurji’s family. We have to serve him, Brother! If family members do not work, then we should be happy, it is a good thing! If they work and do everything according to our preference, then understand that our good deeds are getting exhausted. Therefore if they do nothing and further give us trouble and sorrow, then it is a good thing. Even if mother-in-law causes suffering, if daughter-in-law gives sorrow, if sister-in-law or any one give pain and sorrow then be happy, thinking we are greatly benefited. We have to serve, and if they give pain then we will be doubly benefited. On one hand there will be benefit of serving “seva” and if they give pain and sorrow then your sins will be reduced. When will suffering remain, tell me? Even on getting suffering, there will be joy. There will be no place remaining for sorrow and suffering. All roadways will be blocked, then that itself is “sarvavit”. Have you understood this well? If you are becoming happy and unhappy with this world, then you have not understood this well. We are living in ever bliss. We have not the least bit of unhappiness. God supports, protects and takes care of everyone. He takes care of all, then such a devotee of God does not experience any sorrow at all. They remain ever blissful, they remain so joyful that with their association you feel delighted and intoxicated. By remembering Thakurji (God), bondages break off. Simply by reciting the divine Name, by remembering the Lord, by listening to His divine plays (stories) sins are destroyed, He is that pure. “Pavitraanaam pavitram yo mangalaanaam cha mangalam" In essence what is the point? It is a small thing. “I am only God’s” not anyone elses. For serving I belong to the world, but for our own purpose, I am no one elses. I only belong to God, simply accept yourself as being God’s, then this house belongs to God, this kingdom belongs to God, this family belongs to God, the wealth and possessions belong to God, the work is God’s, the food is God’s everything will become God’s. This is the absolutely Truth.I am sharing based on my very experience. The child that the mother has accepted as her own, when he climbs into the mother’s lap then the mother is pleased and joyful. If he climbs from the back onto her shoulder, then too she laughs and if he intentionally pretends to cry ‘Um-Um-Um” the Maa smiles that look he is pretending with me. What is that action performed by a child that the mother does not like? The child is mine. Similarly being God’s if we do all work, then all our actions will become worship and adoration of God. What to speak of worship and adoration, it makes God pleased, happy. Whatever work you do, God continues to remain happy. He is my child. My child is playing. What delight! The point is only one, to become God’s. This is the truth. If I ask you that have you taken birth in this household knowingly? If you are living, then are you intentionally living? If knowingly you are living, then who would be dead? No one would die. If you are living in a healthy body, is it knowingly so? If you were knowingly living like this, then do not ever fall sick. Whatever strength and intelligence you have, has it been knowingly acquired? Then why get old? Don’t become dependent. But you are becoming dependent. Therefore this pride is your own, nothing else. Your are simply filled with pride. Therefore I am Thakurji’s (God’s). I am dependent on God. Whatever strength Thakurji (God) gives, that alone I do. How much work did Hanumanji do? When Ramji went to Lanka, he created a bridge and then crossed the bridge. But Hanumanji simply flew over to the other side. Whose strength does he have? The strength that Hanumanji has comes from Thakurji (the Lord). “Baar baar raghubeer sambhaari.” “prabisi nagar keeje sab kaaja. Hrdey raakhee kosalpur raja.” It comes in Valmiki Ramayan that Hanumanji roared that even if thousand Ravans come they cannot spoil anything of mine, I am servant of the Lord (Thakurji).The world is suffering due to pride. Therefore have mercy and leave the pride, offer it to God, that I am God’s. All our strength has to be applied in doing God’s work. “Tvadeeya vastu Govind tubhyameva samarpaye”, “Sarvabhaaven bhajati maam” - with all sentiments they worship and adore God. Divine Name recitation is adoration, chanting holy name is adoration, reciting various scriptures is worship and adoration, to listen, to share, is all worship. By “Sarvabhaavena bhajati”, getting up, sitting, eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, all work is God’s work that we are doing. What an elevated thing this is. We have taken refuge in the Lord and we will do only His work. The work is not ours at all. This is not our house, therefore it is no our work. All work is Lord’s work. I have heard from saints, he who cannot regard anything as his own, neither the mind, nor the intellect, nor the body, nor the life breath, nor the senses, nor the house, nor the wealth. When all things belong to Thakurji (Lord), then wherever they live there is nothing but joy! Everything is given to the Lord. Therefore they remain ever blissful. We have heard one thing about a Saint. Saints are very unique. When they go to the market and see the various different sweet dishes that are displayed, fruits that are kept and stores that are well decorated. Wherever they see some great things, there they stand-by and in their mind say, Lord (Thakurji), please partake in this offering. Please take these sweets as an offering. Simply standing they blissfully offer it to the Lord. Similarly, you too offering everything to Thakurji, please accept this offering, then it all becomes an offering. You tell me, what is the difficulty in doing this? Then you too do this. Who is preventing you from doing so? Wherever you see anything wonderful, offering it to the Lord (Thakurji). Everything belongs to Thakurji. What should we do? We will simply rejoice. Now we have no work remaining. Now it is only Lord’s work, Lord’s Name, Lord’s contemplation, listening to Lord’s divine stories. What work is remaining for you to do? You are doing the Lord’s work. Lord is the master of all the work in this universe. By offering everything that belongs to the master at his lotus feet, how much do you have to exert, tell me? You tell me that this is mine, but for how many days? How many years will you continue to say that it is mine? As such it will eventually remain the Lord’s. Therefore while living, turn it over to Him from the heart, then it will be joyful! What an easy and what a deep well grounded point this is! Saints have said - “Ram naam ki sampada do anter tak dhoon | Yaa to gupatee baat hai kaho bataave koon" Who will tell such a great point? And how easy it is! What a high class point this is ! What a worriless, fearless, blissful point this is ! neither worry, nor fear, nor dejection, nor desire to live, nor desire to die. We have no desire whatsoever. May our desire be blended (one) with the Lord. Now however the Lord does, however he keeps us -
“Jaahi vidhi raakhe Ram, taahi vidhi rahiye |SitaRaam, SitaRaam, SitaRaam kahiye"
We have no demand, nor any wish. By this our troubles will be wiped out, and God will become pleased with us. By considering it as ours, there will be worries. It is my room. Certain things are lying there. Clothes are drying there. Someone will take them, then there will be worries. Now when it is all offered (turned over) to God, then what ecstacy ! If it goes away it is the Lord’s, if it remains it is the Lord’s ! Narayana! Narayana! Narayana!
From book in Hindi "Jeevan Upyogi Pravachan" by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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The lights go out and I can't be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
Have brought me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing

