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Nishar L

Sakshi Vashist

First place had huge windows
Air could come and go
But not like the balcony
Where we left our childhood, a decade ago

Second place had declared walls
Lemon peach pink and blue
But none can beat the painting
With moonlight, boat and a hue

Third place has the trees
With mangoes, Ashoka trees and few other
But they all just reminded me
Of the flower garlands we made for mother

Fourth place, seriously, had the best view
Buildings, showrooms and other other homes
But nothing beats the feeling of a house
That gives me a hug of a home of my own
— % &  #paidstory #home #house #houseislike #homesmellslike #homeisheaven #nostalgia

Sonal Gupta


Away from home I thought everything would be serene,
There would be a heaven with no worries and screams

A week's realisation was enough,
And I finally realised life is gonna be tough

Away from homeI thought there will be carnivals of laughter,
Little did I know being alone can be a disaster 

Not like taking risk is not appreciated,
But in a foreign land the old peace can't be created

Away from home there is no home,
Afterall without roots even a huge tree is alone #home #misshome #homeisheaven #parents #family #love #familypoem #homesick

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