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Padam Chaat Corner: Pani Puri Like You’ve Never Had Before

Padam Chaat Corner: Pani Puri Like You’ve Never Had Before
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you walk through Kinari Bazaar in Chandni Chowk, past shops selling everything from turbans to buttons, you will arrive at Padam Chaat Corner; a small platform no more than six feet long and four feet wide with a bilious pink wall behind it. On the platform sits a man in a ragged white dhoti, a nondescript shirt with a bright red tilak below a sparsely haired head. Arrayed before him in metal pots and pans and cane baskets is a selection of chaat, which he calls Kitty Party. Pani puri, kachori, raj kachori, bhalla paapdi, papdi chaat, and kalmi vada are on offer.
Padamji or Panditji, as he is fondly called by regulars, exudes an air of tremendous superiority as he sizes me up with his small, pale, watery eyes. I ask for pani puri. With rehearsed ease, a pattal is handed to me while Panditji begins to stir a jar with pale green water in it. One after another, delicious, savoury and sweet puris brimming with water, chutneys, soft-boiled potatoes and pickled guava find their way into the pattals. After four pieces each, Panditji stops and leans back into the wall behind him. Unwilling to let the assault on my senses end, I ask ‘Ek aur plate.’ He asks, ‘Variety ya simple?‘ Without missing a beat, I ask for variety—it is, after all, the spice of life.
Image courtesy: Raghav Pasricha
Panditji serves me four pani puris. The first with searingly hot pani, encased in an atta puri that makes my ears pop. The second is delightfully tangy, with a hit of pickled guava to enhance the gastronomic experience. The third puri is sinfully sweet, loaded with saunth.
Fixing me with a blank stare, Padamji gently places a dahi-filled puri on my plate. The soothing dahi calms my burning mouth, before a gentle hit of citrus leaves it feeling clean. How Panditji extracts so many flavours from the same combination of chutneys and water is probably a state secret. As I down the dregs of water in my plate, the maestro gives me a wry smile, and enquirers ‘Khush?’ I smile and offer only my salaam. If the Padma awards had a category for culinary contributions to Indian culture, Padamji would be a winner by default.
Where: Gali Barfwali {near Kinari Bazaar}, Chandni Chowk
Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk
Price: Starting at INR 40 for a plate of golgappas.
Featured image courtesy: Raghav Pasricha

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There's a cold dark corner
in the back of my room,
it speaks to me
and says I'm coming for you. .

As I lie on my bed
in the fetal position,
my eyes are closed
hoping and wishing.

Maybe that one day
my dreams will come true,
that I don't have to be here
so down and blue.

The corner keeps talking
about how I'm going to die,
all I can do
is lie there and cry.

As the corner gets closer
and takes me in,
my soul starts to burn
as so does my skin.

My bones shall lie there
turning to dust,
my bed surrounding
nothing but rust.



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5 WTF snaps from the Comedy Animal Photo Awards
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (yes, that's a thing) are back once again, showcasing candid shots of the funniest critters on the World Wild Web.
So good are some of these snaps, it's almost as if the animals knew the brief. From peekaboo eagles to ballet-dancing ants, and friendly polar bears to snowball-flinging monkeys, the most comedic scenes from the animal kingdom are all here.
Kick-started last year to help raise cash and awareness for conservation efforts in a lighthearted way, you can enjoy a handful of 2016's funniest shots below before heading over to the CWPA website to LOL at the rest of the entries

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a 'peli-can't catch a fish to save his life'

*Plays 'The Great Escape' theme tune* © Nicolas De Vaulx/Comedy Wildlife Photo 2016

That feeling when you forgot something important

"Shit. Did I leave the iron on?" © Barb D'Arpino/Comedy Wildlife Photo 2016

Oh yeah. Laugh it up

"You want a funny photo? Owl handle it." © Edward Kopeschny/Comedy Wildlife Photo 2016

Who needs hand-eye coordination anyway?

