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What can be even better name for India since 'India' is a racist name in a world where native Americans are called 'Red Indians'? Is there any better solutions for India's new name which could explain India better without going away too much from the name 'India' as it sounds nice?

I like the name ‘India’ although I understand the sentiments behind the question.

Probably some Iranian in the past started to call us 'Hindu' from Indus valley civilization where original name was 'Sindhu' or 'Sindh'. They were mispronouncing the name 'Sindhu' to 'Hindu'. That name 'Hindu' got stuck from that time.

Now with British, they took it to another level, they were mispronouncing it to 'Indu' or 'Ind' or 'Indi' from 'Hindu' or 'Hind'. From that the name 'India' was invented by the British.

Now India is a sweet name. All the people in India like this name. But the problem is with it's racist history. For example Columbus, when he first discovered America, he thought he mistakenly came to India as he saw the similarity between native Americans and brown Indians. He thought these people are probably redish skintone Indian people or popularly called 'Red Neck'.

Now we all know that the name ‘Red Indian' is highly racist name in America, it is probably as notoriously racist as calling African people 'Nigga' or 'Nigro' or 'Nigre'.

That's why some people in West or more specifically in America has started to call native Americans as Indians to avoid any such issues.

This creates a lot of unnecessary stupid insulting issue. For example we all know American people are notoriously ignorant about things. As a result they often think that there's actually two Indian group in this world, one of them is in America and other one is in Asia. Some even go further than this and ask stupidly how come Indians exist in Asia?

Can you imagine how insulting it is to Indian people when at one point of time in history India aka ‘Bharatbarsha’ was arguably the richest country in the world or very close to it.

The whole Indian civilization has therefore become joke or absolutely nothing to some people due to some historical racist stupidity.

The thing is Indians don't necessarily care about such stupidity of Americans but they don't necessarily like to hear about this from various ways either. It's not really a very nice thing end of the days.

So therefore the issue such as the above mentioned question arises.

India is basically the world's smallest continents. We have more language than rest of the world, as many as culture and even more customs and food habits and many skintones.

All Indian people are not necessarily from Indus valley civilization. 50% or more or slightly less are from Dravidian civilization which tend to live in Southern India. Now because of history behind the name, when we call our country India, it doesn't necessarily represent the people from Southern India.

But what are the options- we can go back to ‘Bharatbarsha’ or in short 'Bharat' in that case southern Indians may say that is Northern Indian name which could create another controversy which we don't want.

We could name our country ‘Hind’ or 'Hindustan' but then other religious people will think that we are trying to destroy their religion which will create another controversy which we don't want.

Also the name 'INDIA' has such a sweet tune to it and it has also got into our Indian blood and brain.

So what can be the solution then?????

Well, in my opinion this should be the perfect solution-

Indus valley civilization+ Dravidian civilization = Indria (Indrian).

Yeah, just adding one 'R' in a perfect position and everything automatically put into place nicely and also the ‘India’ or ‘Indian’ tune is same with 'Indria' or 'Indrian' name.

It is also very Indian name. ‘India’ was completely British name. But 'Indria' sits nicely between an Indian name and a British name.

So what do you think?

You can choose disagree with me.

But end of the day, it is just a creative thought.

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Navratri 2019 - April 06th to April 14th, 2019.

#navratri or “nine nights” is the celebration of #goddess #durga. She is considered to be the most powerful of all the Goddesses. Goddess Durga is considered to be the power or Shakti behind every creation, #Preservation and destruction in this universe. This puja will help you to get rid of your past issues and remove the obstacles from the way of #Success and career. This puja also going to be good for #Health, #Finances and overall #prosperity for everyone one in the family.

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Why the Name "Nojoto" ?

Yes, we know that it is a little peculiar (we ourselves prefer to think it is eccentric). Well, we have been told that by everybody we know and every single one of them followed it up with the question of what it means.

We are a 100% percent sure that’s the first thought that popped into your head as well.

And this is where we answer the world. This is the moment when we make our stand and clear our name – once and for all!

Okay, your FAQs first:

- Is it an abbreviation?
- Does it mean something in an exotic, foreign language?
- Is it a company of aliens who have decided to name it after their planet?

The answer to all the questions is an emphatic ‘NO’.

The answer to the final question is an even more emphatic ‘NO’.

Now, we imagine the origin of Nojoto was no different than the way a few of our older siblings came into existence.

Once we had the idea in place and decided to dedicate our lives to it’s execution, we scoured the net for coming up with a perfect name.

We went through a million theories (seriously, we counted) when we decided that it would be easier to make a theory ourselves.

That led to the origin of the soon-to-be-very-popular “Two-O” theory.

The “Two-O” theory states that when a name consists of 2 O’s, it becomes a magic name that has it all: easy to pronounce, distinctive aura, and a recall factor!Examples: gOOgle, yahOO, facebOOk :)

Consider this: When we look closely at the pronunciation of the vowels, A, E, O, U, and I, the muscles of the face are the most relaxed with O. We are sure that this is the main reason for the popularity of such names! (It will be proved soon enough!)

Since we cracked the reason behind the great names, we were a little pleased with our brains. So our brains suggested that we take this step forward. If 2 O’s make such a difference, imagine what 3 will do. And our brains have confirmed that the other brains (yours, of course) will simply love the name!

Then we seriously considered and consulted the beer Gods on the next problem. Do we place the 3 O’s consecutively or no?

The Gods were heavily in favor of alternate placement.

And there you have it gentlemen, and ladies.

In a moment, it was a collective realization (much like Newton must have felt with the apple) that we had a winner in our hands.

To name after a meaning is customary.
We know, but since this experience is anything but customary, we have raised the bar.
We have given the meaning to a name to what we stand for – a heady cocktail of Creativity, Passion and a little something we like to call – The mind blow!

Say hello to Nojoto!

#WhatsInTheName #Nojoto #HelloNojoto

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This Navratri lets pray that no Durga is aborted, no Saraswati is stopped from going to school, no Laxmi has to beg for money from husband,no Parvati is sacrificed for dowry, no Sita has to suffer in silence and no Kali is given a tube of fairness cream 😊

Happy Navratri Everyone 🙏

Happy Navratri 🙏

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Navratri is a festival celebrated by Hindus all over the country for nine days two times in a year as Chaitra and Sharad navratri,of which Sharad Navratri is more significant of the two . During nine days the person invokes ma Shakti , who is the energy of the universe ,to finish the demons inside him. By giving up sensory indulgences and performing meditation one tries to give up the doshas of the mind like greed ,anger ,lust and jealousy and to obtain purity of the mind .May Goddess bless all


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