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Riya Choudhary

❤️❤️youThink#About#me #लव

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Sudipta Mazumdar

#i don't care what other people think about me I care for you what you think about me.. #Life

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Jay Verma

I don't care about you think about me🙏🙏 #ज़िन्दगी

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MJ SoulSmoke

If you ever feel like leaving me... #Poetry #Nojoto #Nojotovoice

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Heart Hacker

think about you 🥰 #Love

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Jeetu Singh

What think about me #tagnojoto

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I'm AJ

Tell me if you think I should continue... shayari nojotoapp

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Bilal Raza

think different about you. be happy

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Bandita Biswal

If You Think Big You Also Get Big #Life

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Abhijeet Jagtap

#If you think, Your knowledge is less| Then your Knowledge about you, Is definitely Less...😎| *

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