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The 6 Basic Principles of Building Social Products:
1. Social Graphs are already Established.
Do not reinvent the wheel and try to build social graphs again from scratch on your product.
2. Social Graphs get built over a period of time.
a. Over years – Users have made friends on Facebook, added professional contacts on LinkedIn or followed people on Twitterb. It will take loads of time, effort and patience if you try to build them again.Google+ is attempting this – we can wait and watch if it succeeds.
3. Don’t build Social Products for sharing content & driving additional traffic.
a. Most social products are built with this intention – sharing content and hence driving more trafficb. Existing social graphs are powerful and already allow sharing of content to drive viral traffic.
4. Build Social Products that add value to users.
There are many tasks and products that can be built outside existing Social Platforms which can add value to end users. While existing social graphs are established, users have a Usage Mindset about them, this is biggest incentive to build innovative social products.
5. Don’t arbitrage value through your product.
There is immense value in integrating directly with social platforms like Facebook & Twitter, do not try to arbitrage this value through your product. Users (if it is a B2C product) or Merchants / Publishers (if it is a B2B product) will at some point of time realize this and abandon your product to integrate/use directly.
6. Don’t build – but leverage Social Graphs!
Rome was not built in one day! And so are Social Graphs. Choose the one that fits most with your product use case and leverage it.

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Content Distribution Tools #Notes
When you’re creating useful, actionable, epic content, everyone deserves to see it. So how do you get your hard work and effort seen by the largest audience possible?

The 3 Types of Content Distribution Channels
Before we dive into the tools, let’s start with an overview of content distribution. Essentially, when you distribute your content, you do so in three basic channels.
OwnedEarnedPaidOwned media includes the channels that belong to you, where you control the content. This can be your blog, website, email newsletter, and social media profiles.
Earned media involves others sharing your content. This can take the form of social media shares, guest posts, media coverage, and product reviews.
Paid media is the exposure you pay for, be it pay-per-click ads, display ads, social ads, or otherwise.

When viewed in a Venn diagram, you can see that these channels provide a bit of overlap with one another as content distribution can touch on many different channels for the same piece of content.

With this idea framework in mind, let’s look at some tools that help accomplish content distribution in each of the three major distribution channels: owned, earned, and paid.
The 17 Best Tools for Widespread Content Distribution

1. Buffer

We’ve found Buffer to be the simplest way to share your content to your social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can schedule your posts to publish at ideal times (or let Buffer decide when is best), and you can reshare older content by re-buffering straight from the app dashboard.

2. Edgar

A new tool for reposting content from your archives, Edgar helps with evergreen promotion by linking to your social channels and sharing old content at a regular drip.

3. WiseStamp

A complete, beautiful email signature that can contain the typical contact information plus a host of other social media, RSS, and content distribution tidbits. You can show your latest tweet or hook up your RSS feed to show your latest blogpost.

4. Goodbits

Create an email newsletter full of amazing links (including the content of yours you want to distribute). Goodbits lets you drag-and-drop content from a queue made up of any RSS feed you connect as well as any articles you add via the bookmarklet or browser extension. You can then customize, edit, and send to your contacts, including your MailChimp list and segments.

5. MailChimp

Speaking of email newsletters, MailChimp is one of the biggest and best (and free) ways to send email to your list of contacts. You can set up automated campaigns that deliver each new post that you write, or you can create campaigns from scratch. MailChimp offers free accounts for those with fewer than 2,000 contacts in their list.

6. SumoMe

The suite of tools offered by the SumoMe WordPress plugin helps considerably with owned media and earned media. For owned media, SumoMe offers list building tools that include a subscription scroll box, a signup bar, list popup, and incentives/giveaways widget.

In terms of earned media, SumoMe makes it easy for others to share images on your blogposts as well as the posts themselves.

7. OnePress Social Locker

This WordPress plugin allows you to lock a portion of your content behind a social share button so that the content can only be accessed once a user shares to Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

8. Help a Reporter (HARO)

HARO lets you connect with journalists looking for a source. If you’ve got an expertise or experience in a certain area, you can sign up at HARO and a reporter could get in touch!

9. PR Newswire

Got something newsworthy to share? Consider going the press route. PR Newswire can help with distribution of news, announcements, and events to a variety of sources. If you sign up, a rep from PR Newswire will get in touch directly to authorize your account and help with any press release promotion you need.


Build a list about anything—resources for your niche, articles you love, helpful tools, recommended books, etc. Grab links from around the web (including yours), and publish and share—and even embed—your list so that others can see.

11. Buzzstream

Buzzstream provides a host of services that assist with link building. You can find influencers in your niche who may want to share your content, and you can organize outreach efforts all the way from list building to measuring responses.

12. Boomerang for Gmail

Outreach to fellow bloggers and influencers may require a bit of followup. With Boomerang, you can schedule your emails and automate follow-ups.

13. Contently

Writers, authors, and journalists can create a portfolio at Contently, which can then be viewed and shared by just about anyone—readers, social media users, and even potential employers. The Contently platform helps connect content producers with those in need of content, and the service acts as a great way to distribute your own writing in one consistent place.