"Oh yeah, this is awkward for you, huh?" - fish © Rob Kroenert/Comedy Wildlife Photo 2016

That's a bad day in the office

"Hey, Dave, I'm taking the rest of the day off." © Tom Stables/Comedy Wildlife Photo 2016

Check out the rest of the entries to this year's competition right here.

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If I could read minds..
If I could read minds, I would know
The child inside you
You craving to be you
Forced to hide under the muck of this world
You sitting in the corner of your mind all curled.

If I could read minds
I would know you without any blinds.
You moving from shrine to shrine
Without any shine
Looking for answers to questions
That defy the divine.
The child in your mind
Weeping in the corner
Feeling like a foreigner in its own body
Smiling you, but an all time mourner.

If I could read minds I would know 'the you' you.

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It was raining cats and dogs, it was monsoon season
and "Madiha", mother of three daughters was busy preaparing breakfast for the family and also lunch for her youngest daughter "Mahira"...
➡Mahira ...Mahira...Mahu...get up you are getting late for school.
➡Mama please....let me sleep, it is raining , i dont wanna go to school.
➡Mahu get up..
Taking her quilt overhead and ignoring her mothers calls, Mahira slept..

➡Good morning, aunty...
➡Good morning beta.... how are you?
➡I am fine, what about you?
➡I am fine, but your friend will not let me be fine...
➡why... What happen? Where is she?
➡she is ....
And Mahira entered the room, making weird sounds
➡Mahira you are wearing uniform? You said to me i will not go to school...
➡I said? When? Why should i not go to school?
➡ are....
But again ignoring her mother...she left
➡Arman" beta thank you soo much, if you would not be in her life i dont know how could she stand alone in this world, after such trauma..
➡Aunty, please, dont say thank you, she is everything to me...

Arman ; best friend of mahira.. He was not just a best friend to her but he was that person who helped her to restart her life..
Yes restart her life.......
5 years ago, Mahira suffered a medical trauma..
She was in deep depression, suffered severe panic attacks......and her life went around words like haloperidol, chlonozepan, couselling, hospitals, etc
Her life had became a mess, she needed a friend,
and then Arman her childhood friend came back in her life and rejuvenated her life...
He was a messiah to her.

📲📲 Mahira calling...
➡where are you dumbo? I am waiting for you...
➡Coming mahira...
➡come soon...."maar daloon gi tujhe"

But he did not came........
📲📲 The no. You are calling is switched off..
➡what is wrong with him...
And mahira was burning with anger and went back home..
The next day when she met him, he had some reasons for yesterday and as always mahira beleived him blindfold....
As the time went on, mahira observed that may be Arman is ignoring her, her mind was understanding this fact but as always heart is fool...she did not payed heed to it...and even dont about it to arman..
Yes, she was in blind love with him...she beleived him more than anything...


2 months ago;

Mahira woke up in the morning, and as a routine checked her phone....
➡Arman has texted me?
Her heart started pounding...
➡ No calls, no messages from your number now.......
When she read the text, she had nothing to say, neither could she cry, because her tears had deceived her long ago, nor could she react ....she was numb...
📲📲Mahira calling
➡I am sorry , you wanted me to not to call, but i had to talk to you.
➡yes, say it fast...
➡why armaan?
➡I dont know...
➡Please tell me, i cant live without you..
➡i dont know....i will be out of the station from tommorow...byee tc...
➡Armaan, just remmember, "I WILL WAIT TILL I PERISH"....

7 years ago:
➡Dr. Armaan, you have been posted to the"City mental hospital".
➡ok sir..
And armaan had became a doctor now..He had to join his service in city mental hospital....
➡Good morning dr. Armaan, these are the cases of patients you have to take care of...
And he went out for round...His eyes went over a cell,
Which was locked?
➡wardboy....wardboy....why is this cell locked
➡sir there is a patient, she hates light, she wants to be in darkness, she dont want anyone to enter her cell.
➡ open the lock...
And he entered the cell, it was all dark...he could only sight a girl sitting in the corner with her head down...
He switched on the lights..........
Boldly written on the walls.....yes she was mahira....
She stood up from the corner and fell down over armaan and murmured 'i will wait till i perish'...
She was no more....she kept her promise....


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