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holiday in Paris #Life

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The Mystery in our stars!! #ajourneytodiscoverlife

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Have you ever observed the stars?
Seen them twinkle or fade?
Have you ever spotted a constellation?
Making an image far away?
What more do they talk of? 
Past and Future.
A trick of loops called Time.
The soul stands whispering
To the Universe above
Am I not as old as you?
Perhaps not as wise as you.
Because the universe hides many a lesson
The Soul is yet to discover. 

 The Mystery in our stars!! #ajourneytodiscoverlife

Ravi Rajput

Dark evening in Paris #Art

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 Dark evening in Paris

Dr Tabish khan

snow enjoy in paris😍 #nojotovideo

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Prasanna Koppar

The Mystery

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As my heart groaned
In real deep pain
The blood oozed out
And my cry was in vain

No one near
To care for me
As I looked around
And searched for peace

All alone I wandered
Hoping to come across an oasis
But I saw no water
Just heard the wind's hiss

As I walked with my burdened legs
I found it hard to walk in the desert
I was in the middle of a huge dry land
I couldnt even think to revert

The Sun was bright and shining golden yellow
Making me feel hotter than it really is
As sweat poured down my eye brows
I prayed to sky for a cool breeze

Far away, about miles distant
I saw something shining and bright
My eyes felt cool
And the load felt light 

As I lifted my legs faster
And made an attempt to reach the treasure
The wind hugged me in its huge arms
And I felt a divine pleasure

I hurried myself to unveil the mystery
I was so eager and so much anxious
I was unaware of my own condition
Unaware of my own conscious

I took up the discovery in my hands
Blew the dust away and removed the sands

It was in fact, a twig with three golden leaves
I tried to observe them and found nice relief
One named Confidence, One named Hope
And the third one was my hearts Belief

I looked up and asked my god
Do you have any explanation for this?
He just smiled back 
And gave me a kiss

Now I know what he means
He has given me the best he can
As I turn around and take a look
I am in an oasis and the happiest man! The Mystery

Nasrin Sultana

#mystery in love

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White Jin k aankhon mein jhalakte the hum
abhi dekhte hain toh
 khud ko dhundte rehe jate hain.

©Nasrin Sultana #mystery in love

Harshit Goyal

paris and paris..🌸 #yqbaba #yqaestheticthoughts #yqquotes #yqtales #yqdada love

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We see things, we want to see,
Not the one we are seeing.

//everything is blue// paris and paris..🌸

#yqbaba #yqaestheticthoughts #yqquotes #yqtales #yqdada #love

Namramita Banerjee

Be a mystery In the world of overexposure...

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Be a mystery
In the world of overexposure... Be a mystery
In the world of overexposure...

अल्ताफ़ कलंदर

mystery in her eyes

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 mystery in her eyes

Purbayan Chowdhury

Mystery prevails in sleep #mysterystory #yqbaba #sleep Guess the name of this famous mystery Comment the name.

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No sleep after the disaster,
Still awakening in horror
To wash hands out of blood
Though an accident of infatuation,
Yet no end of repentance
Revelation will not end grievance
Internal matters matters the most,
Fame gave way to trust
Obscuring path to solution,
Mystery alluded with intention 
Truth still prevails .9mm
Rest at last in sleep of death. Mystery prevails in sleep
#mysterystory #yqbaba #sleep
Guess the name of this famous mystery 
Comment the name.