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                           My Twitter Crush Crushed Me Overnight!

I know, my right eye was winking all day long, something good was about to happen. I got your "NINE" words reply.

I remembered an old Bollywood Dialogue "Ladki Hasi To Phasi" (She fell for you, if she smiles) 


Exactly four days ago, I found her account on Twitter, opened it, saw her profile picture. She was damn cute, I fell in love at that very moment. I just kept looking at her. I tried to figure it out if she is real or just another lame fake account. She had added her Instagram account and Facebook Id. I opened both, she was real who was more beautiful in other pictures posted o Instagram. I came back to twitter, liked her each and every post and followed her, She followed me back within an hour. I found some kind of positive vibes in me that I managed to message her "HI!"

But sadly, my bad luck. I didn't get back her reply for three consecutive days. I used to check my message box everyday but nothing.  It was probably 9:30 in the evening. I dared again to message her second time, I texted " Am I getting the reply or not?"

I know it was harsh, nevertheless, I did it, I sent it and I could not do anything. 

In about 9:43, sane night a pop-up came in my message box. She had replied. I got what I wanted, I was on cloud nine, I was never happy like that moment. That was just amazing feeling, may be that was love, may be that was the addiction of FEELING-OF-LOVE.

She:  NO!

Our slow conversation began, the extravagance of one-sided love story began on The Twitter Chat Box. 

Me: NO! You replied, right? It's YES, I guess?

She: Yep!

Me: I think the internet is not working properly because I am only receiving one word reply.

She: I am only sending you a single word reply.

Me: I know, my right eye was winking all day long, something good was about to happen. I got your "NINE" words reply.

She: Ha ha. So funny. 😊😊😊

        She too added those laughing emoji with the text. I remembered an old Bollywood Dialogue "Ladki Hasi To Phasi" (She fell for you, if she smiles)

Me: Keep smiling, well for health, and you looks beautiful when you smile.

She: Really! Do we know each other? I may not be one who you think.

Me: NO, we don't know each other. But we can and my heart is seriously saying, you are definitely the one who I think.

She: Confident! I appreciate. 

Me: Thank you! Pretty lady, now I think, I can die with satisfaction hearing your sweet appreciation and may even reach Heaven.

   (I know Filmy dialogue always works to flirt girls.)

She: Do you say this to all girls or am I the special fool who is talking overnight with unknown guy?

Me: You are special but not fool. You are just special.

She: You probably had many exes, which was the best? 

Me: Triple X!!

She: Bad joke!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠

Me: You got it? I thought you are decent girl.

She: Don't question upon my innocence. I am decent. Change the topic or I will.

Me: Good morning! It's already 1 in the morning.

She: How can I talk to you so long?

Me: God knows. Sorry typing mistake, I am an atheist.

Me: Again bad joke. Change the topic.

    (I sent her two pictures, one of eyes and another of lips, definitely not mine)

She: So beautiful, whose are those, your ex?

Me: Your! Check the mirror. By the way, never had ex, but could be future.

She: So cheap? How did you get all my pictures?

Me: Instagram!

She: Oh boy! Don’t be so fast. How dare you to crop my eyes and lips?

Me: I just wanna die in your eyes and _ _ _ _ those lips.

She: What, Why you all guys are so obsessed with......?

Me: I just forgot to fill those gaps, it was for FOREVER SEE SMILE IN those lips. What you thought? Oh girl! Don’t be so fast. 

She: That sounds beautiful. I think I kinda like you! But remember just like.

Me: That's enough.

I heard a strange noise, something like beep-beep increasing volume itself.

I texted her, “I am hearing something strange noise."

She replied " Really, me too. I can even hear someone screaming your name."

It was my mother, she was screaming "Hey, wake up! It’s already 5 in the morning and today is your Chemistry board exam."

I was like "what" I opened my eyes, I was dreaming. Was that the dream? SHIT! SHIT! 

I opened Twitter, the message box was empty, I just saw my last message to her," One gentlemen once said, If a girl don’t reply the second time, be a man and don't text her third time. Am I getting the reply or not?"

Instantly, I opened her account and blocked her.

