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His warmness
My cold body

My shyness
His erotic hobby

His hand over my bust
My on his waist

My sighs
His kisses

Dark room
Brightened wishes

Once again we fell in love
In that lubricious cove.

#erotic #Love #darkroom #he #She

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It was a  poem
He fell  at the first
And then he rose to the throne in the last.
One lanister hand him pushed him down
One pushed him up


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#HeAurShe ❤

Jaldi gussa ho jati hu Mai...

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She- Mai bahut jaldi gussa Ho jati hu yr...

He- huu

She- Ha agar Mai kuch keh rahi hu Aur kisi ne nahi suna to Mai gussa Ho jaungi

He- Ha ab batao kya keh rahi thi tum


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#HeAurShe ❤

Chaye aachi bani thi aaj

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(After argument)

She- Mai ja rahi hu

He- Aacha suno to

She- Ha jaldi bolo, kya hai

He-Thodi der rukti to chaye pikar jaati, aachi bani thi aaj

She- ...


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A Twisted Love Story
(Part 5)

'I love you, Rehaan.' 'I love you too,Natasha.'

Rehaan lifted Natasha in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He slowly put her on the bed and gave her a soft lingering kiss. Natasha put her hands behind his head and pulled him on the bed with her. Rehaan deepened the kiss and Natasha opened her mouth. Rehaan licked her lips and slowly thrust his tongue into her mouth. Natasha moaned with pleasure. Finally they undressed each other and made sweet love.


The morning after the night...

Rehaan woke up with a smile on his face. Natasha was still sleeping. She had tightly held him and there legs were entwined. Rehaan first kissed her forehead then her nose and then her lips. Natasha sleepily kissed him back and said,'I love you Rehaan.'
' I love you more',teased Rehaan. 'No..I love you more.',said Natasha.
'I love you more and it's evident from the fact that despite your protests I made you marry me.',said Rehaan. Natasha slightly hit him on the shoulder. She said,' I love you more as I gave myself to you despite being kidnapped by you.' 'Let's just agree to disagree.',said Rehaan.

They were having breakfast when Rehaan asked her if she wanted to meet her parents. Natasha was surprised. 'But I thought you didn't want me to meet my parents. I remember the time when I pleaded with you to let me call my parents after you had kidnapped me and you had staunchly refused. What made you change your mind?' Rehaan smiled and said,'What do you think?' Natasha blushed. He continued,' You love me...we are husband and wife in every sense of the I know that you would never leave me.' Natasha couldn't help but smile. They decided to go to England the next month as Rehaan was supposed to perform there.

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