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The moon start glowing;
The breeze start flowing 
Everything turned my heart 
My cheeks took a reddish hue
The thunder reminded me of all those days 
Tears raining down the cheeks
Hands clutching the mouth tight
For others it was love shower
For me it was pain shower.
But u can't call them wounds,
they nolonger bleeds.
I know if love can fade,
So can pain.
Just a question in mind 
"Why you ask me to be your valentine"


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Each and every morning not only give u a great  day but also support u to put in ur self with START of a new life.
A new SUN always gives u a new opportunity to grow up.
so  be + ve and caring about ur ideas and thoughts  from start of the day.


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If you fail don't Give Up ⚠
No matter how many times you fall 
into Bad habbits ,
How many times you get bad grades,
You detrack !!
Always try to get back to your track
start building new habbits,
bring new small changes into your life
start working hard again,
reset your Goals_ your aims,
Never Lose sight of your destination !! 
If you keep moving you will reach it,
 even it is on the other side of the forest
across the desert or in the cave
Just Keep Moving 💯

It's never Too Late 💯

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Read caption😍😍

It's about....last night
She was horny

She just jump on me and remove my all clothes

Just like a hungry dog
She was licked my body

She grab tightly my hard cock and start rubing.

She open her mouth and take my hard cock deep in throat

Slowly slowly she...sucked my hard cock
With her tongue

She was playing with my balls

After that...she came on me she spread her legs and holding me with my hair and put my mouth on her pussy
And forced for lick

She put my all mouth on her pussy
And i was just eating 😍

After...that she smiled and said...i wanna go for a long riding
And she came on my dick she put my hard cock in her pussy
And she start riding

She was making sexy noises "aahhhj ummmmm ahhh ooiucchhh uiiiii mmmmmmummm "

After a long riding..she said i m cuming open your mouth
And she cum on my mouth and i drink her all cum😍

And she came on knee and taking my all cum into her mouth and she just sucked all my cum

And...we sleep together 😍

#erotica #lust #lusty #couples #love #erotic #lovelust #nojotowriter

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Sometimes we have some situations which are impossible to face. that time we get depressed
 nd have no options than commiting suicide bt
 After suicide again we have to start with a new 
life so, Why can't we start new life in the same.
We have some options, Either destroy ,save or
 re- begin a new life....

#Choices... @Yogita Sisodiya

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