14. Storify

Collect content from across the web—blogposts, tweets, and more—and place it into a Storify page. We use Storify for recaps of our Bufferchats on Twitter. The service integrates all types of media from videos to articles and everything in between.

15. Outbrain

Have you ever come across a series of links at the end of an article? Would it be cool to see your content there? You can sign up for this kind of service at Outbrain, which feeds related/interesting content to pages all over the Internet.

Similar services include Disqus, Taboola, Skyword, and SimpleReach. Contently did a great breakdown of the pros and cons (and costs) of these paid channels, and Powered By Search has a list of great options, too.

16. Facebook sponsored posts

In a similar way to Facebook ads, you can pay to have your page’s posts seen by more users on the network. You can boost any post from your page and target the boost to reach a particular demographic of location, age, gender, or interest.

17. Promoted tweets

Like Facebook sponsored posts, you can get more views on your tweets by paying to promote a tweet to a larger audience. This occurs through the Twitter ads dashboard where you can compose an original tweet to promote or grab one from your stream that you’d like more people to see.

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How would India be in 2070? What will the situation of rest of the world? How different will be the situation of social environment and other areas in India?

Earth will be hotter than what it is now so that means India will be even hotter but good news is people that born in that environment will learn to live happily as they don't know anything better and revolution and adaptation are part of human civilization.

So yeah, no apocalypse happening. People will be living as normal as it is now.

Now here comes some shocking prediction-

India will be the richest country in the world in 2070. China will be in second position. USA will be in top 5. UK will be out of top 10, could be out of top 15 even.

Solar power research will be number one hot topic in scientist's mind as there's going to be plenty of discovery on that. I can see something big happening by using solar flare.

There's going to be discovery of plenty of substitute of oil but unfortunately all of them will be very average not as good as oil. But it's going to be workable.

Flying private solar panel car will be invented but there's going to be some legal battle to delay the process as there will be some legitimate concern around traffic and other stuff.

Alien will be still undiscovered but we will find plenty of examples of evidence which will tell us that we are closer than ever to find alien life forms of any kind.

Total population of Earth will be 6 billion in 2070 due to many reasons. It will reach 8-8.5 billion in around 2055 and from then on rate of decreasing will be in rapid rate. India's population will be highest(2.8 billion) in 2060 but in 2070 it will be 2.3 billion. China's population will be 1.2 billion in 2070.

War in middle east will not be over but it will die down significantly to have any impact world wide.

There's going to be water crisis in some parts of the world but it won't be as problematic as it sounds.

Personalized internet aka world wide web will be the new big thing but it will still not be completed enough to be in the market.

Craze around social media will die down in the end of 2050 but something much more interesting will be around corner. "VIRTUAL HOLOGRAPHIC ASTRAL FORMED INTERACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA"- People's appearance can be whoever they want to be, whichever way they want to be. Imagine if you are in Europe for a business trip and your girlfriend is in America, well you will be able to cuddle with your girlfriend without actually present there. The catch is everything in the room have to be made of holographic receptor and proper equipment and even your girlfriend's attires to touch you and to feel you. This kind of research is already happening. So I am not taking crazy. You must have seen this kind of thing in interactive computer games, well this will be in the real world instead of virtual.
There's going to be plenty of other research discovery which could be even more significant than what I have described.

There's going to be a discovery of seperate financial system which will be outside of current global financial system but it will not be completed to put through in the market as it will be too complicated to do even for 2070!!!!

India will be the most arrogant country in the world. Things will definately be easier with it's financial situation compared to what it is now but it will also bring it's other sets of problems.

I don't have to clarify on every single detail of social situations of India in 2070 as everyone knows that financial strength overpower social taboo but it will not be carbon copy of West either. On some issues India will be more advanced than west on other still has a way to go.

Constructive religions will survive with lots of difficulty but God theory will exist as good as ever.

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Having one real best friend over thousands of followers friends on social media (Tag your best friends)
I am someone who constantly check social media. Who tracks how many people have seen my Instagram stories and tracks every stupid poll ever. mostly because it gives me the illusion of well.... having people care and the truth is. They probably do and I actually love all of them. I mean they care enough to reply to my stories and be nice to me  when the internet can be a truly, truly dark place. and honestly their replies make me forgot friends I have made in REAL LIFE.

You know the best friend who is stuck around before I was even on social media. who is been there for 18 years through my bad phase, and my even worse, I sometimes think he just stuck by to take bad photos of me and then blackmail me with them, but oh well either way through my forever fluctuating equation comprised of people who follow and then unfollow my life on social media he is the one person who has chosen to not unfollow me for real. even though I had to beg him to follow me on Instagram.

and that's the thing is not it? social media can be fun place. it can help you forgot the things you have going on in real life. but the followers? well you can become friends with them but they will never really be able to replace the person who sees you without makeup on real
#nofilter day and love you anyway.

I respect all of you and love you all just to get off and on this post.

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