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Time is passing by, waiting to see. Like a beautiful mystery to be solved after so long, never felt what really love feels like. Where both breathed the same air to survive, like the omnipotent Sun and the charismatic Moon, at the same starry Sky.

"I am frightened a bit about the outset of the meet up. I do meet thousands of people but this Orphic feeling to have you around, makes my heartbeat." You are someone who resembles a belle loves my soul, cares for me a lot more than the rest. There is a bond, we share, you named it friendship, reflects a relationship or maybe more than that. Yes, it is. A chemical bond we both share in extinct.

Flying far, you resembles me like a mesmerizing dream, where this soul is going to meet his another pair to make a perfect pair. Don’t you think it feels so like movies we have watched where there loved once ran after them, just to knot the selcouth thread of armour? Indeed, my love it is same for me here too. We talk over the phone for hours, without giving a pause will I be the same when I will see you? Few questions are in my mind which is messing up with my head. But, I know the day I’m going to see you, all will vanish away like it was never existed. While, my hands are turning cold and mind is getting numb, how will I react to see my future standing just in front of me? A mixture of cold and numb emotions will turn something interesting. I know we both have waited a lot, just to see other. We planned things to make it happen, but will it work? A lot to ask more. I’m just hoping best that we could clutch into each other arms to find out the answer for those. But, I know. All the dilemmas will be flew away like the dandelions, with the zephyr of love.

I wish I would stop the time for a while, as I can see my future in those tiny and cute eyes, a beautiful face to see every morning, a whisper to make me sleep, a hug to re-join my pieces all again, a kiss to make me believe love is more beautiful than ever I imagined, and so on the list is huge to sum up everything but every single second with you will be worth. It was hard to get you in my life, I know you have been broke before. Your heart was scattered on the floor and people tried to reach you but they couldn’t though for me walking on those pieces of your heart make me bleed. But, sweetheart all those bleed and wound was worth anything. You’re beautiful the way you’re, it’s not like you’re only beautiful when you’re with me or something. All your scars are so elegant when I place them on paper. A rainbow can never know how beautiful it is, in the same way you’re to me magically holding me tight so that I can never fall off the cliff.

Afar of would be enough to make me heal, like the distance kept was both a far. Running to hold you in between my arms like I’m never ever going to leave you. And, if I wish I could stop the wheel of time to be in that moment relive it all again as it never wanna be feel alone or anything. The rays of Sun light making me jealous, how can even they touch you? Holds you more tightly than anyone can ever thought of. Your puffed hair, spreading a fragrance never to be forgotten as I just wanna get lost in those moments. And, now as the moment has turned perfect just was wanna whisper in your ears, slowing down the time. “I love you”, Ahh, I want to say more but for now those words are enough to describe what you’re for me and will be till the eternity. A distance afar, where both the hearts beats at different rhythm has turned into a soft and m melancholy music that we never wanna forget.

“I love you, I do. All. Of. Me. To. You”. Your love reflects my inspiration that someday I can be successful in my life. I now in the heavenly paradise and blessed by full of love in your soul. I can see joy in this love paradise where flowers bloom and the suave odour give me different compassion. The cloud of the blessed nature of love. You are the heaven where I want to live and get lost for ever.


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It's ‘OK’ to be in a relationship were you know it’s going to end one day. The regret won’t be there saying that someone didn’t love you or barter. People fall in love so easily just like it’s a child's play, and getting over it takes time. It may damage you, harm you or even break you completely that you never know if you will ever heal or not.

Sometimes, it is better to not make things better because a relationship is so like friendship nowadays. You meet someone, you talk with them for a while and suddenly you get so close. Attachment in short. You feel like you know that person already but before befriending, did you ever think that one day it might end and again you would be hurt because you started to expect?

Loving someone unconditionally without any intension of being loved back, feels so like nature? Indeed. They, never ask anything. They just nourish us with whatever we need. In simple words, a relationship is like dreams, we just chase it as we do for our dreams. But, we really don’t know whether we will ever achieve it ever or not but still we give our best to make it. Someone said “Happiness does not depend on whom you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think". Yeah, A relationship, whether it lasts or not, it will never fulfil your highest level of impregnation. True happiness is found within our own self. You know how to clear your mind of all outward distractions and feel that bliss deep within yourself. It is OK to stay in this relationship because it is not your central source of happiness. Knowing that the relationship one is in, has an expiration date won’t disturb one's ability to feel joy, and it shouldn’t.

Everything in this nasty world has an expiry date then how can we dare to say that relationships are meant to last forever? It’s Okay! If one fine day everything ends up at least we know that nothing can break us.

Love knows no bounds. And it's okay to love someone single sidedly. Even if that feeling is unreciprocated, you know you gave your best. You loved with everything you had. And if they didn't love you back, it's okay. You don't always have to win. That wasn't a relationship, so moving on is quite tough but not impossible. You can choose to walk away from everything that makes you feel strangled. It's totally on you. You can choose to walk away and that won't mean you wanted to, but sometimes you've gotta save yourself because no one really stays, unless they truly love you. And, you know this too.

Let's stay in love for a while.


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Today I gift you,
A promise new to brew,
In the pockets of your skin,
And the spaces in between,
The unheard silences which pass, 
Now have to stop,
Like a full grown grass.
The motions of your eyes,
As tender as a child's walking tries.
As it is the day today,
I weave this moment into a scarf,
To set it on your head.
And tell you,
"I promise to hold you up. 
I promise to love you back. 
I promise to never give up 
And fill all the empty cracks. 
Here I am and here I'll always be- 
I promise you - I am there!"



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Mera Dil Teri Taraf Kuch,
Iss Qudar Badh Raha Hain, 

Jaise Yeh Kambhaqqat,
Kabhi Mera Tha Hi Nahi.


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I love it,
The way you call out my name.
It seems like the Sun,
Kissing a sea from a distance.


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