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9 Awesome Things You Can Experience For Free In India

India is a large and varied land. One of the few things that unite all of us is our quest for free and inexpensive things. No matter how affluent you are, freebies and discounts always attract you.
So, we have tried to create a list of few things that you can enjoy absolutely free of cost in your own country.
1. Read rare books at the National Library.
Image sourceThe National Library, Kolkata is the largest library in India. The library was opened for providing free assistance to needy students. You can enjoy the reading facilities of this iconic library, absolutely free of cost.
You can stay as long as you want and read as many books as you want.
Fact Source
2.  Enjoy lip smacking food at the famous religious kitchens of India for free.
Image sourceIn India, there are many religious places that offer you great food without charging you a single penny. Places likethe Golden Temple, Amritsar, the Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya, Shirdi and Jagannath Temple, Puri are just some of the places that offer delicious food absolutely free of cost.
3. Go to the India-Nepal border and visit a foreign land for free.
Image sourceWe all wish to go outside India, at least once but often the expenses becomes a major hindrance. Though we admit Nepal might not fulfill your definition of abroad but it still remains a foreign land which requires no entry fee.
4. Go the top of the Jama Masjid Minarets to enjoy the view of the city.
Image sourceAnybody who has been to the top of the Jama Masjid Minarets in Delhi would agree that it is an experience of a lifetime. Once you reach the top of the minaret, it actually feels like you can see the entire city.
It is one of the best things one can enjoy in Delhi, without spending a single penny.
5. Visit India’s only sanitary museum.
Image sourceThough the idea of visiting a sanitary museum might sound a little weird but trust me it is one of the unique experiences you will ever have. The museum is open 365 days and the Time magazine has rated it amongst the weirdest museums in the world.And you don’t even need to spend any extra bucks to visit this unique and exciting place.
6. Enjoy lip-smacking pakoda, chops and cutlets for free on Netaji’s bday.
Image sourceWell, believe it or not, there is actually a shop in north Kolkata known as the Laxmi Narayan Shaw and Sons, which serves its best items for free on Netaji’s birthday.
It is said that even Ramkrishna Paramhansa used to enjoy the ‘telebhajas’ from this shop.
Fact Source
7. Watch films for free at Film festivals.
Image sourceIf you want to enjoy a good film for free then film festivals are your place. In most of the film festivals that are held across India, they screen many films for which you do not need to pay a single rupee for the tickets.
8. Enjoy an exotic experience at Auroville in Puducherry.
Image sourceAnybody who has been to Puducherry would admit that it is one of the prettiest places in the country. You might be a little surprised to know that you can actually enjoy to entire stay in Pondicherry absolutely free.
All you need to do is contact the ashram and sign up with them and they would often provide you free accommodation and free food. Interestingly, that is not all, in Auroville, you can attend things like Yoga classes, film screenings, and most these stuff do not cost you any extra bucks.
9. Visit chocolate factories in Ooty and enjoy free chocolates.
Image sourceThere is hardly any place in India which as pretty and romantic as Ooty. This beautiful hill-station is not only famous for its scenery but also for its brilliant chocolates. Though you might find quite a few chocolate factories.
Not only can you visit these factories for free but most of these factories gives you a coupon that allows you to enjoy complimentary chocolates.
Fact Source
And you thought nothing is free in this world!

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"".....ik raadhaa prem deewani                                                                                                                    ikk meera jagg se begaani                                                                                                                 dono ki ikk prem kahaani                                                                                                                      ik meera jo jagg se na maani                                                                                                                 ik raadha jo adh jal bin paani                                                                                                             parr nischal dono ki prem kahani                                                                                                dono ne shyam ko chaha                                                                                                                   dono ka prem nirhaa ,                                                                                                                       mere shayam ke prem ko paakr mai khood ko bhooli...,,                                                                       mai meera tere charanan ki dhooli                                                                                       raadhaa tere bin sansaar , ye jagg hai jhootha ,                                                                        tere bin shayam hai.....................,,                                                                                                                         rootha - rootha ..                                                                                                                 .                                                                                                                        dono ik prem.......... kahani..                                                                                        .                         dono ki ik prem kahani...............;;                                                                                                                   kahat meera - tera bhi to shayam hai raadha                                                                         mera bhi to shayam  hai raadhaa                                                                                                  dono ka jeewan aadhaa - aadhaa                                                                                                     bin ghanshyam  hai raadhaa                                                                                                               ikk raadha prem deewani.....                                                                                                                    ikk meera prem deewani ....                                                                                                                dono ikk prem kahani.....;;                                                                                                                  ( neetu sharma)