Home, home where I wanted to go 
Home, home where I wanted to go
Home, home where I wanted to go
Home, home where I wanted to go

Home Where I Wanted To Go...
#JunedMomin #Stay
#Home #where #i #Wanted #to #go #nojotoenglish

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Coming home
It's been 5 months since I left you standing on our doorstep. Our daughter on your hip, she couldn't understand why you were crying. I remember you explaining to her that Daddy was going to be gone for a while and that it made you sad, but that I would come home just as soon as I helped get the bad guys.

We both knew that she didn't understand and that the burden of explaining where I was, day after day, would fall on your shoulders. I remember how you both stood on the porch, waving, until my car was out of sight. A miniature version of you both in my rear view mirror, my last memory of you as I prepared to join the others in my unit for our deployment.

Well today is the day that I come home. No more sandy boots, no more clothes that smell a week old after one day from sweating through them, no more MRE's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, no more ducking from sniper fire and no more killing. Today, I'm coming home.

You started writing me the day before I left. My rucksack had a note in it which I found when I emptied everything on my rack. When I read it, I saw those three words that helped me every day in that hellhole, "COME HOME SOON".

I was the only member of my unit that received a letter every single day. Haha All the other guys were jealous and commented on how lucky I was, and that is what they called me for the rest of the time I was there, "LUCKY".

Our daughters beautiful pictures adorned our tent, not just over my rack, but over everyone's. The single guys started asking for them so they could remember what they were fighting for. My heart swelled with pride every time I walked into the tent. It gave me purpose, and resolve. I was determined for this day to come. The day I came home.

