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As I have already mentioned elsewhere, Hyundai strategists are serious about other issues that are important for the #nation, and sometimes, the world.
Their dry wash vs wet wash option at their service stations was launched on the 5th of June last year and has saved 4 million litres of #Water so far. The #jalbachakechal recommends a dry clean up of the exteriors that not only saves water but is done with chemicals that are #environmentally friendly as well.

They then have a "be the better guy" campaign that helps spread a message on road safety.

Talking of road safety, Hyundai has a unique DIY initiative where they inform the 55 percent FTCOs (first time car owners) all about the vehicle, basic maintenance tips, #Driving tips, safety #tips, and other helpful tips.

I wasn't really surprised to discover that #Hyundai officials understand the important role of a strong and vibrant #digital strategy, establish meaningful associations with users and potential buyers through all possible social media platforms, and thus have an immersive brand story going on seamlessly.
I believe that car companies that have internet friendly employees and policies, appreciate the good work done by bloggers, and have a healthy interactive presence on the #SocialMedia, are the ones who will be ahead in any #Race today.


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Many companies sell cars but not all are concerned about concepts that are going to benefit mankind in that long term. I mean it is fine to launch cars that are aesthetically pleasing or technically mind-blowing, but to do this and yet add something more is what Hyundai does best.

Look at how Hyundai takes forward our government's
#swachhbharat campaign in a way that is definitely going to play a productive role. Their little bins are designed to be kept inside the car and for snugly into the place where you keep your cans of beverage. So the next time you have a used tissue or a wrapper or fruit peels, please do not yield to the temptation of rolling down the window and throwing everything out. Poem the can and place your trash in it and transfer it all into a bin when you come across one during your journey or drive.

I noticed that most visitors to the Hyundai section were gifted one of these once they had participated in anti of the activities there. They have VR experience zone, one that demonstrates telepathy, and one where you mail yourself a selfie pledge to keep the nation clean and free of litter.

This is why I say that to #experiencehyundai is in itself a once in a lifetime existence.

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