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Jag ka sar hi prem he.. 
or krishna hi prem he.
prem se hi bhakti he 
bhakti se hi prem
prem se rahiye sab ke sath
dil me na rakhe koi katas..
ye duniya he prem ki.. 
prem barasao din  raat
or jabte rahiye prem se.. 
hare krishna hare raama...

Hari bol..
#Prem#jag #Ka #sar Shreeya Dhapola Satyaprem तरूण.कोली.विष्ट Rajat Bansal Ritu Singh

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Pahelo prem atle lele jane 
barish ki paheli boonde,

Pahelo prem atle jane
uska na hona par hone
ka aheshash,

Pahelo prem atle jane 
zahen me sirf ushiki bate,

Pahelo prem atle jane 
andheri rato me ujale ki kirne,

Pahelo prem atle jane
har khvahisho me ushiki batey,

Pahelo prem atle jane
pruthvi par swrag ka 

Pahelo prem atle jane 
ankho ankho me hone 
vali bin kahi yui batei.


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What is a Mirrorless Camera?
While a DSLR camera uses a mirror mechanism to either reflect light into an optical viewfinder, or pass it through directly to the camera sensor, a mirrorless camera completely lacks such mirror mechanism (hence the name), which means that the light passing through the lens always ends up on the imaging sensor. Since light is no longer reflected on an optical viewfinder (OVF), mirrorless cameras typically rely on electronic viewfinders (EVF) and LCDs that basically project what the imaging sensor sees. Because of lack of a mirror mechanism and an optical viewfinder, mirrorless cameras can be made simpler, lighter and less bulky when compared to DSLR cameras.
when compared to a mirrorless camera, a DLSR has a lot more components that make up the internals of the camera. Aside from the complex mirror mechanism, there is a focusing screen, a condenser lens, pentaprism / pentamirror and other components such as a secondary mirror and a phase-detection autofocus sensor that are present on a DSLR.

How Mirrorless Cameras Work

In contrast, a mirrorless camera is much simpler mechanically – light passes through the lens directly onto the image sensor and the optical viewfinder is replaced with an electronic viewfinder that replicates the image sensor. In normal operation, the mechanical camera shutter stays open and is only typically utilized at the end of exposure. Due to lack of both mirror and pentaprism, the flange distance (which is the distance between the lens mount and the image sensor) on mirrorless cameras can be shortened significantly, as the illustration above shows. Because of this, most mirrorless camera bodies are thinner and lighter compared to DSLRs.

Mirrorless cameras have many advantages over DSLR cameras. Aside from the potentially lighter weight and bulk of the camera itself, the use of an electronic viewfinder can bring many benefits to photographers. Since everything is duplicated directly from the image sensor, camera settings such as white balance, saturation and contrast can be seen through the viewfinder directly and additional information overlays including live histograms can be placed within the viewfinder, allowing photographers to see exactly what they are about to take a picture of. When combined with fast contrast-detection or on-sensor phase detection system, one can take advantage of being able to zoom in on a subject to verify focus, use focus peaking, face detection and other powerful features to ensure that focus is achieved precisely with every shot. When shooting in daylight conditions, one can utilize the electronic viewfinder to review images, instead of relying on the back LCD of the camera.

At the same time, mirrorless cameras have their list of disadvantages. First, the electronic viewfinder can only be active when the camera is turned on and power is provided to the image sensor, which can significantly affect the battery life of a camera. Second, electronic viewfinders can have noticeable lag, blackouts and high contrast, which can make it difficult for some photographers to get used to. When it comes to autofocus, although the latest mirrorless camera models can be very fast and accurate, they still do not do as well when shooting fast action, especially in low-light situations.
#potd #image #Photo #Nojoto #Photography #nojotophotography #CameraInfo Above pic is of a Sony A7 M3 mirror less

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