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Beauty is inception,
Beauty is conception,
Beauty gives direction
Beauty tackle perception.

Beauty is day,
Beauty is night,
Beauty finds way,
Beauty creates light.

Beauty is imagination,
Beauty is creation,
Beauty is emancipation,
Beauty is relation.

Beauty is bright,
Beauty is your right,
Beauty, word of action,
Beauty, beyond the section.

Beauty can't be measure,
Beauty, beyond the pleasure.
Beauty is in the eyes,
Beauty perceive the beautiful sight.


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The Eternal Beauty
Bells chiming
Ice cool winter weather here
Sound of horses trotting by
While pulling the horse carts there
Dark mesmerizing chocolatey aroma
All around
Seems like somehow
I've managed to go back to the Old England
For sure!
Alluring the beauty is, of this place
Then, all of a sudden I notice
My eyes, stuck, on a girl
Whom I noticed, passing by there
The silence looming at her face
Was like the silence
Which dwells in the air, of that place
The shine in her eyes was like
The first ray of sun which enters there
Her earrings seemed as if they're
Miniature version of bells which chimes
At that place
Her dress sparkled as if it was sunlight
Shimmering through
Curtain of oak trees
Her scent was like that of chocolaty aroma!
It felt to me as if
She did belong to that place.
Sound of her footsteps
Was like that of a horse, trotting by!
Complexion of her's was like
That of a Moonlight!
Her Red fingernails, were like thorns of a rose
Which seemed to warn those
Who wished to harm
The beauty of her's
Her hair, looked like a blanket
Which people used
To keep them warm
During ice cool winters there
I wished, I could have talked to her
Let her know of all the beauty which she possessed

But then, all of a sudden, I realised
All that glitters, is not gold
One day, as she is human
She too will get old

All those Oak trees, will too
Face the autumn
All that sunlight, which shimmers in winters
Will too turn to scorching heat of summers
The Red fingernails of her's will too one day, fell off
Just like rose petals
Those shiny eyes, will too one day
Lose proper sight
That white skin, will too one day
Become pale and dull
The silence which she possessed at her face
Will too someday bear hues and cries
Those Flowing hair of her's
Which the other day seemed, like a blanket
Will too one day, litter around
As if they're torn pages!
And that mesmerizing chocolaty smell of her's
Will too start stinking, like that of mud!

Here I am, waiting
For that very day
When all those glitters
That successfully misguided many
Will reveal, their bitter truth, to everyone
And thus, on this day
I will get to embrace
The Real Beauty of her's
Which never ever faded
Even by a slightest bit, ever!
Rather, it stayed with her
All along
From cradle, to grave
It's the Beauty, of her heart
Beauty, of her soul
Which forever remains
Young and warm
Even, at the time
When her outer beauty
With wrinkles.

-Neeraj Kumar

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what is true beauty????.. human being have two types of beauty first physical and second is spiritual beauty...

physical beauty can't take the place of spiritual beauty. because physical beauty is decay at the time.but spiritual beauty never decay at the spiritual beauty is must.... don't give much importance to physical beauty..

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It is most beautiful way to express ur 
real feeling.❤️

(Be Simple and Achieve anything❤️)


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night quotes in hindi P h o t o g r a p h
creates the greatest
beauty of simplicity.
~ja_fernandez~ #NojotoQuote

Photograph creates the greatest beauty of simplicity.
#quoteoftheday #jacf30 #thoughtoftheday #Photography #inspirationalquotes #Inspiration #photograph #simplicity #wordoftheday

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