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Internal memory goes eternal, when god gives us a unique key, which can unlock the door of life. Imponderable things always floating around, like the world itself! 🌎

We are swimming along with the globe or the slope of understanding is so far now under the foible!

The better is for the best or the end of the greatest is in under importance? 🌠 - Preserved resistance.

The one thing is more important, everything becomes double, triple, so it's on - 'SO-ON', let's go; do more with an endless shuffle.

Lack, pack, sack, no more back. 🌊🕉️🧘🚀💞🌠🌝

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We were scared of a sacred argument with us, I still love to argue with you, it's a never ending show; hide & seek is going among, now I can guess it's impossible to enjoy life if we choose to go along with alone! ✌️

Do you have a love affair with the whole universe, If then you should never feel alone with your true verse! ✍❣❣♾

#prayer #accordingtoplan #streaming #sayingoutloud 🚀 #enlighten 💞 #twolinebreakupnote #mywiki 👁️❣️👁️ #nanowrimo #hideandseekofmoon ✨ 💓 #lackpacksack🧗🏃🌅🌝🧚🎼

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Don't relate your life with the privileged inflicted upon without request, pull yourself conflict amongst the filtered filler guest that you earmarked to make yourself deviate embarked!

Don't ripper to your life without the benefits, get more attract offered on-demand, flatter yourself, where you were aiming?

No, never distract in yourself; it's the highest pattern of care, doesn't even matter?

Access in-depth on-demand; no command, no liberal gourmand!

Literally thousands means less than a ten wonderful resources, but be one in a grand, it's not the same brand!

Wander Often 🆓
Wonder Always 💞

Break-up is nothing than a memoir, nonpareil eternal relationship, neither conspire to tie in, nor even ever possible to impair. Never let you tie with non-imperial!

I break-up with every relation when it goes beyond my expectation or it's not yet albeit in my comprehension.

Life became more ignorant when I ate more dessert than refusing to taste the bitterness, no bitterness has become better known in recognition of the world's suitable condition.

Life becomes more predictable when the situation goes moreover suitable.

No more cling to a thing which doesn't belong to you!

#accordingtoplan #sayingoutloud 🚀 #enlighten 💞 #twolinebreakupnote #mywiki 👁️❣️👁️ #nanowrimo #novemberpoem ✨ 💓 #Relationship #lackpacksack🧗🏃 #friends 🧚🎼

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We suffer more from an inability to consume advantage of impurity, having with less ability my expectation always been less than zero for living in serenity.

My writing has turned to go an eternity without acceptance or return, in expecting the same, I know it'll suffer me a lot, people can throw me, because of my little ability, but I don't; not even I have a desire to suffer for a while from such difficulties! ✍️♒♾♒✌️

What's the main difference between light?

There's no deviation between them, take out the power factor of illumination & as we can't differentiate whatever things belong to infinite, simile human soul!

We do not know whether honesty will take us out of the world or the place, there only few people are awake? 😇

Who ever lived for a spell with the full alignment, they would have fully realized the message, depravity totally, playing with cavity, folly is a dolly arraignment! 🎼🌊✍️

#accordingtoplan #thetwothings #enlighten #float🧚 #stillawake 👁️❣️👁️ #novemberpoem #Dream #bubble #nanowrimo ✨ 💓 #lackpacksack🧗🏃 🌅😃🧚🆓🎼

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