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Let's talk about
One more taboo


Read caption and think #NojotoQuote

Me being girl always taught
not to go near god and temple
while on periods

For this I just want to say
If god had made us
why would he create something
which is impure for him ?

It is just a biological process
which is reason for birth of new soul

You can not talk about it, with any of your male family member

I mean why???
Why can't we talk ??
we should atleast talk about how we feel

I know some of you may say
what is need to speak about it to anyone

Me myself live with my mother and father

And if my mother is not at home
And I got periods

I can't ask my Dad to bring me pad

it's like sshhhhh
family shouldn't know it {As if it is a crime}

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Indications that your period is about to start!

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Drop by Drop
I let oceans flow 
Pains like storms
engulfing my stomach
shivers in my body
tablets flowing through veins
subsiding the storm 
But not for long
Yet I say "I am alright"
Its just an ordeal of 5 days
every month 
Yet I conquer that battle
and never let you know 
how much rivers of blood
took me to survive
color of love
color of Pain
color of survival
for I stop the blood
and let it flow
for a new beginning
I let my Red
turn into flesh and blood
crying ,smiling
and completing my world

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