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9 Awesome Things You Can Experience For Free In India

India is a large and varied land. One of the few things that unite all of us is our quest for free and inexpensive things. No matter how affluent you are, freebies and discounts always attract you.
So, we have tried to create a list of few things that you can enjoy absolutely free of cost in your own country.
1. Read rare books at the National Library.
Image sourceThe National Library, Kolkata is the largest library in India. The library was opened for providing free assistance to needy students. You can enjoy the reading facilities of this iconic library, absolutely free of cost.
You can stay as long as you want and read as many books as you want.
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2.  Enjoy lip smacking food at the famous religious kitchens of India for free.
Image sourceIn India, there are many religious places that offer you great food without charging you a single penny. Places likethe Golden Temple, Amritsar, the Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya, Shirdi and Jagannath Temple, Puri are just some of the places that offer delicious food absolutely free of cost.
3. Go to the India-Nepal border and visit a foreign land for free.
Image sourceWe all wish to go outside India, at least once but often the expenses becomes a major hindrance. Though we admit Nepal might not fulfill your definition of abroad but it still remains a foreign land which requires no entry fee.
4. Go the top of the Jama Masjid Minarets to enjoy the view of the city.
Image sourceAnybody who has been to the top of the Jama Masjid Minarets in Delhi would agree that it is an experience of a lifetime. Once you reach the top of the minaret, it actually feels like you can see the entire city.
It is one of the best things one can enjoy in Delhi, without spending a single penny.
5. Visit India’s only sanitary museum.
Image sourceThough the idea of visiting a sanitary museum might sound a little weird but trust me it is one of the unique experiences you will ever have. The museum is open 365 days and the Time magazine has rated it amongst the weirdest museums in the world.And you don’t even need to spend any extra bucks to visit this unique and exciting place.
6. Enjoy lip-smacking pakoda, chops and cutlets for free on Netaji’s bday.
Image sourceWell, believe it or not, there is actually a shop in north Kolkata known as the Laxmi Narayan Shaw and Sons, which serves its best items for free on Netaji’s birthday.
It is said that even Ramkrishna Paramhansa used to enjoy the ‘telebhajas’ from this shop.
Fact Source
7. Watch films for free at Film festivals.
Image sourceIf you want to enjoy a good film for free then film festivals are your place. In most of the film festivals that are held across India, they screen many films for which you do not need to pay a single rupee for the tickets.
8. Enjoy an exotic experience at Auroville in Puducherry.
Image sourceAnybody who has been to Puducherry would admit that it is one of the prettiest places in the country. You might be a little surprised to know that you can actually enjoy to entire stay in Pondicherry absolutely free.
All you need to do is contact the ashram and sign up with them and they would often provide you free accommodation and free food. Interestingly, that is not all, in Auroville, you can attend things like Yoga classes, film screenings, and most these stuff do not cost you any extra bucks.
9. Visit chocolate factories in Ooty and enjoy free chocolates.
Image sourceThere is hardly any place in India which as pretty and romantic as Ooty. This beautiful hill-station is not only famous for its scenery but also for its brilliant chocolates. Though you might find quite a few chocolate factories.
Not only can you visit these factories for free but most of these factories gives you a coupon that allows you to enjoy complimentary chocolates.
Fact Source
And you thought nothing is free in this world!

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Human beings are born to be free. Freedom is a perception to every single person. It is a concept to every one. Freedom is ability, it is a feeling. Freedom may be physical, mental or social. We lead everyday life with some basic question in our mind. At least once these questions have crossed every person's life i.e “Who we are?”, “What are we made of?”, “Are we really Free?”. Perhaps thousands of years have passed we are still searching for the answer.

Who are we?

Who we are? What makes us? That is the question of millennium. The simple answer is 'we are human being'. We have evolved from cro magnon through biological evolution. But are just human , just another species!? In my opinion we are more than just another species,we are unique. Everyone of us has different physical structure, different behaviour,different perceptions, different feelings, various cultural background and appearance. Nature has made us what we are today. In us each egg and sperm contains 23 chromosomes and when sperm penetrates an egg 23 chromosomes pairs with another 23 to produce 46 chromosmes. Each chromosomes carries genes,segment of DNA. DNA synthesizes protein, that is what makes us.

What are we made of?

From the dawn of the time, we have questioned ourselves. 'who are we?', 'what are we made of?'. I think these questions do not have any definitive answer. It is the matter of individual's perceptions of their life. In my opinion everybody is made of the belief of their own. I was brought up into a Hindu family. No one is born with their own belief. Beliefs are fed to people with time. In our world everything was supposed to be the same, but due to different religion, beliefs, culture that has not been possible. As I was growing up I was raised Hindu. But it was not my belief, it was fed to me. We should not let anyone else to take decision in our life, we must take the bull by the horns. Life is what we make of it.

Human beings have the ability to do whatever they wist to do. We have the power of our own destiny. We have resources, ability, and potential . So we must make our own belief. Only the belief will make us what we really are.

Are we really free?

As human beings, we really like the idea of 'freedom', being 'free'. But what is freedom? The answer has various form and means. Freedom is an idea, practice. Freedom is the act of free mind. Freedom is a bird flying in the sky without the fear of being shot down . Freedom is the ability to decide the course of my daily schedule and overall life course. Lastly freedom is having what is rightfully yours.

Now the question, are we really free, in my view in most of the forms we are not really free. We are bound by some rules set by others irrespective good or bad. As we are indian citizen, if you don't take our newly formed laws and rules into account, most of our acts are inspired by British acts. British ruled our country for more than 200 years in a way that they only trained us , they did not educate us. So how could we have our own view. Everything are inspired by them. Here 'inspired' is mostly in 'negative' way. Everything they had done in our country was for their own good. Article 10 of our constitution provide us freedom. But i don't take it into account. I am not talking about individual's freedom, I am talking about freedom on a whole. For that kind of freedom our life will be worth living. Till one single person is oppressed , one single community is repressed, we are not free, the genuine meaning of freedom is farce. We can't enjoy our freedom till someone is deprived of it.

Freedom is our birth right. Human have born with freedom. But according to our constitution everybody has the right to be free, but we don't live into the short boundary of constitution, do we? We live in our real world. Being free is not easy, but it is not difficult also, we have to achieve it in long run.


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I am a mad...while reading a book...
I neither start from the first chapter or read every chapter one after another in serial... I start from a middle, after reading a page... or finishing that chapter...I usually go to the last chapter...if I liked the ending...I go to read from starting again. 
But because of the curiosity of reading the 3 chapter of this book " Immortal Talks"... I started from the beginning of this book...very first page. But after reading first two chapters... I was in deeper view of life and thinking about how much bad karm I would have accumulated and how much of bad karma... I would have passed to every one I have been attached with. And what could be the meaning of the dreams I least remember. Those thoughts didn't let me go to chapter 3... although I tried my best. Then I applied my way of doing it again... instead of listening the reasonings of my mind... I trusted on my instincts...just opened the book...That took me chapter 5... Defeating Death. I didn't let the name to send or create any thoughts about what could be there inside... I just had a feeling that...there is may be answer to some of my questions... I don't even know that those questions are there somewhere in me. It was true... this chapter is all about how a soul can travel both in dream world and real world... how one cheated death with the help of Lord Hanuman and how the Ram name helped a soul to leave her body and enter in a new one. 
It also answered to my another question that why one could feel longing for someone, even when you are not connected to that person in any way in this life.
Then I started last chapter... but after reading two pages... I returned to my goal of reading the third chapter as I have already finished first two.

#TheSpiritualJourney #ImmortalTalks #ReadingTheseDays #MyExprienceSoFar

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