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What is Success?

*At the age of 4 years ...* *Success is.*
That you do not urinate in your pants,

*At the age of 8 years ...* *Success is..*
To know the way back home.

*At the age of 12 years,* *success is..*
To have friends.

*At the age of 18 years,* *success is.*
To get a driver's license.

*At the age of 23 years,* *success is.*
To graduate from a university.

*At the age of 25 years,* *success is.*
To get an earning.

*At the age of 30 years,* *success is.*
To be a family Man.

*At the age of 35 years,* *success is.*
To make money.

*At the age of 45 years,* *success is.*
To maintain the appearance of a young man.

*At the age of 50 years,* *success is.*
To provide good education for your children.

*At the age of 55 years,* *success is.*
To still be able to perform your duties well.

*At the age of 60 years,* *success.*
To still be able to keep driving license.

*At the age of 65 years,* *success is.*
To live without disease.

*At the age of 70 years,* *success is.*
To not be a burden on any one.

*At the age of 75 years,* *success is.*
To have old friends.

*At the age of 81 years,* *success is.*
To know the way back home.

*At the age of 86 years,* *success is.*
That not to urinate in your pants again.
One of the best messages I have ever read.
Life is a cycle..

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What will Cricket look like in the future?

Very very very very very very very bright.

Yep. Don't get surprised.

If it helps have a glass of water and cool down :D

Don’t get me wrong - White people won't play Cricket.

The number of White people will get shortened and shortened with time.

Cricket won't need them.

Indians will be more and more influential in spreading this game world wide in the future.

Yep, Indian subcontinent(this group will probably get doubled with time and others including Chinese will get decreased with time, there's a serious possibility in the future that Indian subcontinent people will become 35- 40–50% of world’s population as a result what only white people do is cool, this complexity will go away forever from our psyche unlike it exists now so strongly) people from all over the world will participate in the various countries (including Europe and US)

Indian subcontinent lobby will be more influential than ever before through out the world because of advancement of technology.

Truth is Indian subcontinent people always has been looked down upon by the rest of world.

And don't get me, it's for the good reason.

To be honest, we deserved it.

But does that mean it's always going to be like that?

Nope. That's never the case in real world.

Everything changes with time

In every generation, young people will be more adaptable and street smart (not just book smart) and agressive (kind of like agressive go getter) than ever before

And because we were where we were, we will have plenty of motivation to reach new heights more than other civilization of the world

It's already happening among very young Indian men and women[(14–15 years old)sex is the biggest eye opener here, everything is changing, if you are one of those 35+ years old Indian dude who believes that nothing will happen to Indians, let me tell you these new generation start to think where you finished thinking, so possibility is endless and I am not being overdramatic, money won't be that big of an issue as much as it always has been in the past because of various factors from which some of them doesn't even exist now but will be in the future, this is how everything happens in human civilization)

So will Cricket

Cricket won't look like what it looks now.

Cricket will become more physical game like Kabaddi or rugby but different from these sports

Less dependent on pitch and weather

Or atleast people will find ways to predict very successfully the impact of weather in Cricket

Rain factors can be neutralized so many ways that it doesn't deserve any mention at all

All the Cricketers (I mean in Indian subcontinent) will have potential(fitness standard will not just touch the sky with the improvement of science based workout with time but it will break it) to be like ‘Chris Gayle' like power hitting and Virat Kohli type of hunger for success and running between the wickets and being an alrounder will be expected not exceptional

Cricketers will look like those fitness cover model with probably even better fitness and agility :D

But as I said before Cricket will be completely changed by then that won't be a huge deal infact it will be par for the score

There's a possibility that something like 15 people will play for one team instead of eleven with huge huge boundary

3 or 4 people will probably bat together then kind of like how two batsmen bat together now

Time will be big factor

I do believe it will according to the need of that society in the future, there's is a possibility it could be flexible

City planning will be no 1 priority of every government with population increase as a result finding enough space for a big stadium won't be difficult to find inspite such opposite situation (city planning always has been so poor that despite having so much space, it always looks like that density of population is huge in comparison with area diameters, it will definately be improved quite a lot in the future not for any other reason, just for the population increase which will make it a no 1 issue in the future)

Balance between bat and ball will become better than ever before(almost perfect) but that won't be no 1 factor like it has been now as the game will change to a completely different direction then

If anyone from now time travel(:D) to the future, it will be clear to him or her why Cricket has been what it will be then and why and how, it will become that much popular in the future

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"एक सनसनीखेज breaking news  उस cute sugar candy के नाम जो ढूंढ रहा है अपनी future love❤
        {Plz Read in caption}

