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I want to walk holding your hands  way long to infinity !
 I fall for you every time,  in my heart for you
 there is a special affinity..
I want to stand  under the rain of love with you...
 I want to get moisten  with this pure love's dew ..

  I want to cry in your arms,  feeling the solace in them..
 I always want you to be overwhelmed ;
 at each and every moment ..which  we spend together.
 let's hold Each Other forever and forever ...

when small droplets of rain  fall on my face,
 I could feel your touch...
 the proximity it creates, make me forget every grudge...
 which is in my heart , hurting to the core !
it gives me peace ; cuddling in you more.. 

 I want to drench fully in rain ..gwith you by my side ,
makes me forget every pain!!
let's hold each other in the rain of love.
 holding you forever I want to fly up above ...

leaving all the pain to get buried inside the earth
 . denching in rain crying in your arms
 is  the one wish I want to get fulfilled in every birth ...

      #Himani ❤❤📝

rain reminds of magical moments!! rain n rikara make perfect combination❤❤ #nojotoenglish #Love #Poetry #rain #kalakaksh #TST Satyaprem Swetapadma Mishra Faiz Iqbal Says Deep Ved Ashok Dabad Akanksha gautam😊 Akshita Jangid

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I like the rain but,
I love it when it touches your face.
I love it when you spread your arms in rain.
I love it when you force me to dance with you in the rain.
I like the rain but,
I love it more when I'm with you. #NojotoQuote

Rain and You.
The drops of rain always make us smile. But sometimes it's just not about rain, it's about the person with us. Rain will be more beautiful whenever we are with that person.

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Impressionist Painter, Mike Barr - Captures Poetic Scenes of Rain-Swept Streets

Late Rain – Waymouth Street

Fine artist Mike Barr has one goal in mind when painting a new piece: to share “joy of place.” Specifically, Barr has his focus on Adelaide—his home and South Australia’s cosmopolitan capital city. With its coastal climate and eclectic landscape, Adelaide has proven to be a painter’s paradise for Barr, who specializes in rainy day street scenes. While all of his wet-weather depictions beautifully capture the moody atmosphere of the city on a stormy day, Late Rain – Waymouth Street is one particularly striking study.
Late Rain – Waymouth Street depicts a wet day on a busy road in the city’s center. While the foreground is almost photographic, the background is entirely impressionistic. Through Barr’s quick brushstrokes, blurred lines, and hazy washes of paint, the scene appears alive: as the rain pours, quick-moving pedestrians hide under their umbrellas and cars wait in a weather-induced traffic jam. You can almost hear the windshield wipers!
In addition to his signature impressionist style, Late Rain – Waymouth Street conveys another distinctive characteristic of Barr’s oeuvre: his use of light. Although the sky is grey and the scene is dark, Barr provides pops of color through luminous headlights and the blinking bulbs of traffic signals. He has a particular penchant for painting the light as it bounces off of the slippery sidewalk. “I enjoy the effects of shadow, light and reflection,” he explains on his blog. “Rain in the city may be seem negative on paper, yet it is a real-life drama that evokes both excitement and comfort when seen in a painting.”

You can see more of Barr’s moody masterpieces below.

Mike Barr: Website | Facebook | Blog

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Do you remember the sound of the rain?
Those droplets on our window,
Making the patterns we used to adore...
Do you remember the smell of the rain, the petrichor?

Do you remember the sound of the rain???
When I slipped on the wet floor..
And you kissed me on the head,
To ease my pain...

Those toys we used to play with,
Are broken but I still have kept...
Do you remember you danced in the rain?
To make me smile when I wept...

Now the raindrops remind me of you..
Whenever they fall down...
I still remember the way you used to wear your headband...
Like a precious crown...

Now the raindrops remind me off you...
I remember you once told me...
Its the heaven that weeps to reach out the earth...
But now the raindrops remind off you...
As they are weeping for you...
To give honor to your love...   

Do you remember the sound of the rain??
The sound which once sooth me...
Now reminds me of the pain...

Do you remember the smell of the rain?
The petrichor?
Now it reminds me of you...
And its you I always wish for....

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have you ever listen to the things the clouds and rain  tell us
may be they had a bad day & only need a listening ear
that's why i love to get wet in rain listening to their story..
trying to be their listening ear 
how beautiful art though ; rain
falling or dropping in same pace and beat..
with a soft drop to the loudest splash,
quiet but not so, washing away sadness & loneliness.
droplets pour down my face & commit slow suicide,
soak into my clothes...
i sigh smile and spin in the rain
like rain i broke into trillions of pieces, isn't it cool or awesome
to fall onto someone else's skin and causing them joy,
a piece of happiness, soothing their heart 
i can smell the comfort of rain with me..
it takes my pain away💙


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