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Let me introduce you to a fancy word trust,
Now a days it is just a cover for lust,
It has a true meaning buried in dust,
And it's importance is getting rust.

Trust is the basic need for any relation,
May it be for short or long duration.

Trust for life on mother and father,
Trust for love on brother and sister.

Trust for knowledge on teacher,
Trust for wisdom on preacher.

Trust on one's spouse,
To run their house.

Trust on doctors for an operation,
Trust on actor to try new variation.

Let it be our family or career,
Trust makes or life happy and merrier

© Lostgirlfromheartstrings

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No words for the pain I feel on your face
No words to undo this disgrace
No words in a card can hold up to this
No words of my faith do justice
No words can mend, only grace
No words only love, to keep your embrace
No words will keep us together through this
No words to cover the shame I am feeling
No words will restore the love we once knew
Our Love will conquer words
And make our love new...
No words to take back, I told you the truth
No words holding back that I need you
Words are expressing the way that we feel
Love is the glue that makes it all real.
I love you. #gif

no word

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Amazing are words........
words cannot deal,words cannot heal
words are light,words are tight
words make you sad  and sometimes mad
some words inspire some words aspire
words become thoughts some words taught 

power lies within the words.........

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Poetry, a never ending tale.
Though, you were just an acquaintance,
who used to pass often, from the path,
I always walked up on.
But trust me, one casual day,
you made my heart, match your beat.

Though, you say, I composed you, with the little crystals,
I always carried in my heart.
But trust me, you're an ornament, which, when I wear, completes me.

Though, it was a negative note,
when our ways, they collapsed,
and I poured, all my sorrows in you.
But trust me, you imbued my soul,
with a ton of relief, and even beyond.

Though, we seldom meet for long,
even the chit-chats which we share,
seems elusive, in just few snaps.
But trust me, with you I fall,
and travel, into my own invasive depth.

Though, to a great many figures,
you serve as a companion
and enliven them, so far.
But trust me, you're an echo,
to the words, my soul enounce.

Though, I speak quite vaguely,
as per general social etiquettes.
And hence, seems to be an entiy from mars.
But trust me, resembling a soothe river,
you make me flow along.

Though, all the taboos, they actually like,
since Love, is not their diet,
so, to attain peace, they prefer fight.
But trust me, kicking off all the negativity,
you serve me an aura so light.

Although, I am really trying hard,
to put my pen down,
and sum-up, this very part.
But trust me, you aren't a destination,
rather, a never ending tale..


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Dear mummy,

I'm sorry mummy......I'm really sorry. I don't have the guts to say you this in person but trust me I'm feeling really guilty of what I said and did earlier.

You know me, I'm stupid, I take decisions on impulse, I won't realise my mistakes until someone comes and tell me, I'm the worst decision maker but I never meant to hurt you. I lack a filter to my mouth. I'm sorry that I don't think much before speaking. But trust me I'm working on it.

Can't you see the change between the old me and the new me? Now before speaking I think a lot, but at times I don't think at all when I'm in my own mood. Please mummy, try to understand me.

It has been 3.5 years since I started bleeding. I get horrible mood swings and really painful cramps but you never understood me when I behave in a weird manner, when I hurt you unintentionally by my words and actions. I don't really mean it. Trust me that's not me. They are my mood hormones which make me behave like that.

You know I want to get back to the time when I was 6. Do you remember I used to make a lot of mistakes? Any work you gave to me was spoiled and then you would get mad at me. Later the day you gave me chocolates or ice cream which indicated that you're now no more upset with me. After that you used to explain me everything. You would tell that I shouldn't have done what I did.

Can we go back to that time please? Teach me a lesson everytime I do something wrong. Pull my ears if you want. Slap me if you wish. Just don't give me your silent treatment.

Anything is bearable but not your silence and lack of your trust.

I know you love me a lot. I know you love me more than anything. But mummy trust me, I can live without your love. It's okay if you don't love me. But I can't live without your trust. You need to trust me. You need to have faith in me, you need to believe me.

I know I'll lost my track but you need to pull my ears and show me the right path.

Please just give me a chance and I promise I'll try my best to never let you down and to make you happy. All I'm asking for is just a chance.

Please mummy. I'm really sorry. Please don't hurt yourself because of me. Please.

Yours truly,
a daughter who deserves to be abandoned and who doesn't deserve a great mother like you.

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