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( Raphael Gray (born 1982 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein) is a British computer hacker who, at the age of 19, hacked computer systems around

the world over a period of six weeks as part of a multi-million pound credit card mission. He then proceeded to publish credit card

details of over 6,500 cards as an example of weak security in the growing number of consumer websites. Gray was able to break into the

secure systems using an £800 computer he bought in his home town Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire, Wales. After publishing the credit card

info on his websites, Gray posted a personal message saying law enforcers would never find him "because they never catch anyone. The

police can't hack their way out of a paper bag."

He was tracked down by ex-hacker Chris Davis who was insulted by Gray's "arrogance". It took Davis under a day to find Gray's

information, which he then forwarded to the FBI.  ")

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inspiration of my last breath
People thinks that comic books is a childish thing. It is a thing of which only kids should be a fan of and if , going against odds, someone tries to show interest in them or finds his or her passion in it, the society tries to suppress it. I know it is a very classic shit i am writing, but a truth is a truth, whether it is a classic-shit or a modern-crap. The only thing, in a very simple way, is to never give a damn to the society and decisive it in such a way that when it thought it has chocked the hell out of you, you are flying across the sky spreading your wings and I am telling you, being a fan of superheroes is not an immature thing 'cause in the end only a superhero comic or a movie will give you the will to stand up and fight back 'till the last one of your breathes remain.

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I have been working on my first comic series called JOSH..u...a. (character designs, model sheets etc) will be published online soon. Stay tuned!
I have also just setup my patreon page. You can now support me on Patreon and get access to my sketches, rough drafts, concept art, EXCLUSIVE contents, High resolution version of my comic and ALL the Full size wallpaper (no watermark, more than 3000px width) of this month and last month as reward.

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Science without religion is a comic monster which is capable of only deceiving, trapping and looting people.

#Science #Religion #Comic #monster #Capable #deceiving #trapping #looting

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Comic Relief
#hilarious #entertainment #Life #Society #online #Shopping #hardalist
Comic Graphic Resource: Hardalist

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