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वो दोस्त था मेरा....शायद दोस्त से ज़्यादा...पता नहीं क्या था हमारे बीच लेकिन जो भी था ख़ूबसूरत था। मेरी ज़िंदगी में आया पहला शख़्स....अलग था वो..सबसे अलग..मतलब वो पहला शख़्स था जो मेरे कहने से पहले ये समझ जाया करता था कि मैं उदास हूँ या ख़ुश, पता नहीं कैसे। ये ग़ज़ब की काबिलियत थी उसमें जो मुझे उसकी ओर खींचे चली जाती थी। उससे बातें करते हुए सब भूल जाया करती थी मैं। क़रीब था वो मेरे दिल के, मेरी ज़िंदगी में आया पहला शख़्स..साहिल था वो मेरा। वक़्त के साथ एहसासों में भी बढ़ोतरी हो रही थी....शायद मोहब्बत हो रही थी। और फ़िर एक दिन एक मुद्दे पर बहस हो गयी और..........दिन, हफ़्ते, और महीनों बीत गए शायद साल भी। आख़िरी message मेरा था और उसके जवाब का इंतज़ार भी मुझे था, लेकिन अब इंतज़ार की वज़ह कुछ और थी क्योंकि इंतज़ार की हद हो चुकी थी और अब वो जो था हमारे बीच शायद वो नहीं रहा था..या शायद था लेकिन कुछ कम था कुछ कमी सी थी। मैंने इंतज़ार किया था उसका लेकिन................
अब गुस्सा था मेरे दिल में, गुस्सा था कि क्यों उसने मेरे message का कोई जवाब नहीं दिया, अगर कुछ हुआ भी हमारे बीच तो क्या यूँ हमारा रिश्ता ही ख़त्म कर देगा वो ? क्या उसे मेरे होने या न होने से कोई फ़र्क नहीं पड़ता ? और अगर नहीं तो क्यों नहीं ?, मेरी या उसकी किसी ग़लती की सज़ा हमारे रिश्ते को क्यों दी उसने, कैसे उसने अकेले ये तय कर लिया कि हमारे रिश्ते का अंजाम क्या होगा ? 
सोचा था जब वो message करेगा तो ये सब सवाल उससे करूँगी लेकिन....अरसे बाद जब उसने message किया तो तानों से मैंने भी उसका स्वागत किया था। मेरा हर एक ताना उसे बड़ी ज़ोर से चुभा था और ये देख मेरा दिल बड़ा ख़ुश हुआ था।
लेकिन उन तानों के पीछे भी वो रिश्ता छुपा था जो मुझे ये एहसास दिला रहा था कि ए लड़की अब बस कर, याद कर ये वही है जो तेरे बिन कुछ कहे सब समझ जाया करता था, एक बार नहीं समझा तो क्या हुआ और भी तो लोग हैं जो नहीं समझते तुझे, बस वो भी उन्हीं का हिस्सा है अब।  #NojotoQuote

आजकल रिश्ते messages के reply पर इतने निर्भर हैं कि अगर reply ना आए तो रिश्ता दम तोड़ देता है।

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Heart vs Brain
Heart- Ek Baar Phone Check Karta hu Uska Massage Aaya Hoga.
Brain-Rahne Do Koi Message Nahi Aaya Hoga.
Heart- Yaar Mai Hi Message Kar Deta Hu.
Brain- Rahne Do Koi Reply Nahi Aayega.

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Hindi Itni uncool nahi

Bullet train ke Iss zamaane me Laupat gaamini ka kya hai kaam,
Aur dimaag toh almond se hi banta hai, Phir kyu khaate hain hum baadaam,
Iss Dhwani Vistarak yantra (mic) me, main bas itna hi kehna chahta hoon,
I don't want to go with the flow yaar, main behna chahta hoon.
Aur Hindi humaara abhimaan hai, hai yeh Koi bhool nahi,
Arre bandhu samjho, Hindi Itni bhi uncool nhi!

Ghoomte Ghoomte ye pankha fan bann jaata hai,
Aur Accha bhala aadmi man bann jaata hai.
Kahan gayi wo akad, ab toh swag hi swag chaaya hai
Everything is fake ke bhaiya, Sab moh Maaya hai.
Main nahi kehta ki Julius Caesar me dum nahi,
Par Haan, Gangs of Wasseypur bhi toh kisi se Kam nahi.
Toh point yeh hai bandhu ki Hindi ka Samman Karo, hai wo pairon ki dhool nahi
Arre bhai samjho, Hindi Itni bhi uncool nahi.

Kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal aata hai ki yadi Hindi na hoti toh kya hota?

Hindi na hoti toh panchatantra bhi kahaan hota,
Naa hota Gulzaar, Vishwas bhi kahaan hota,
Iss samaaj ke kuch diggajon ka prachaar bhi kahaan hota,
Love toh hota janaab, par saccha pyaar bhi kahaan hota,
Naa hote muhaavre , naa hoti lakoktiyan, aur rehte hum kavi majboor yuhi,
Tabhi main kehta hoon, Hindi Itni bhi uncool nahi.

Ab dil ki daleelon se dilaasa de deta hoon khudko,
Hindi humaari hakeekat nahi, history hai, yeh samjha leta hoon khudko,
Kathit karte samay Iss kavita ko, kaamp uthta hain kanth mera,
Man mein maujood mere dard ko kaise Karoon main bayaan,
Ye toh bas Hindi ko khone ka darr hai, main Koi emotional fool nahi,
Arre maan bhi jaao yaar, Hindi Itni bhi uncool nahi.

Hindi Bhasha nahi, bhaavon ki abhivyakti hai,
Hindi ki mahima se acchoota shayad hi Koi vyakti hai,
Hindi me alfaaz hai, Hindi me jazbaat hai,
Aisi kai mehfilen saja de, Hindi me woh baat hai,
Hindi toh ek Pearl hai, jiska Koi tool nahi,
Ab toh samajh hi Gaye honge aap, Hindi Itni bhi uncool nahi!


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Festival of Holi is to unwind and destress,
Change the Holi color but not urs and spread it all,
Make sure u don't make anybody fall,
Either send a message or give a call,
And spread the message slowly,
Here comes my message poem to Wish u Happy Holi...

#Happyholi2018 by #iamprn

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