Well today is that day. No more tanks keeping me awake at night, no more helicopters blowing sand into our tent, no more guns, no more anger and no more hate. Today, I am coming home.

As the plane taxi's to the terminal, I can feel your presence, I can sense your longing. I know you are there waiting for me.

You come to the window and place your hands on it. Our daughter mimics you and you stand there side by side, waiting.

You see them roll me out, the American flag draped gently over my casket. Your silence turns to tears, your tears turn to sobs, your sobs turn to wails. Our daughter starts crying and you fall to your knees and bring her in close. She is crying because you are. she's not sure why, but she knows she doesn't like it when Mommy is upset. We both knew that she didn't understand and that the burden of explaining where I was, day after day, would once again fall on your shoulders.

Today is the day I get laid to rest. No more fear, no more pain and no more longing, but also, no more sunny days, no more walks in the park, no more laughing over dinner, no more movie night, no more nights on the town, no more snowball fights, no more baby girl, and no more you.

But know this, because of you,

# I have never loved harder or more deeply

You and our daughter gave meaning to a meaningless existence. You turned a boy into a man. Your love powered me through some of the darkest days of my life.

I was proud of my country
I was proud of our daughter
I was proud of you

Now comes the hard part, as we say our final good byes, I want you to know that I understand.

My life is over, but yours is not. I try to summon any part of me that can still reach you to let you know this. Do for another what you have done for me. Give someone the gift of your love. Let our daughter know the joy of having a father in her life.

I can only hope that you can find a man that will love you the way I did. Someone who will fight for the right causes, and protest others with passion. Someone deserving of you. Someone who will help my memory fade and bring you back the happiness you deserve.

I love you....


# BK

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A Twisted Love Story
(Part 4)

Back home...

Natasha couldn't believe she had kissed him. She was going to bed when Rehaan came. She panicked. He so got the wrong idea. She blurted,"Why did you kiss me?" Rehaan was shocked for a moment then he said,"You kissed me too." "But you did it first.",said Natasha.
"I hadn't forced you to kiss me..you are as much to blame."he countered.
"I am so mad.
" "At me or at yourself?",said Rehaan and left the room.

He had got that right. She was mad at herself. She didn't know what had come over her. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't taken his husbandly right by force. That he had never harassed her ...not mentally let alone physically. "She was making excuses for him now!? What was happening to her?" She forced herself to sleep.


Rehaan had a concert the next day. He asked Natasha to accompany him but she declined. She needed some time to herself. At 8 pm Rehaan left for the concert saying he would come home around 12 at midnight. What had happened last night started to haunt Natasha. It had been only an hour since Rehaan left but she started missing him. 'Why do I miss him?' 'Because I like him.' 'And why do I like him? Because of what he could have done and what he didn't do.' She couldn't wait for Rehaan to come home. It felt like an eternity but finally it was 12. 'Rehaan should be home any minute now',thought Natasha. It was almost 1 am but no sign of Rehaan. Natasha became worried. She tried to call him but the phone was switched off. Hour passed still no sign of Rehaan. She became restless. 'Why hadn't he come home yet? 'What could have happened?' Tears came down her eyes. She was crying for him. Finally it hit her. She had fallen for her husband.


There was a chink of the door's lock opening. Rehaan was home. Natasha ran to him and threw her arms around him. He held her tightly. Natasha told him how scared she was when he hadn't come home. He asked why and she said that she loved him. 'I love you too',said Rehaan.

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One who used to search my face,
One who used to dive
In the black pools of my eyes;
With darkness and light,
With fondness and hope,
I made a home in you.

Holding my hands gently you
Promised to stay even in torrents of rain,
From cuddling me with endless passion
To embracing you in my arms,
With tenderness and affection,
With yearning and passion,
I made a home in you.

Suddenly a storm passed,
A hurricane or a tornado that traversed,
You got lost and went far,
You couldn't see your way
Nor your home.

In the blazing light
Or in the empty darkness,
You turned your eyes
And never glanced back.

You vanished in the wind
And didn't wait to see,
How I was blown away by
Cloudburst and whirlwind,
How my empty eyes and aching heart
Kept on calling you home.

With compassion and warmth,
With devotion and love,
I made a home in you.

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