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I Lost my Voice...But I Scribbled
I Lost my Charm...But I Continued Charming 
I Lost my Life...But I Gathered the Courage to Fight Back
I Lost my Love...But I Didn't Forget to Love my Parents Back
I Lost my Innocence...But I Didn't Stopped Being Innocent
I Lost my Calm...But I Waited Calmly for a Long Time
I Lost my Trust...But I Continued Trusting Other's
I Lost My Confidence But I Continued Performing
I Lost My Interest Towards Life But My Interest 
       Didn't let me Loose " My Life "

I Lost...

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Girl quotes in Hindi I crept under his shadow
Left every known behind
Taking his words pure
I forgot love is blind
I lost every near and dear
And lost self regard and happiness
I began to  brew in fear
I lost myself and dwelled in vehemence
In the prelims,he was like too caring and loving
Slowly it faded and all changed in vain
Love from his side was no more there,but twinge
Not only my feelings,every part was in pain
Heart was supplying the feelings of togetherness
Brain was screening inimical thoughts 
Meanwhile jolted in between the hearts and brains mess
Resulting in cries and tears of ditching rots
I lost love and trust
I lost hope and i lost him
What he lost is not must?
New victim in his empire,impressing her with fake prim


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worldHealthDay precious than gems
we have our body
dont commit suicide for somebody
if love is lost nothing is lost
if character is lost something is lost..
but,if health is lost everything is lost..
because one can regain his good image and character with good deeds..
but health once lost chronically cannot be regained.


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What Have I #lost

Yes the quest was tough and long..
Yes the race was ruthless and competitive..
But I didn't knew that I had to run it alone..
Every day...Everyday..

Maximum I could have done was to sit and rest for sometime..
Give time to someone..
Care for someone..
To gain some trust ..
Unlikely, I was mistrusted..and kept in dark..

Ha Ha Ha Ha...I am laughing now..
Yes I am ...
Because its not my loss..
What I lost was a frnd .a partner..for the race..
What you lost was a partner for life..

No Worries.. as people say .. Life goes ON..
Now you can live with your Miracle and Magician story...
Or whatever suits/makes you happy..

I also lost few friends..and good time with them...
Because I had to run a race..
Race to Hell ? or Heaven ..I dont know yet..
Because its ON !

But yeah they were wonderful frnds..

I lost time to my parents..and Brother..
I know they are still thr for me..
But I could have spend more time with them..
But nonetheless.. I lost that too...

Yeah..In the race I lost many a things.. including some hair on my head..
Yeah the Loss is huge and un-repairable..
Yeah it is ..

But I had to make a trade.. Trade for frnds and family Vs the pain to be static...I had to run..
I just made a choice..
I dont know if its going to make me happy or Sad in the long run..
I dont know when I will reach the finish line ..I will be happy or Sad..
I dont know..
What I do Know is to RUN..And RUN !
And I will
#Run ..Till I die.!

- Kite Runner !

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