एक सनसनीखेज breaking news " गौर से देखिए👀 इस sugar candy 🍫को ... ये जितना sweet है उतना ही ये कड़वा करेला हो गया है...
जी हाँ मिथिलांचल की गलियों की ख़ाक छानने के बाद भी जब इस शख्स को अपनी future love❤ नही मिली तो ये suger candy अचानक ही कड़वे करेले में तब्दील हो गया ...और गत सप्ताह 🏃🏻‍♂भाग कर दिल्ली आ गया india gate ही क्या दिल्ली के हर कोने हर म्यूजियम में अपनी future love❤ की तलाश की...तलाश में ये शख्स इतना पागल हो गया कि हर राह चलती लड़की की photo click की और उनसे बात करने की कोशिश भी की....
हम समझ नही पाए 🤔 इतने cute से लड़के को अब तक उसकी future love ❤क्यो नही मिली ????
जब हमने इसकी गहन खोजबीन🧐 की तो अज्ञात सूत्रों से पता चला कमी कहाँ है ...
आइये एक नज़र sugar candy और उनकी होते होते रह जाने वाली future love की बातचीत पर डाले....🧐
Sugar candy : hi मैं अपनी future love की तलाश में हूँ और आप बहुत अच्छी है बिल्कुल मेरी future love ❤जैसी
होने वाली future love ❤शर्माती हुए सोचती है अब ये purpose कर देगा फिर भी लड़की है तो थोड़ा भाव खाती है : तो मैं क्या
Sugar candy: plz दीदी मुझ से दोस्ती कर लो ना
तो देखा आपने ये ही कारण है कि ये sugar candy आज भी अपनी futuer love ❤की तलाश में है हम सब सिर्फ दुआ 🙏🏻ही कर सकते है इसको जल्द ही इसकी future love❤ मिले......
Nojoto family से मैं nojoto writer ✍🏻Poonam Bagadia"Punit"🙏🏻
#Friendship #Nojoto #nojotohindi #Kalakaksh2.0 #Happy_Friendship_day #Humour #nitish_sagar sorry sugar candy

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(Time Machine ~ TM)

TM: Hello little kid, where do you want to go?
Kid: I want to go to my future.

*Time Machine giggles*

Kid: Why are you giggling?
TM: For you too turned out like others.
Kid: Is it? 
TM: Yes.

*Took the kid to his future 
and came back within a few minutes*

TM quizzingly: Just a few minutes and you are 
done seeing your future?
Kid: Yes. I didn't go to see my future life. 
I just went to see what changes took place 
in people's lives because of me. 
Now, I can strictly work upon my actions.

*TM smiles proudly murmuring*
"Future Kids of our future!"

Be the "future Kid of your future"!🤙

#positivevibes #futurevision #nojotoenglish #Nojoto

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Path to Success & To Not Giving Up!
We often think that the
#Path to success in Life is short, easy and if we could just complete the next step we will win.  


The path to success in Life is: 
1. Long 
2. Difficult 
3. And multiplicative of all actions you take during the long and difficult journey. 

Success in Life is not: 
1. If we score great marks in School, Engineering, MBA, and think our future is set. 
2. If we complete a particular task, project on time - and think this will always be there. 
3. If we do marketing, get users, get funding, and think we have a business - and we can now chill. 
4. If we coax a beautiful, pretty girl into marrying us - and think that the relationship is set for life. 
5. If we get a deal, and think wow - not we don't have to deliver it. 

Success is Commitment and living it to 100%, once you commit. 

Often start is considered as the success, but it is just the first step, and if we get relaxed, we will fail with each thing - be it School, College, Work, Business, Relationship. Yes, fail Flat on the face. 

Success is like a war -  Made up of 1000s of small battles, where in you have to execute each battle, each day, each relationship, each decision, each statement right and 100%. 

The multiplicative rule of the WAR says that if you lose one step, one decision, one action - you are ZERO. 

Yes, that's how harsh it is - and so is Life. It makes things Zero, even after a lot of hardwork, if there was a single even a single fuck up in between. It doest care. 

----------------- Giving Up: 
Often in the path to success in Life, we feel like giving up, we feel to rest, we feel to relax, and we think that who's watching it? Its my Life and I will enjoy ! 

No my friend. No !

But as and when you give up or rest - You have lost that moment, which will never come back. Yes, you've lost it !

Moreover, I've seen and met people, who think that this can't be done, because it is tough, it takes time, or I am not capable. 
To all those people I will say, the world gives "Zero Fuck", Yes "Zero Fuck". 

Life is Fucking Brutal, It fucks you when you are alone, it fucks you when you do not have any resource, it fucks you when you do not have money, It fucks you when your friends do not pick up. 

Yes, that's how brutal it is.  

------------------Decrease Negativity: 
The only way to deal with it and win it is "GIVE ZERO FUCK"!
Remove Negativity. Yes, remove whatever is holding you back. Focus on the purpose. 

You can only hit the "Eye" with the Arrow, if you Focus, and lessen the burden with of all FUCK!

------------ : Keep Walking, Keep Walking - Till you win the War!

#War #Life #ThugsLife #400MilesPerHour 

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