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The Swastika is known as a holy symbol of the spiritual world. It has great significance in spiritual process and is the symbol of ultimate Victory. In sanskrit texts , the proper spelling of the word swastika is svastika. Sanskrit has no ‘w’. Literally, the word svastika is a statement of affirmation, “It is!” “Life is good!” “There is value” “There is meaning!” Svastika is a term that affirms the positive values of life. The word is made of su + as. “As” is the root of the verb “to be” of which the third person singular is, “asti,” “it is.”  Su is a prefix used in Sanskrit to intensify meaning in a positive way, thus su+asti means literally, “it really is!” When combined, the ‘u’ changes into a ‘v’ thus giving the form svasti. The ending ka makes this verbal form into a noun. This is the linguistic morphology of the word, svastika .It has also connection with astronomy ,It is the root sign of Saptrishi collection of 7 stars, which in hindu mythology are recognized as seven peers. Giving place and prominence to Swastika ensures the blessings of seven peer’s name. This sign has prominent place in Indian culture and civilization since vedic period. The indians always use this symbol as good and positive beginning of every aspect of life.

Amit Thakur
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Let's get lost,
Away from the society,
Somewhere in the clouds with birds
Above the planes and copters.
Going directly towards heaven
and residing a proof of our love to god,
Then coming towards the earth with rain,
Taking the hold of air
and giving water to some cardamom plants,
We'll take a nap in there,
Then we'll go to the roots watering plant in loops,
We'll then reach to the fruit via routes through stem,
And,be the seed of cardamom,
And,then becoming a spice,
Going to someone's tea,
Or giving a sweet flavour to someone's life,
We'll surely be taken by someone in mouth just before the kiss,
Or,maybe be served for a flavour,
And,then we'll become symbol of love and eternity,
Let's just get lost tonight.
Let's get lost tonight,
Somewhere in the sand,
Below 2-3 layers of water,
We'll play with the fishes,
We'll move from one place to another,
& then move towards a bank of river,
Where we'll be taken by a potter,
& he'll make an effigy of god from us,
We'll be taken to a temple somewhere,
& we'll get worshipped there,
Giving a hope to helpless,
&then we'll become a symbol of purity.
Let's just get lost tonight,
In ourselves,
Just you and me.....

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Rising above the bank of Yamuna, is a masterpiece of ivory white solitares.
Perfect in everyway, one of the Wonders of the Earth, declared!
Standing at the heart of India ,
Is a magic ever imagined!
It is a symbol of Eternal Love, known for the most visited monuments of the World.
Not just a mausoleum, it is a Symbol of love and hope,
Laying inside the lover's tomb reaching the hearts of every person ever known.
The story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz depicts the courier of their love, untarnished by time,
His love perfected every alphabet of life,
Remains to be the most astonishing creation of mankind!
The two legends lies inside the graves,
Underground vault and steps, where numerous daily voices invests.
He gave his beloved a place of god!
Carrying amazing story and myths, some proved others let undisclosed,
Gone! With the two majestic souls!
Secrets kept inside, a shrine entombed with unparallel devotion of pride.
And the pearly white marbles looks like the picturesque dress of the bride.
Real opulence seen in everyway, a caricature of grandeur and splendor gifted as a Tribute of Love, feels like a poem without words!
Every calligraphic sparkling gem with perfectly symmetrical illusions withstands.
Love as solid as its stones and rocks, like polar ice caps that could never melt the ambient musk painting the spirts and the honesty of their bliss.
To visit the Pilgrim of Love which lays empty, but their voices could be heard.
Breathing room for the true spirit it holds,
Taj Mahal! Is truly the most romantic tales ever told!
©snehawassan Nojoto Nojoto English
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I love the way adrenaline rushes in my veins...
I wanna them to pulse me up...
I wanna me to be an invisible hate...
I Wanna be the pointed dart of sarcasm...
I Wanna be the masterpiece for myself...
I Wanna be the symbol for hope,
The symbol for excellence...
I was born to Excel...
I was born to Run...
There is nothing to hold me back...

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Dove is 
considered a symbol 
of peace in India.

Dove is #considered a #symbol of peace in #India.
#Happy #peace #day

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