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ಅಂಬಿಕಾ ಬಿಕೆ

Arpita Hazra

We are India's daughter. And we will live with dignity. #educatethegirlchild #Stoprape #save_humanity

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Women are NOT rehabilitation centres
for homeless or unemployed or
uneducated men who don't have a
control on their lecherousness..
 We are India's daughter. And we will live with dignity. 


Simmi Singh

On child labour. Beti bachao, Beti padhao. #yqbaba #childlabour #BetiBachao #BetiPadhao #educatethegirlchild

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Her hands are rough
palm lines, deeper and darker
yet, what life holds for her
is difficult to decipher.

She dusts houses
at the age of dusting slates
the only learning she gets
is from her own mistakes.

She often bites off her nails
while gobbling down food
she doesn't mind any dirt
flavouring her food.

Her sombre eyes
have seen life from close
every time she was dragged down
with a smile, she rose.

She is the kind of girl
parents tell you not to become
and so they send you to school
for you to learn.

When you've learned enough
help another child grow
uplift the withered flowers
else, what this education is for?   On child labour. 
Beti bachao, Beti padhao.

#yqbaba #childlabour #betibachao #betipadhao #educatethegirlchild

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