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I hope you find a boy who calls you at 3AM just because he misses you. I hope he holds your hands and hugs you often. I hope he surprises you with flowers at your front door. I hope he loves hanging out with your family. I hope he gets you your favourite Chocolates and Cakes  just because you like these. I hope he can cry in front of you. I hope he loves you with and without makeup. I hope he screenshot your selfies because he finds them pretty. I hope he can sit in the rootop of your home listening to Nagpuri songs because he knows you like it.  I hope he is the boy version of you. I hope he respects your boundaries. I hope he lets you fall asleep on him. I hope he cares for you when you are on your period. I hope he is proud of you.  I hope he shows you like there is no other girls in the world. I hope he talks to his mom about you. I hope he loves you and isn't just saying because you say it. #NojotoQuote

i hope

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hope is like a medicine,
 for a die heart.
it can alive to a die person..
i m serious..
hope is the think,
which can give you life back..
just hold the hand of hope tightly,
when you in deep..
when you in darkness..
it can be save you..
it will come you..
in light..
yes! this earth ..
actuaally.. whole human cast..
depend on hope..
always when we go in darkness..
we have hope to light..
when we wait for someone..
hope he/she will be come..
an we hope..
one day god will be listen to us..
and our aall dreams r come true..
this is hope everyTie doing..
it always give us..
oucourege.. our life back... 
be hopeful... sakhi

hope is the medicine..

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Let the hope in you always survive,
Let the hope create miracles for you,
Let the hope in you makes your dreams come alive.

Let the hope kill the demons in you,
Let the hope in you grow as the time passesby.

Let the hope imbibe positivity in you,
Let the magic of hope brightens your life.

Let the world see the best in you,
Let the hope in you never die ♥️


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Sometimes keeping
hope is not giving hope, 
Hoping for a hope, 
Can be hopeful, 
But hope for always hoping 
Might would be hopeless, 
So never hope to hope, 
Whatever you hope, 
It can be hopeful, 
Or it could be hopeless..... 
© ragi's pen  #gif

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#OkBye says- Dear love, I hope he takes care of you [READ FULL CAPTION]
I Hope he takes care of you. I hope he tells you that you're good enough when you feel insecure. I hope he knows how stubborn you are and still manages to get listen the little things, fuck I hope he understands and appreciates the little things. I hope he loves you even an ounce of how much I did. I loved you so much that loving you was all I fucking did. But we weren't right for each other.
I also hope that you achieve all your dreams and life treats you better than it has. I will always love you. I just know I will.
I am sowwy, I really tried, I guess it just wasn't enough. You know what, it's something genuine about pepole who makes you feel safer. Eventually even if they are far away from you, their mere existence is so claiming and beautiful. It somehow makes everything alright.
We may not be awake at night to talk about our minds and our heart, but I will never forget the things you said, the plans we made and how happy I felt around you.
We may not be around each other anymore but you're the one, I think about everyday. I do miss you. You're still the person who makes me immense happy.
I'll never truly happy until the day comes when the lol bubbles of the world we live in toghter pops and the world becomes reality.
That's the reality I wouldn't hate living in and I am sorry that I couldn't be the boy you wanted and every beat of my heart is a poem written by you.
Yet, the heartbeats are bumming through the fire of separation. Neither the smoke nor the light could be seen within. And I just wish I could end our story with- THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVEN AFTER.
But that didn't happen. There was you, there was me and we were apart. So now when I end out story truthfully, I end it with she and I, we didn't make it.

Fairy-tale endings doesn't exist for everyone and someday I will be ok with that.

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