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Every year, dozens of new Bible versions are published onto the market. Satan is the author of confusion, not God (1Corinthians 14:33).All of the different Bible versions cause utter confusion in the churches and society.
You'd be shocked to learn how many evangelical churchgoers have at least a dozen different Bible versions on their bookshelf. I seriously doubt if most of them are saved, because Satan has confused them with different Bible versions to believe a works_based false plan of Lordship salvation (Acts 19:32). You're either trusting Jesus as your Savior or you're not saved at all.
Have you believed a lie.


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The worst sin of all is the corruption of God's Word and all the indifferent evangelical churches who use them, apathetic to the Bible version debate.
Satan is a master deceiver. The Bible warned us that the Devil would sneak heresy into our churches(Jude 1:4).
All of the modern corrupted Bible versions deny the Lord, attacking His deity, obliterating the Godhead and diminishing Christ's preeminence.
Do you have spiritual food poisoning?


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World’s Fastest Camera Can ’Capture Light’
Scientists have developed a super- fast camera that can film at an unprecedented rate of five trillion images per second, fast enough to visualise the movement of light.
The camera will be able to capture incredibly rapid processes in chemistry, physics, biology and biomedicine, that so far have not been caught on film, researchers said.
A research group at Lund University in Sweden successfully filmed how light - a collection of photons - travels a distance corresponding to the thickness of a paper.
In reality, it only takes a picosecond, but on film the process has been slowed down by a trillion times.
Currently, high-speed cameras capture images one by one in a sequence, filming 100,000 images per second.
The new technology called Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures (FRAME) is based on an innovative algorithm, and instead captures several coded images in one picture. It then sorts them into a video sequence afterwards.
The method involves exposing what you are filming (for example a chemical reaction) to light in the form of laser flashes where each light pulse is given a unique code.
The object reflects the light flashes which merge into the single photograph. They are subsequently separated using an encryption key.
The film camera is initially intended to be used by researchers who literally want to gain better insight into many of the extremely rapid processes that occur in nature.
Many take place on a picosecond and femtosecond scale, which is unbelievably fast - the number of femtoseconds in one second is significantly larger than the number of seconds in a persons life-time.
"This does not apply to all processes in nature, but quite a few, for example, explosions, plasma flashes, turbulent combustion, brain activity in animals and chemical reactions. We are now able to film such extremely short processes," said researcher Elias Kristensson.
"In the long term, the technology can also be used by industry and others," Kristensson said.
A regular camera with a flash uses regular light, but in this case the researchers use "coded" light flashes, as a form of encryption.
Every time a coded light flash hits the object - for example, a chemical reaction in a burning flame - the object emits an image signal (response) with the exact same coding.
The following light flashes all have different codes, and the image signals are captured in one single photograph. These coded image signals are subsequently separated using an encryption key on the computer. 

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Encouraging oneself is more difficult than encouraging others..

Have a wonderful day🌻 #NojotoQuote


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There are many things that first love get credit for but you deserve more recognition!

You made me believe in love again after my heart was crushed into million tiny pieces.

You made me laugh again.

You made me stop believing that all girls treated guys badly.

I know it wasn't easy.

I know I am hard to love.
but you did it your patient, Caing, understanding and protective every minute of every day. you brought so much happiness that I never thought I would feel again for everything you thought went unnoticed they did not they have been right here in my heart in my head all alone

Thank you for

Holding me when I Would Sob in onsolably about the past &another person who hurt me.

Showing me how I actually deserve to be treated.

Being  patient when I doubted you at a times only because my first love caused me to have those insecurities!

Giving me a new days and traditions to embrace and love.

Proving to me that I was actually enough just the way I was.

Encouraging me when I wanted to try something new & not trying and control me.

Acting proud to be my girlfriend.

Giving me space and time when I nedded it. Instead of accusing me.

Fighting for me when I shut down and shut you away.

Letting me be sad when I needed to.

Taking silly picture with me and putting them on social media instead of hiding the fact that you have a boyfriend.

Encouraging me to be friends with other girls whoever I wanted to be friends with.

Accepting that I am broken.

Loving me exactly the way I am.

I won't say first is the worst, but with you, I will say second is the best.

Thank you for teaching me so much about myself and love

Thank you for teaching me about growth forgiveness and accepting change.

Thank you for coming into my life when I needed a second chance.

Lastly thank you for making me happy in so many new ways! your first love that loves having you as his second love..
#nojotophoto #OkBye

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