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Shilpa Yadav

#love_shayari #familypoem#shilpayadavpoetry#shilpayadav#familypoem #कविताकोश Dr Anoop ANOOP PANDEY Neel Vishalkumar "Vishal" poonam atrey hardik Mahajan vineetapanchal Niaz (Harf) Anshu writer Priya Gour

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Sonal Gupta


Away from home I thought everything would be serene,
There would be a heaven with no worries and screams

A week's realisation was enough,
And I finally realised life is gonna be tough

Away from homeI thought there will be carnivals of laughter,
Little did I know being alone can be a disaster 

Not like taking risk is not appreciated,
But in a foreign land the old peace can't be created

Away from home there is no home,
Afterall without roots even a huge tree is alone #home #misshome #homeisheaven #parents #family #love #familypoem #homesick

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